Garnet's Friday the 13th

Got up, Rich was cranky (old men, ya know?) Escaped to Panera’s for coffee. Drove with seat belt on, both hands on wheel and promptly ran a red light!
No blue lights of sirens, so I continued to get coffee and told the kid who brought it to me that --he was a god. & went home.
Rich was less cranky and asked if I wanted to go to the German meat market, said sure and off we went. Seatbelts on. Got got some schnitzel and sandwich meat as well as brochen fresh from the oven (hard rolls).
Then he said he wanted to get some liqueur, so we drove what seemed like forever and came to this huge mall!
He took me to the biggest booze store I’d ever seen. As we got in the store a girl offered us a sample of whiskey.
I said “Um, were driving.”
Got a :poop:load of alcohol and drove safely home.
Made myself a half strength White Russian and, thank Goddess
had survived another Friday the 13th…goodnight


Red lights and whiskey!!

I just learned that both Julia Childs and Tupac died on a Friday the 13th so I’m glad you survived! Lol :rofl: