Gathering essential oils + some

Hey everyone sorry I dropped off for a minute thing out here got a little wild but I’ve reserfaced and have just been trying to get by and keep up with this crazy world and still grow and learn as much as I can in the whole process. I’m feeling great change coming on but I have to say it’s so so different just being me and my baby girl. I’ve nvr been the best at being alone ( so to speak) but thank goodness for my little blessing Millie.

So I woke up this morning got the two of us some water and breakfast, we ate, of course little miss was ready for a nap, so I opened up my emails and seen the goddess protection charm. Downside is money is super tight atm and my essential oils are very limited for the time being. I obviously forgot how much one tiny bottle cost since the last time I stalked up as well but I seen this pretty good deal on Amazon for right under $16 where you can pick your own set ( awesome sauce when did Amazon start this deal?) So I added the link below and was wondering some opinions on what everyone thought would be the best choice on oils I should get bc like I said I got maybe 5 bottles and can’t even say if they or near half full bc I love to use them vigorously. So when I do get the extra cash in hand to purchase I’m thinking this pick your own would be my best bet so come on with the advice bcwe all know that with any bargain hunter all we want is to get the best bang for our buck.

I’m so proud to say I did get my altar consecration accomplished and felt so reenergized and calm afterwards. On top of that I bought a few more herb plants (mint & another basil) and got some fresh herbs from my local Crest store and started hanging and drying some herbs to use in meditation baths,spelljars & more. Like I’m jumping for joy inside I’m so excited about this. & I must say they look amazing just hanging there . Lol I’m silly ik. But any I’m sure we’ve all felt this at one point or another especially when your a baby witch. This journey is by far my most uplifting & freeing of them all & I’m forever greatful & blessed to have found my family here. Thanks everyone. Blessed be.


That’s going to depend on what your needs are :heart: If you use a lot of lavender, for example, then that would be a good choice. Some usual staples for essential oils are things like lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, basil, and rosemary.


By chance how hard is it to make your own I anyone knows. Ik mints as well as lemon are great for my asthma so I also wouldn’t be totally apposed to making a few myself I think I even have a few left over bottles I’ve washed to reuse for multiple reasons. & Thanks so much MeganB. I believe Ibstill have plenty off the tea tree and lavender bc both are great for mine and Millie’s skin was the main reason I purchased them plus lavender has many many great uses as I am finding with almost every oil, herb and really any natural thing on earth. I honestly can’t understand why ppl will go straight for that expensive high dollar bottle of face cream, or prescription from the doctor, or mirical weight loss drink when you can step into nature and find your cure much faster and more effective for almost all situations I feel. I always try to use a trusty home remedy before I go to a doctor or something for most everything.


So making actual essential oils is a complicated process involving distilling the plants and boiling water and a bunch of other stuff that most people don’t have time/money/patience for. Instead of making essential oils, you could just make oil infusions to use in spellwork. They won’t have the same plant potency as an essential oil (not relevant for spells, in my opinion) but they’re easy to make and use!

Here’s an article about making essential oils.

And then to make an oil infusion, you simply put dry herbs in a carrier oil (like olive oil) and leave it for a few weeks to steep in a cool dark place. Then strain the herbs out and use it as is!


Has anyone told you how amazing you are today. Bc you’ve just maid my day. And I just bought a good size bottle of olive oil last month to use with my air bleach before dyeing so I didn’t kill off my hair. Yay I’m about to start my morning routine then try some infusions with my spare time today. Thanks so much MeganB.


I’m so happy for you to feel this way!!! I still get this feeling! I just got it from reading how you felt! Every time I stock up or sow my harvest (and buy more crystals) I get that feeling! Even after spell work/rituals. I’m glad that you’re in a good place :relaxed:
Those herbs do look great hanging around :sweat_smile::revolving_hearts:


Aww thank you! You’re so sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I can’t wait to hear how it works for you and what you use!


I do agree with @MeganB. I have quite the collection, I use them in blends with specific intentions for the scents. I find Bergamot, Ylang ylang, & Lavender & Jasmine are great ones to have.


Thanks guys so I’ve seemed to lost track of time today. I went to lay my 8month old down for a nap a few hours ago. Needless to say Mommy got a much needed rest and Miss Millie is still wide awake. She stayed up pestering our Maltese. So she has left me a smelly present so after a nappy change hopefully Miss Millie will be ready for bed since it’s around her bed time now anyways and I can finish cleaning my old essential oil bottles and prepping them for the infusions. & Thanks I’m still getting super excited every time I walk by and see the herbs hanging in my hall way. I just look at them and whisper please hurry up ndry out already I’m way past the excitement level to use them it’s like a kid in a candy store effect :laughing:


Aww that’s so cute :laughing: I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!


@annmarie2 I’m that way with my mugwort & parsley I have hanging in the kitchen to dry out


Excited to say I got some rosemary dried out and ready for some oil. Got parsley, dill, some basil n mint. I actually found a mint plant at the local grocery store a few days ago and went ahead and picked it up along with another basil. Also bay leaves I didn’t realize how long it took them to dry it’s crazy. So I’m more into growing the plants myself I’ve already noticed that with the plants I have here at home and the soon to be all you can eat veggie n fruit farm at my mom’s ex boyfriends house. I also got one of those sunflowers from the dollar tree this year and they grew so quickly and are really nice I plan to go visit soon I will take pics. Oh also he has an abundance of honeysuckle, witch I’ve always loved. And thing with honey suckle that just brings good vibes or even anti stress. I did see that in the bast devotional that an offering is honey would a honeysuckle fit in this category probably not but it crossed my mind. I’m not sure why but as a young child I’ve always loved honeysuckles, everything about them. Also any advice on growing hibiscus plants? I’m really interested in those.


Hibiscus are wonderful- big, happy flowers that can be turned into some really lovely tea :hibiscus: :blush: They great to have on hand for medicinal, magickal, and simply decorative purposes!

Hibiscus tends to be pretty easy to grow and (depending on which variety you have) can live both indoors and outdoors in the right conditions. Garden’s World has a good article about How to Grow Hibiscus .

As a tea, Hibiscus has a cooling effect on the body- it’s a great tea for summertime, and it makes a beautiful Sun Tea too! Here’s a great easy tea spell for hibiscus if you are interested:

Hibiscus Self-Love Potion

May your hibiscus harvest be wonderful! Blessed be and happy gardening :hibiscus: :sparkles: