Galicia: A piece of dark history

Legends and myths of Santo André de Teixido

In Galicia witches are called: “Meigas or Bruxas”.
A curse means: “mal de ojo”, or evils eye!.
It’s common for a woman to carry a chestnut or garlic in a hand purse to protect herself.


The pictures on the blog are beautiful- Galicia looks stunning! :heart:

Which article is the one about carrying chestnut or garlic? I’ve heard of garlic being carried as a talisman :garlic: , but I’d love to learn more about why chestnuts are seen as protective! :chestnut:

Thanks for sharing, @Basil! :blush:


Mum used to carry the chestnut, and like garlic, has to be both female.
Before She past away, got very annoyed because thought I’ve thrown a few chestnuts in the bin. Apparently have to be renewed yearly!
We’re very superstitious in Galicia.
Same as figs, females are called " Brevas".
They are plump, sweet and full of juice…melts like honey in one’s mouth.
They are more expensive and for limited time in the markets.


Thanks for this synchronicity, @basil!! I was researching about the brujas from Galicia and wanted to make a topic about it too! That’s where my mother’s family is from (Fernández) and I’m trying to learn more about the Celtiberian culture. :european_castle:

That’s a useful site. They have some interesting articles on Samaín and here’s one on Magic and Legends of Galicia.


@Francisco. Very interesting article. Must still have that cutouts box somewhere showing several “antroidos”.
Each character is different.
As I grew up in Coruña, missed all the obscure but rich traditions that are so abundant en the other three regions.


Thanks so much for the info, @Basil! :raised_hands: It is so interesting to learn about superstitions around the world :star_struck: