Getting rid of unwanted contact

Hello my darlings how are we all?

Any advice on how to get people to stop harassing you and cut contact. Im sure i did a cord cut ritual or meditation in past but im wondering what i can do to stop this from keep happening.maybe i didnt do ritual right im not sure but any suggestions would be great thanks

P.s this is a family member so i understand the connection would be stronger naturally

I unfortunately dont have enough proof of her actions to take legal action so thats not an option :frowning:


Hello @kira-marie ,

To begin with I still am identifying what classifies as harassment to me, so I typically am perceived to be inferior by most people in my everyday life, Perhaps this link can help;

If not I’ll search for other ways that may help you out in this situation of yours,

Blessed Be,
-Martinez, Margaret


Have you tried a freezer spell? Freeze her out? That might help.


@kira-marie my go to for binding for unwanted contact or negative energy coming at me from an individual or for someone causing me harm is to put them in the freezer - not literally.

Cast your circle - asking for protection. Light a black candle and write their name on a brown piece of paper ( I usually have a brown paper bag in the house somewhere). Meditate on protecting yourself from harm being sent your way. Cross out the individuals name and call upon the Goddess, your protectors, or your deity and chant your banishing / binding spell. I write my own, but the spells on Spells8 are great. Be sure to include the individuals name in the spell. For example - I freeze “Name” to prevent… Use your intent to create no harm. Let the candle burn completely.

I then put the inscribed paper into a freezer safe container (a Ziploc type bag will do) and add water and pepper. After binding their negative actions toward you, simply put the container in the freezer and forget about it. When the issue has completely resolved, I take the frozen portion (not the container) and bury in the ground away from my house. As I am doing this I do a love and release spell to turn all the negativity into love and light.


Greetings @Kira-marie! :heart:

So sorry to hear you’ve been having struggles with a family member. The closer someone is to you (whether that’s in terms of physical distance or through emotional/blood bonds) yes- the harder it will be to break your connection.

Anne, Amethyst, and Deviaugh all shared excellent resources. I support the idea that removing negative energies should be pursued through both magickal and mundane methods- the more you do to block her out while protecting yourself, the better! :raised_hands:

Adding to the great suggestions above, here are few spells you could consider to help keep bad vibes away:

Sour Seal: Freezer Spell (can be altered for a family member instead of a coworker)

Cord Cutting Spell (a personal favorite of mine)

Banishing and Self-Defense Spells to Protect Against Negative Energy- a list of more spells you might consider!

Wishing you the best of luck, Kira-marie! Be safe and blessed be :heart: :pray:


I agree that a freezer spell is probably what you’re looking for, or any kind of jar, depending on your end-goal.

You could try to freeze their actions following the advice above, or try this freezer spell, or maybe something like a vinegar jar spell.

Good Luck! :pray:


Thank you all i will definitely give these ago. Only issue is i dont have a garden to bury it in afterwards as i live in a skyscraper lol im a city witch ironically. Life just worked out that way.

I guess i could flush it away maybe ? I know that might sound silly but i just dont know an alternative to returning things back to mother earth.


I would say flushing would work. That gets rid of the unwanted contact in water instead of earth but hey, you’ve got to use what you’ve got!