Giving thanks to Hecate and the horned god?

Hi everyone, so yesterday I used my intentions, energy and meditated in the hope I will gain some money due to financial hardship during COVID… I also did a tarot card reading and got five of pentacles reversed as my future card which in my notes says I would be coming out of financial hardship… I had recently put my car that I got for my birthday up for sale as I would still have my motorbike and my 8 seater so it only seemed logical to do so… Anyways it got sold today for a good price and religiously I thanked god, but I do not know how going about thanking Hecate and the horned god… Any suggestions?


Here are some ideas for Cernunnos, it has some offerings being wine, water, and milk. Or maybe some nice new soil around your favorite tree in thanks, since it’s getting to be spring down there.

Anyhow, hope that helps.


I don’t know a specifc, dialed in way to thank Hecate, but I would suggest that as a start lighting a candle and saying thank you with intent would be a start. She will note your intention even if the form isn’t textbook.

Edit: a quick suggests that you make an offerring. She likes to have her own altar (so I have read), but I know this may be a problem for you. As offerrings, you might consider things she likes such as keys, lavender, mugwort, honey cakes or bread. She also loves garlic. You could also create something for her such as a song or poem. Feed a dog.

Try a search of “offerings to Hecate” or “thanking Hecate,” and be sure to cross check your results.


Congratulations on your selling the car!! I’d leave offerings to the God and Goddess. Like @Undomeher says, search what they prefer as offerings


Those are nice ideas thank I will try those thanks


Its just have limited space and my family are not fully accepted my new faith so they are a bit sketchy so I try to keep to my self and keep to one area… I can defiantly make some offering though…


Thank you and yes I will try some of these offerings… I may have known more also order specific books for both the horned god and Hecate but they still haven’t arrived… so nice to know I can ask all the experienced people here :blush:


You’re welcome!


God is God Khadija, I believe that Isis was the Goddess of 10,000 names. No matter what God/Goddess you pray to, they all hear. For God is God, and we, the beloved children.


This is very lovely advice thank you :blush: