Garnet woke up grumpy!

Hi everyone.
This morning, I woke up when the bed started to shake. I threw back the blanket and generally crawled out of bed. I knew it wasn’t an earthquake, Florida doesn’t have them BUT it makes up for this deficit with hurricanes.
4:30 As I suspected, our gray cat was clawing at the corner of the mattress. He’s a big boy, strong. And seriously makes his needs known. So, I staggered out to the kitchen and let him and his brother out. YEA! No cats!

I got dressed and went in search of coffee.
Drove to our nearest Wawa, Dragged my walker out of the car and a nice man held the doors for me. I had made it through the 1st step. I walked across the store and found…the machine was out of order. Gurr, arg Sigh. :angry:
Went back to the SUV, put the walker in the back, then arduously got back into the driver’s seat.

Went to another Wawa. Parked, got my walker out and another man held the doors for me. Walked across the store and Hallahuya. It not only worked but had the Mocha coffee with extra caffeine… Mama is a happy girl. Added french vanilla creamer and some light cream. Well? If I’m going to be naughty, I’m going to be really naughty!
Well, it took a while, I had to walk across the store to the cash register but I made it. As I was getting money out? The young man at the register said, “Is that all, ma’am?”
When I said, “Yes.”
“It’s on me.”
He even walked me to the car.

What did I learn?
Paying it forward does work.
Manners and gentlemen still exist, even in Florida.
The grumpy girl became a happy girl!

Put my walker back in the car. climbed into the car,
(thank goodness for handles).
I stopped at Chic-fil-a and got a chicken biscuit.
Happy girl is happy-er! La, la, la. :notes:
Made it home without incident, yippy. I opened the car door and what confronted me

Birds. Happily singing birds. Chirping away.

As I gathered my breakfast, with each step the birds became more cheerful!
By the time I made it the 10 steps to the front door, nurse Grumpy was back.
In fact, I felt like the witch in snow white.

But all was not lost. As I shut the front door, I said to myself.

I’m going back to bed…

love and hugs
Garnet, the invincible, sort of


I love you @Garnet you are the best! You made me smile for the first time in a week! I’m sending you a big ole hug! I am so glad you got your coffee and a yummy biscuit!


@Garnet youbare invincible… & well deserved to go back to bed after all of that with the happy girl at the end! :revolving_hearts:


@Garnet , my tulip :)…. First of all, a WAWA without coffee needs to shut its doors — Second - I know the biscuit sand is epic at Chik—Fil-a but have you TASTED WAWA breakfast sandwiches?? Oh. My. Goddess!!!

Third, going back to bed is an inalienable right, especially when we are grumpy - happy chirping birds or not.

Love you bunches xoxo


I love you so much @Garnet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :joy: your stories always make me smile!


Love you X 500,000


There is scientific evidence that coffee and chik-fil-a in bed makes it even better! Yum! Here’s hoping your day improved!


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