Full Moon in Virgo Ritual Plans!

I have been planning how to celebrate this Full Moon :full_moon: for a while. As mentioned in my previous post, this Full Moon comes at an optimal time; just after Mercury Retrograde, in which we can use the energies to Release, Cleanse and, ultimately, Heal :heartpulse:

I plan on doing this in my garden (I know, it’s cold! :snowflake:) near to my fire pit :fire: under the moonlight. Virgo loves nature :leaves: and I feel this particular moon will appreciate a more grounded setting. On a personal note, I have been advised that its “time to ground”, so everyone is happy here! I’ll wrap up warm and lie on my yoga mat to keep the chill at bay!

First, I’m going to start with quite an intense Recall, Release and Heal Meditation that I’ve put together from various sources over the last few years.

All you need for this is a pen, paper, candle or fire and somewhere comfortable to lay. Try to find somewhere quiet, where you will not be disturbed as you want to try and immerse yourself as much as possible into past feelings :sparkling_heart:

Just be careful with this one. I find it quite cathartic but if you intend on pulling up some very painful memories and experiences you may want to do so with another person present. I haven’t felt ready to do this for maybe 6 months, but tonight is the night! :fist: If you feel overwhelmed at any time, stop :stop_sign:, this is a signal from your higher self that the time isn’t quite right for you to be doing this.

Recall, Release and Heal Meditation

NB: You will feel alllll the feelings in this mediation.

  • RECALL - Find a comfortable position that you can maintain. Close you eyes, find your breath and focus on it whilst taking 5 deep breaths. Count them - in count 1, out count 2 etc. all the way to a count of 10 :sparkles:
  • Now, with eyes still closed, recall the circumstance that has upset you. It may have been a time when you felt you were mistreated, an argument with your partner, or perhaps a past injustice at work. Identify the instance where you felt emotionally upset.
  • For the next 30 seconds, think in detail about that incident. Try to picture what actually happened as vividly as you can, as if you were recalling it step by step for a book or film :film_projector: Try not to feel overwhelmed by emotions at this point, just observe the event unfolding in your minds eye :eye: You are a witness at this moment not a participant.
  • IDENTIFY - Now identify exactly what you were feeling during this incident. Put some word on the incident that describes what you were experiencing. Be as precise as you can. Unappreciated? Insulted? Belittled? Give the feeling a name. Come up with a word that epitomizes the painful experience. Focus your attention on that word :right_anger_bubble:
  • Now gradually allow your attention to move away from the word. Let your attention wander into your body. Become aware of the physical sensations that arise in your body as a result of the emotion you’ve identified.
  • FEEL - Let your attention pass through your body as you’re recalling this experience. Recall the sensations you felt in your body during this incident. Now is the time to immerse yourself in the feeling, the feeling that you have named; where do you feel it? A twisting sensation in the gut? A pressure in the throat? A pain in the chest?
  • Move your hand :raised_hand: to where you feel the pain and say out loud “it hurts here”. If you feel the feeling in more than one place continue to move you hands over the areas you feel pain and acknowledge out loud “it hurts here”.
  • Lean into this. Focus on the word you used to describe the feeling and the place in your body which this feeling caused physical pain/pressure for 30 seconds :right_anger_bubble:
  • RECORD - Take some deep cleansing breaths and gently open your eyes. Take your pen :pencil2: and paper and record the feeling and where you felt it. Do this in the 1st person, 2nd and 3rd person - “I felt", “You felt”, “She/he felt”. Write it as many times as you need to. :memo: Write the whole incident in great detail if it helps! Write it down. Get it on paper in front of you :writing_hand:
  • AWARENESS - Be aware that any painful feelings you experience are your feelings. These feelings are happening inside your body now as you remember the pain, even though nothing is actually taking place in the physical world. You’re only remembering what happened, yet your body is reacting. Even when the painful incident was occurring in the physical world, the effect was entirely within you :exploding_head: You have a choice in how you interpret and respond to emotional turbulence.
  • RESPONSIBILITY - Recognizing this is a way to take responsibility for your feelings. This doesn’t mean you feel guilty. Instead, it means you recognize your ability to respond to painful situations in new and creative ways. By taking responsibility for your feelings, you can also gain the power :boom: to make the pain melt away. You’re no longer blaming anyone else for having caused the pain, so you no longer have to depend on anyone else to make it go away. Hold that understanding in your consciousness for the next few moments.
  • RELEASE - Place your attention :eye: on the part of your body where you’re holding the pain, and with every exhalation of your breath, have an intention of releasing that tension. For the next 30 seconds, just feel the painful sensation leaving your body with every breath :dash: Some people find that making an audible tone that resonates in that part of your body where the pain is localized helps to loosen and lift the contraction away.
  • BURN. THE. PAPER. :fire: :fire: :fire:
  • LEARN - Imagine that you could speak to the person who was involved in that original painful incident. What would you say to that person now? :thinking:
  • Bear in mind that he/she was not the real cause of your pain. The real cause was your response. In your transformed state, you are now free :dove: So you can share what happened without blame, manipulation, or seeking approval. Perhaps they intended to cause you pain, and you may have unwittingly collaborated in that intention. Maybe you would like to say you no longer intend to fall into such traps :speaking_head:
  • FORGIVE - Forgiving isn’t saying what happened was ok. Forgiving is giving yourself permission to move forward from the pain. You are no longer allowing that person or that incident to hurt you. You are releasing them and yourself. You are forgiving, you are moving on.
  • CELEBRATE - Now you can celebrate because this experience that has taken place has helped you move to a higher level of consciousness :dizzy: What was previously a disconnected, destructive, and disabled part of your psyche is now integrated and contributing its power toward your greater spiritual goal! :confetti_ball: Instead of responding to the situation with a pain reflex, perpetuating the problem, you’ve turned it into an opportunity for spiritual transformation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That is something to celebrate! Give THANKS to the Universe for guiding you here and helping you through this pain.

NB: There is a thought process that where you feel your sensation during this mediation is connected to a chakra. Note where you feel the pain and maybe indulge in some chakra work later on in the week :red_circle: :orange_circle: :yellow_circle: :green_circle: :large_blue_circle: :purple_circle: :white_circle:

As this meditation is quite an intense one, it is recommended that you move on to a lighter more soothing activity afterwards. It’s not absolutely necessary to do so, but some people may feel quite drained of energy or indeed buzzing :honeybee: with energy after this meditation! If you like the feeling and want to take that away with you then go for it! If you feel you need to soothe please do so.

I personally will move onto a Virgo Full Moon Vibrational Medicine Ritual after this particular releasing meditation. Don’t feel like you have to purchase the Ho’oponopono Meditation - I happen to already have it from another past ritual. For reference, the meditation is 13 minutes long and there are free meditations on the spells8 website that are just as effective if not more so! :white_flower: After completing the ritual I will use the water as a face mist :droplet: for the coming month and I plan to start a new manifesting :sparkler: journal I purchased recently.

Whatever your plans, I hope you all have a Beautiful and Healing Full Moon :full_moon_with_face:


@Abs53 this is beautiful! I love it & if you don’t mind, I would like to try it. I have some things that I would love to start healing from in my past. Also, I am a Virgo moon! It seems like it would be a great time to try to get through some of this so I am better suited for the things to come! I am going to print this out & prepare to do it tonight. Thank you for sharing.


@Siofra Yes please please do it! And being a Virgo moon, it is actually kind of perfect timing for you to embark on some emotional work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Please do let me know how you get on! :grinning:


Absolutely. I am going to do this tonight when I can see the moon. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to do it & see how I move forward. :heart:


Can I use a yellow candle tonight? As that is all I have


Yes of course @michelle21! If that is what you have then feel free to use it. I used birthday candles and jar candles when I first started because that was all that I had too!


While yellow candles are normally associated with mental clarity, any candle color will work with any spell. It is the intention behind the spell, not the color, that matters the most. I personally use black candles almost exclusively in my personal magic. (Although I do use the “correct” colors when doing spells for others because it seems to bring them that extra sense of relief.)

Edit: Krissie beat me to answering. :rofl:


@michelle21 candle colour in this instance can be anything like @Siofra suggested.

However, [A yellow candle ] (https://spells8.com/yellow-candle-meditation/) can help strengthen your focus and power of visualisation so seems pretty perfect to me :yellow_heart:

@praecog29 summarised perfectly, as always :smiley::heart:


WOW. This looks great but it’s heavy. I usually sort my problems out by writing them out but this looks great, I may have to try it. Thank you so much @Abs53 for sharing!


Thanks love blessed be :heart::heart::heart:


thanks love :two_hearts:


Blessed be :two_hearts:


I love this! I’m always excited for any moon phase ritual. This one felt right for me as well!! I did alot of inner working. And I found out alot about myself that was dead center in front of me but I was trying to look around it. But I did learn. That’s the point. Thank you so much for sharing this! Now I have some more resources. :blush::heart:


This is so beautiful @Abs53- thanks for the sharing the ritual! It sounds like a very deep experience that may unearth a lot- but hopefully the light of the beautiful Virgo Full Moon helped everyone to heal! :pray::sparkles:

I hope you had a blessed ritual and a wonderful full moon! :full_moon: :virgo: