Full moon question?

I feel so ignorant lol. Isn’t the full moon tomorrow? I was cleaning and got distracted. Then I saw some say they were doing full moon ritual.

Also, I know meditation helps as well as tea. I know that full moons have a huge effect on our emotions as well. Does it play off our current moods, amplifying them? If I was grumpy, would I be a bit more grumpy and irritable? I may or may not be looking for an excuse :rofl:


I’m not sure where you are located but here in Alabama according to my app the moon reaches 100% illuminocity at 9:57 a.m CST. However some witches will consider it a full moon within 2-3 days before/after and still have successful results because it’s still fairly close to full power. Personally I don’t base too much off the phases of the moon unless it’s a ritual that specifically calls for it or I feel like my vibration is not at full potential and I want to give my work a little extra oomph. Being a cancer I’m ruled by the moon already but I also keep a decent supply of moon water from each phase of the moon in my apothecary cabinet to cleanse my tools with before hand or fill my chalice with, do my spiritual cleansing or incorporate a drop or two into my work in case I need that specific energy but can’t necessarily wait for that specific moon, if that makes sense
Editing to include a link for the app I use
[Moon Phase Calendar: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.probadosoft.moonphasecalendar ‎Moon Phase Calendar & Compass on the App Store](Moon Phase Calendar: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.probadosoft.moonphasecalendar ‎Moon Phase Calendar & Compass on the App Store)


Greetings @NoName!

That’s a great question, and I know you’re not alone- it can be pretty confusing!

@Phoenix_dawn did a great job explaining it, yes- as we are all in different locations around the world, we will experience the Full Moon at different times. When I see (or, hopefully see- depends on if the weather behaves lol!) the Full Moon tonight, it will still be the middle of the day for folks in the USA.

And this exactly! :+1: The days before and after the full moon, the moon is usually still at 98-99% illuminated (you can see the exact percentage for each day on MoonGiant). For example, here’s what it is showing for today:

From MoonGiant

To the naked eye, the moon will look completely full on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It will still appear full to most people on Friday as well! :full_moon_with_face:

The full moon’s effect (and its extent) vary from person to person. Some people have trouble sleeping around the Full Moon, while others may sleep better but experience more Lucid Dreams. Others may not have any interference with their sleep, but feel a much higher vibration of energy while they are awake.

In general, the Full Moon is a time for charging, amplifying, casting magick, action, and working to achieve your desires. There’s a lot more information on the Moon Magick: Full Moon page. If you’d like some ideas for good spells to cast at this time, I recommend the Collection of Full Moon Spells :full_moon:

Wishing you a very blessed Full Hunter’s Moon, @NoName- have a wonderful time! :sparkles::blush:


I always tend to have trouble sleeping during the week of a full moon. Yes, the whole week because being an empath, I can feel the surge of energy in everyone else’s vibrations and moods which stirs up and amplifies my already heightened mood and vibration. And like @TheTravelWitch mentioned if/when I do sleep I have very vivid almost premonition like accurate detailed dreams and I think I may have actually experienced a time where I astral projected without meaning to :open_mouth:


Oh wow thanks for sharing that website about the percentage @TheTravelWitch Much appreciated :heart: :heart: :heart:


Here where I am in the UK the full moon was at 3.57pm so I’ve done my ritual tonight.

But if it falls in the middle of the night I’ll usually do it the evening before.

Not that it really matters today as its absolutely tipping it down here so I won’t get my usual lovely full moon picture.


I was just getting confused. One of my apps said I was in full moon last night but it’s supposed to be today and I just over thinked it I believe.


You’re very welcome @Peridot- I use MoonGiant all the time, I’m happy if the site can help you too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Awww sorry, @IrisW. We had cloudy skies here too (like always lol) so I only saw slivers of the moon. But even behind the clouds, the sky was lit up from its glow- a lovely moon! I’ll try again tonight- I hope you can catch a glimpse too :blush::full_moon:

No worries, @NoName- I’ve gotten confused by the moon times and phases before too! Especially for those of us who work/communicate across time zones, it’s easy to get exact times and dates mixed up. But I’d go so far as to say the exact times aren’t that important- if you know it’s close to being a full moon, that’s plenty enough for spellwork in my opinion :full_moon_with_face: :sparkles: