Full or Waning Gibbous

I checked the Lunar Spell page and I have the timezone set to mine. However, it says that the moon is full when it’s in waning gibbous? Does that change the ritual that is posted for it being in Pisces?


Good question, Krissie!

On the Lunar Page, the lunar phase and the lunar transit are different variables, so they are independent from each other.

I am seeing the same as you. Full Moon and Moon in Pisces. At this time, it should already be on Waning Gibbous like you mentioned so I’ll take a look at what’s going on there. It will probably change in the next hour or so.

The lunar transit seems to be correct. It changed from Aquarius to Pisces just this morning and it will be Pisces until August 7th. I like to use this page to see when the next lunar transit will be.

Thanks for letting me know!


No problem! Thank you so much!