Ginger and Sea Salt Bath Update

So who did the Ginger and Sea Salt Bath? His did you feel after, and did you add something special to the Bath? Let’s Talk


I didn’t get to do it on Thursday, I was actually going to do it today with epsom salt and kind of wash with the water after scrubbing up, like using it to rinse myself with and then rinse again. I have been so busy this week, it feels like I have barely been on here. However, I have been pretty productive once my flare died down and now I just have pain when I overdo it myself.

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So I did it on Thursday!
Certainly an interesting experience!

Here’s how it went:
I had a quick shower first and then ran a warm bath, lit my candle, sprinkled in the sea salt, (dried) ginger, and a splash of moon water and swished it around clockwise.
I was about to light some incense when the gorgeous ginger aroma hit me from the bath so I decided to leave the incense for later.

I tried to relax into the bath but I found it was bringing a lot of energy into my chest and throat… I knew it might be energising, good to help charge up before spellwork but I’m not sure I expected to have such a reaction.
My skin stayed a comfortable temperature but I felt incredibly heated inside my chest - it felt overwhelming. Maybe even angry? :fire:
In any case I couldn’t stay in as long as I usually would as it was just a little too intense :sweat_smile:

I followed as I’d planned with a cup of ginger and honey tea which was wonderfully energising in a happy, familiar way. I lit my cinnamon incense and continued with my spellwork.

Sorry to ramble
Thoughts/comments always appreciated! :heart:


I wish I could still take a bath, but I can just do the shower improvisations. I don’t get reactions like this when I do them. I am still going to try it when I jump in there in a little bit. I just have to make up the water first.


Ok Krissie, let me known how it goes.

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I love baths, but I’m afraid that both my tubs are upstairs and I have this fear or just an overactive imagination of falling through the floor if I were to get in. :flushed::flushed::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I took my shower with ginger, thyme, and guinea hen weed all made up into a bowl of water. Once I had cleaned and showered, I used the mixture and kind of washed with it too. I felt refreshed and really good about my day when I got out. I just feel like it’s going to be a good day for me and I ready for whatever comes my way!


I felt refreshed and rejuvenated :sparkles:

I felt like I had washed the negativity away and was cleansed.

I’m planning on having a shower version tomorrow before my final interview! Hopefully it’s my final final interview :joy:


I had a lovely ginger and salt bath last week! :bathtub:

I ended up without fresh ginger, so I used dried- but I was worried about it staining the tub yellow, so I only used a little bit :sweat_smile:. Because I just used a little was no staining, but I also feel like I didn’t get the full effect of the ginger… what did everyone else use- fresh or dried? :thinking: Did anyone have issues with dried ginger? I’m hoping to try again with some nice fresh ginger next time.

I did get new Autumn tea light candles to put around the tub! They are peony and apple scent- absolutely heavenly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also liked the aesthetics of how they matched the Himalayan salt I used :salt:

Although I want to try it again soon, it was a wonderful first ginger and salt bath! Thanks so much for suggesting it, @MelaninWitch! :sparkling_heart: