Gifting Divination Tools means gifting your own destiny?

Hello everyone,

I have a question:

  1. Do you believe that if I gift someone money or divination tools to harm any person, then is there any scope that the person whom I gifted the tool or money will know my destiny?

  2. Is it true that gifting divination tools means gifting your own destiny?

Why I am asking:

  1. My cousin gifted me a tarot deck. He and his mother (my Aunt) are still trying to curse me, but they are not getting success because my power is stronger than theirs. So, my cousin gifted me a deck. I believe it is cursed.
  2. Secondly, my Aunt gifted me money with bad energy that can harm me. If I purchase any divination tool like tarot or rune with that money, then can it harm me? Or these tools will disclose their energy/destiny/daily reading to me?
  3. What should I do now with this money and deck that is creating chaos in my house?

Please guide me. @anneshakargupta


That is very interesting and i know this happens as we get people cursing food and giving it so relatives then they end up getting sick. I do not know and would love to know the answer to your question too…


Let me share a story with you then.

Someone gifted my mother a Conch to my mother. One of my uncles came to my parents from Germany on that day.

When my mother was going to receive the gift, then my uncle shouted promptly “Stop! Let me touch it before you!”. He kept it with himself and later on he told my mother that please do not accept things like this as gifts because this Conch is cursed to break your family life. He kept that with him and abandon that river Ganges before leaving India.

On the other hand, my other uncle bought runes with the money of his enemy, and later on his enemy got destroyed because my uncle was more powerful than him. My uncle told me that his gifted money gifted his destiny to me.

I am just confused now. Looking forward to hearing from others too. @anneshakargupta


I’m inclined to say no. I don’t really believe in destiny or fate, really (that’s complicated on my part lol) and I don’t think gifting a divination tool means gifting your own destiny. If the deck or money is cursed then you could just not use them or you could cleanse them and remove the curse or you could just give them back :man_shrugging:t3:


It sounds like a complicated situation, @Princess_Tara- sorry you’re dealing with these negative energies!

In regards to using a potentially cursed item directly (money or a divination tools) I agree with what @MeganB said about cleansing it. You have strong powers (and from what you’ve said, stronger abilities than those who may have cursed the items) so a cleansing ritual should do the trick :+1:

As for using potentially cursed money to buy something, your beliefs will have a big effect on how the energy carries from one item to the next. (If I can share my personal opinion, I think all money is inherently dirty- both literally and energy-wise :sweat_smile:) Using the money to purchase something gets rid of the cursed item and gives you a completely unrelated item in my opinion.

Wishing you all the best, Annesha! Blessed be :sparkles:


I’m with @MeganB and @TheTravelWitch to just cleanse it. I’m terribly sorry that this is happening. I don’t believe that gifting divination tools would be your fate.


I agree with @MeganB @TheTravelWitch and uou @christina4

I was developing low vibration by thinking like this. Now it’s clear to me indeed. Yes, cleansing is a nice process. @anneshakargupta