Funny thing happened with my friend recently

LOL so yesterday I went to my besties house as I just wanted to get out of my house. I had been at my parents place and I find that the space is thick with some …negativity?? not sure what to call it…and I needed her place and the positive space she has created to suck the last of the negativity off me. She is a witch too, has locked her house down spiritually, so I knew a few hours there I would feel better.

She told me right away she wanted to show me an ‘amazing new witchy site’ she found wandering the interwebs. I was excited.

Get there, she opens her tablet…

Tells me it’s called SPELLS8.

I looked at her and laughed. She knows I’ve been part of an online coven forum for ages but I guess apprarently I never told here what the site was. She laughed so hard when I told her I already knew. I had to tell her that great minds think alike.

You have one more fan, she loves the site, btw. :rofl:


That’s awesome and your right, great minds think alike. Lol!


Hahaha, that’s so cute and funny at the same time, lol! :joy: :blush: :pink_heart: I love this quote at the end so much! :heart: :innocent:
(Also that’s exactly my reaction that your best friend had, when I first found out about Spells8!! :laughing: :heart_eyes: :infinite_roots:)


Lol I’d like to see your face - first SO focused and curious and afterwards “oh wait…” xD
Totally true - this place is neat. It’s one huge support group - doesn’t matter what topic you throw in. I feel so good being here with you all.


They do indeed! :laughing: That’s really funny that things aligned like that- I’m so happy that she found her way here too! Do you think she’ll stop by the forum sometime? If she hasn’t already, please tell her she is very welcome here! :heart: :grin:

Blessings to you both!


haha that’s so awesome! :clap: I love when things like that happen lol it’s a really funny synchronicity :sparkles: She’s more than welcome here, of course!