Full Moon in Scorpio 2021 & New Moon in Aries2021

So I’m not sure what they put inside them , but what are these good for me to use with ? The red one has some red glitter to it And please don’t mind my nails I just took off the fake nails :weary::joy:


Usually moon water is just clear water charged under the moon, but you mentioned glitter so it looks like whoever made this added extra ingredients as well. Others may disagree with this, but for me- I would be very hesitant to use any magickal potions that I don’t know for sure what is in them.

It’s the same as cooking- things can turn yucky (and potentially dangerous!) to be mixing together things that you don’t what they are, especially if any chemicals are involved. Now, I’m not saying there are chemicals in these, but you don’t know what you don’t know and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Safety reasons aside, there are also magickal reasons not to use unknown potions- who knows what intention these were made with? Were they made in general, or were they crafted for use in hex work? All spells and potions carry the intention they were crafted with- and if you don’t know for sure what the intention was, you don’t know what the result of any spellwork these potions are used in will be :grimacing:

That’s too big of a risk to take in my book. But then again, I always err on the side of safety and I’m just sharing my thoughts. Others may have different advice and opinions for you!

Blessed be :sparkles:


I’m with @TheTravelWitch_Bry on this one. I wouldn’t use anything that I didn’t know for sure what was in it.

Also, it looks to be like a spell oil, especially with the way the glitter isn’t settled in the jar. What’s the name of the company? I can read “Amityville”, I think, but knowing the name of the company might help you either look up that specific product or contact them and ask directly.


Wow thank you so much for that


Thank you I’m gonna call them today


I second this from experience using ingredients that I wasn’t completely sure how they were obtained or where they were from. I had to release the spell :fire: & completely wash & cleanse the jar. Then I cleansed our fire pit where I release the spell. The jar gave me the heebee geebees every time I went near it, looked at it, anything to do with it. & it just kept getting worse the longer I had it. I also cleansed my altar & tools & basically my sacred space.

Side Note: I also want to note that this particular person is a good friend of mine that gave me the ingredient, so I didn’t really think to ask the questions about where, how, when types of questions. I honestly don’t think it was intentional, I found out later it came from somewhere recommended to her from NY. So she couldn’t be 100% sure of the questions I asked. So she didn’t do it knowingly, she trusted the person who recommended the shop & then I trusted her.


I too would never use a magickal potion made by someone else - that I didn’t know what the intention was behind it OR what is in it.

I make magickal moon water & oils but it’s listed on my site what the ingredients are and what their intentions are.

I second that – checking out the company.


You’re very welcome @Babywitchbxtch- calling the company sounds like a great way to get your answers and solve the potion mystery! :grinning: :+1: Good luck and blessed be :sparkles:


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