Freedom in Forgiveness - ⚠ Possible Trigger Content

For decades, I resented my Mother. She was a critical & unkind woman, jealous and bitter. She was terribly needy to the point of clinging. To be honest, when Rich and I eloped it was as much to escape her as to marry.
The interesting thing was when others were around to see her behavior, she was the perfect hostess, the perfect mother, the perfect wife, then when we were alone she turned into Maleficent. She could be so nasty.
I told dad, he shrugged helplessly and said, ‘She’s your mother, just let it go. You know the mean things she says aren’t true. Just let it go’
I told my brothers and they told me “Don’t rock the boat.”
I was a nurse for over 35 years so I was able psychoanalyze myself and became accepting of my past and my mother.
Then she died and I was enraged at her, I never got to confront her. I think although angry with her I was also mad at myself.

Self-Forgiveness Meditation
For this meditation, you don’t need any supplies.
I burned dragons blood incense for oath taking,
Sandalwood for grounding.
Sit down and concentrate on your soul.
Feel your heart beat. Feel it pump your blood.
Feel that warm liquid flowing through your body,
carrying the life force in you.
Once you are connected to your inner self,
you can talk yourself through your troubles.

Mother, be at Peace
You were human &the events of life shaped you into who you became.
Having gone over memories and snippets of information, it’s no wonder you became who you were. WW2, a cruel mother in law, a faithless husband. You became a sad, bitter woman, filled with resentfulness and disappointment.
You were human. So, you made mistakes, we all have. What you did was not right or justifiable, but it’s in the past. I have to let it go.
I have to let you go mother, be at peace.
I have learned from it and now that you’re gone, I must look to the future.
I forgive you mom and now you must forgive me, and let me go.
I love you. I really miss you. Be at peace.
I think that harder than forgiving you is forgiving myself.
But I have the right to be forgiven too. I wasn’t perfect and I sure made mistakes. Remembering these things aren’t easy and are painful.
But I must release them, and so I shall cry no more.
By the grace of the Goddess Be at Peace.
As above and so below
As I have spoken, so let it be done

I said this repeatedly, and over the period of what felt like days…weeks.
It took a while but eventually, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my chest.

I was inspired by several beautiful spells put forth by Whitefox; about forgiveness.
Many thanks Stefania


This is beautiful @Garnet! I hope this helps you find your peace.


As always @Garnet your eloquence with words is an example to us all. You always share your amazing ability to inspire something good in those who read your work. Just in the short time that I have been lucky enough to know you, as with many of the wonderful people in this forum you have an amazing ability to make everything better with your words.


My mother also had a public side and a private side. I used to think I was crazy until a friend of mine saw her being her private self. Then I realized who the crazy one was. That was college though. Once I moved out, everything between us changed.

@Garnet I respect that your experience was different and respect your bravery.

tu est inspiratori unum


Miss Bry, Thanks for helping with title.


Beautifully written as always, @Garnet- your words always take my breath away! May your lovely spellwork help you find freedom and peace with your mother :pray::heart:

Thank you for this wonderful entry to the Freedom in Forgiveness Challenge (just adding a link so I can find this lovely post again when it’s time to give out badges - you’ve definitely earned yours!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Garnet as always garnet beautifully written and well thought out. I hope it brings you peace.


That’s beautiful, Garnet! You are strong and admirable. Thank you for sharing this! :blush: Hugs :hugs: