Full moon tonight!๐ŸŒ• NV bound here

Any one else using the full moon tonight for any purpose? I sure am and Iโ€™m pretty excited!
Iโ€™m new to wicca and am really excited to start a daily routine. Spells8 has really been an insight for me in my journey. Iโ€™m working on my BOS right now and adding new things as I go. I feel like this is a new positive beginning for me.


Welcome and the full moon is super helpful!! Tons of resources here. So glad to have you!!!


A very warm welcome to you, @cynnie! :heart:

We are very blessed to have you join us- I am so glad you have followed your calling and have begun your practice! :sparkling_heart:

If you find yourself running low on ideas for a daily routine, or want to add to your current daily ritual, I highly recommend taking a look at the Daily Devotional! It updates everyday with advice and suggestions :blush::crystal_ball:

As you work on putting together your Book of Shadows :open_book: , you may be interested in adding some of the Printable Pages on many different topics! My favorite pages are the ones on herbs and plants- the newest addition is the Printable Page about the medicinal benefits of Heather :herb: If you have any interest in Green Magick, feel free to take a look! :green_heart:

And it sounds like you are interested in the moon phases and moon magick! :full_moon::sparkles: If you havenโ€™t already come across it on Spells8, the Moon Phases Spells Guide is very helpful for finding spells and rituals for each phase of the moon :first_quarter_moon:


Feel free to reach out here in the forums with anything on your mind- you are very welcome to jump in on a topic or to create your own! :writing_hand::two_hearts:.

It is a pleasure to meet you and I canโ€™t wait to talk with you more! :blush:

I hope you had a very blessed full moon! :smiley: :sparkles:


Welcome! Glad youโ€™re here!! :clap: Thereโ€™s so much great info and wonderful people here! I did celebrate the full moon!:full_moon: I did a ritual with a dear friend of mine. I made moon water,:sweat_drops: took a nice moon bath :bath: and charged my crystals.:gem::crystal_ball: I also soaked in the moons energy. :innocent::pray:


Good morning @cynnie from Cape Cod! I feel the same way, that this site came at the perfect time in my life. I enjoy having a routine that includes courses on my path to get me going.

I used the full moon to charge all my crystals including the jewelry and I did a spell the night before last on my porch but had to finish it in my room. The wind kicked up something fierce the other night & we have a hurricane coming! Today we will be picking up the yard because that wind can lift and move things! I love watching the power of storms especially if I can make it to the ocean and watch the waves.

Sorry, a little off-topic, I am Krissie and a newly initiated witch! The courses are wonderful & have been such an amazing help for me. I try to work on my BOS daily & Iโ€™m happy with the results so far! Iโ€™m making extra sections for how I do things each day.

Everyone here is super helpful and very nice. I think you are going to like it here. I love it. Enjoy it! Have a great day!


welcome @cynnie
I too found this site at the right time, as my life is pretty dark and negative right now and having this community is great and very positive for me. So many wonderful people and support here.

Unfortunately I could not take advantage of the beautiful moon last night. :frowning:


A warm welcome to you @cynnie! Iโ€™m relatively new to the craft too, but Iโ€™ve always been enchanted by the moon! :full_moon:

This banishing spell was very useful to me this full moon :smiley:

I had to modify it a little, as I still need to look into burning paper safely, and thereโ€™s nothing that ruins the moment quicker than a smoke alarm going off :grin: Instead I ripped the paper into thin slices, crumpled them up and as I blew the candle I put them in the smoke and visualized the smoke dissolving the writing on the paper :slightly_smiling_face::candle:
Not as dramatic as going up in flame but hey, sometimes youโ€™ll have to make do :grin:

The habit I wrote is gone with the smoke, and it got replaced with

If someone Iโ€™m talking with suddenly disappears itโ€™s okay, they most likely got interrupted with something. They still regard me just as highly as before.


Thatโ€™s super creative!! I love the idea of the smoke dissolving the writing

Tonight the Moon is full again (at 99% illumination) so Iโ€™ll do a meditation for clarity and to recharge myself, and place some of my crystals outside! :full_moon: :pray:


I also love the idea of having the smoke dissolve the writing @@krista_moon. Tonight I will try to sit outside and charge myself if it is not pouring rain still.