Getting back to basics. Your opinions

With the start of the new year, some of us want to start anew or maybe analyze your practice. It seems 2023 was chaotic for a lot of us and taking a step back and going back to basics can help us refocus…I think you know what I’m trying to say :rofl::crazy_face:

In your opinion, when starting a witchcraft practice what are the most important basics? What would you think would be most helpful?


Read and study as much as you can. Don’t compare your practice with other people, find your own path. This is your journey. Use your intuition. If something doesn’t sound right to you don’t do it. Find your true self.


For me all of this is about connecting and remaining connected to the Universe. Many of us relate to different deities, for me they are Hindu. I’m certain there are many of my fellow Hindus that would say my practice is incorrect. But I know when I’m connected, the higher power speaks to me through nature, the wind, a blue sky or hazy rain, and if I’m blessed the odd vision. Other people’s versions of this practice are useful and another way that the Universe can connect to me. But each connection can only ever be ultimately personal, even when shared. Follow your heart, let your vision become reality :pray::pray:


Beautifully said @peetamba!


This year was where everything changed for me. Chaos is an understatement! :rofl::partying_face:

My personal goal for 2024 is to focus on my magical path, Loki, chaos Magick and demonolatry. Having spent 2023 exploring everything, I want to narrow it down to one practice and hone it well. Whether this happens or not, is anyone’s guess :person_shrugging:, :rofl:


I’m on the same page as you Tracy! I have been in a whirlwind for the last 2 years learning everything I could. I am now comfortable to have my own path. I will continue to learn though. Knowledge is power right?



Absolutely. :partying_face:


read read read… there is no other way for the new year…


I want to go back to when I started witchcraft. I will start with meditation and develop a daily practice. I will also get back to reading. (Knowledge is power!) I will strengthen my spiritual practice with daily prayer and daily routine. For me those are the building blocks. Once I’ve gotten that routine in place (I’m giving myself til the end of January) then I will start working with my ancestors and a deity that is calling to me. I also want to learn the tarot. I’ve started doing some readings and I’ve realized that my intuition is stronger than I thought! I think this will help me have more confidence in my abilities!

I’m loving everyone’s goals for this year! We can do this together :heart: :blush::people_hugging::pray::sparkles:


Yes let’s. :green_heart:


Oof, this is like me in a nutshell right now. Moving into a new house in a new location means I feel like I need to start over :joy: I know I don’t actually have to, but going back to the basics of my practice will help me so much in reconnecting with what I find important.

For me, one of my basics is grounding and centering. I have ADHD and anxiety, both of which can lead to a general feeling of being overwhelmed in the face of even the most mundane stressors. Grounding and centering practices help with both my mundane life and my magical one. These practices help calm my emotions and my mind, both of which are necessary for more magical practices such as meditation and spellwork!

We absolutely can - and it looks like you’ve got a solid plan! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Definitely! I’d like to add that to my daily routine as well! For some reason I forgot how important it is!


Okay, you’ve kind of got me in a box :package: here :rofl:

I actually started going back to basics recently. I started cleaning, organizing, & all the things. Narrowing it down a bit more. I kept what I know I’m keeping but reworking my practice from how my life has changed after 2023. So, I’m still sifting theough some things.

I know have to start with what I know works & how my days are going to be with new kind goals, objectives, to add in as I get comfortable with 1, then add another. Taking it slow & blocking off the time as I need to if necessary.

My daily life & practice intertwine. So even the mundane would is an aspect of my practice in some way. It’s a part of who I am.

So I need to sort of start from scratch to figure out what that is going to look like from now on. 2023 came with a lot disruptions, chaos, & upheavals for me.


I think for me, this is going to mean focusing more on my foundational practices. Taking care of myself so that I can help others.

The move really wrecked us physically. We moved a lot on our own and my partner even jumped in and helped the removalists with furniture. My energy hit a low and I stopped taking care of myself for a few days. It wasn’t good.

I’ll start by setting up a nice space for myself, with the help and support of my partner this time, and see if I can actually get some kind of schedule happening. It turns out that I’m 99% chaos in actual practice and only order in terms of knowledge and organising said knowledge and physical items, so it will be a challenge.

So, meditations, tarot readings, and deity devotionals will be my core. They’re my favourite, most comfortable things to do. Then I’ll build back up to doing spells and more elaborate rituals, and decide what to do about my home being absolutely filled with black mirrors. (I think I accidentally started using them, maybe… I’ve had some wild experiences so far. I’ll have to ask @Devenne for some guidance when I get to it.)

I don’t think I answered the question at all now that I think about it. But my brain is fried, so I’ll make another attempt later. :laughing:


@Sivonnah, you have hit the nail on the head for me! Routine! It’s what I’m missing right now. I thrive on routine and right now, I just seem to be floating around. I need to get a routine down!


Im always here for you. I love you long time. :rose:


@AileyGrey yes… my routine, hasn’t been anything close to a routine in what feels like forever! I’m working on it though. I’m figuring it out… I hope :laughing:


It’s easy to forget them because they’re so foundational! :heart:


That’s a great idea! Baby steps can get us where we need to go! Sometimes we try to do too much at once and lose sight of our goals. I’m glad you’re making progress!

I think we all forget how important self-care is! Yes you answered the question! Please get the rest you need!

I hear you! I had more of a routine when I was able to work. Now every day is different. I can still develop a routine, it just won’t look the same as in the past, which is hard for me to grasp! I hope you can get your routine figured out!

I think we all took some time to think about what our practices mean to us and what’s important to focus on!

I also think 2023 was a crazy year for all of us, so taking some time to reflect on that and how we can all move forward!

I think we should all add making self-care a priority to our lists! If we don’t take care of ourselves, what would our practices look like?


@Devenne Aww! Me too! :black_heart: I mean, me for you, too? You too?

Aaaa! My English is failing me. Take a hug instead. :laughing:


I’m the worst with rest. :laughing: I took one sick day off work. But I’m trying, as paradoxical as that is. :crazy_face:

But, to be fair, I’ve been using personal leave and public holidays and have only worked 3 day weeks the past 3 weeks (well, I mean, including this one).