Go back to your witchy beginnings!

Sometimes you just have to start over, ya know? Go back to the basics of your practice and really figure out what you enjoy, what matters the most to you, and how you can further deepen your connection to your faith and witchcraft!

The last few years have seen tremendous growth in both my personal and witchy life. Both things and people have come and gone. Life has changed, my practice has changed, and I have changed. All of these changes have brought chaos and disconnection into my daily life, so I’ve been feeling the need to get back to basics, as they say, and really connect to my practice again from the beginning. This can be a fun and enlightening exercise in personal growth and self-awareness.

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This is a very good idea! I am trying to use only the things I have on hand and not buy anything. Its soooo hard! BUT… I know everything I need is outside for free or just a walk in the park! Simplicity! Local, free, and simple!

Books are excluded from my ‘no buy’ idea of course! LOL and the clove oil I
bought last week :grimacing: well very few new purchases :roll_eyes:
Anyway, back to basics. I’m totally on board!! Thank you for sharing your video.


Oh dear Megan, how I feel the same! Thank you so much for being you beautiful!

Blessed Be! Love & Light!!


100%, I find that I need to do this once in a while, especially when I feel off track or way overwhelmed.


Hey beautiful! :hugs: I just subscribed to your lovely channel & I want to be honest here, listening to your beautiful voice and soo much lovely knowledge about revisiting the fundamentals, I personally feel like you just really cleared away my confusions as for why I am feeling several magickal blockages…maybe I need to revisit my fundamentals? :thinking: Thank you love, for sharing this here! Blessed be & much love to youuu! :kissing_heart:


I can completely agree & honestly say that I have done this more than once! I’m kind of reconfiguring now too.

I’ve had a lot of changes, growth, events, & all of it has changed how I practice, finding what works for me & what I can let go.

I’m currently in a no buy situation :upside_down_face: so I’ve been using what I have & have removed & consolidated some things.

I also kind of am in a review phase, rereading books as a sort of refresher & then building off of that reinforcement.

Thank you for posting this! :revolving_hearts:


Thank you for sharing . I enjoyed your videos and I also subscribed to your channel as well :slight_smile:


@Sarafeena_Sage - You’re right, it’s so hard! What I find really hard about it is not going for that convenience we have available to us. Ya know, that whole “Oh, I need some so I’ll just order it on Amazon and wait until tomorrow when it gets here!” type of thinking :laughing: which I mean, I’m totally guilty of that. Looking around at what we see is one of the easiest ways to learn about ourselves and our practices.

@stephanieanne76 - Oh wow, you’re so kind! Thank you so much :hearts:

@Melora_Fae - It’s been a while since I’ve done it myself. It’s much needed!

@Solasta_Amore - You’re so kind, thank you! I hope whatever you’re going through with your blockages that you’re able to figure them out soon and get back to where you want to be!

@Susurrus - You’re welcome! You’re kind of where I need to be right now. I’m working on it! :heart:

@nichole1 - You’re very welcome! :hearts: I’m happy to hear that you enjoy my videos and subscribed! :tada: Thank you!


Oh thank you & you’re welcome! It took me about a month to realize that things need to be reworked for the current things happening right now.

I did find Morgan Daimler & Lora OBrien on YouTube & subscribed to them recently. I also found a podcast on Spotify about Irish mythology & practices… I should see if either one of them is on Spotify now that I think about it!

I’m working on a second shawl, I’ve them to be much more comforting & grounding when I do my daily meditations. Always at least one in the morning & sometimes more depending on how my day plays out… in the afternoon. Definitely kind of starting from scratch, which I guess kind of goes along with Imbolg & reakening & spring cleaning so to speak.

Absolutely a work in progress & it’s more of a slow crawl.


Aww thank you love! :hugs: Yes, I am going to follow your advice here and remove any blockages with my will power! I also found yesterday’s meditations sooo helpful that I feel already a bit blockage free! :innocent: Maybe I really should meditate daily along with remembering my witchy core always…thank you @MeganB! I loove your videos and I think you are a very beautiful person! Blessed be sweetie :kissing_heart: :sparkles:


I really feel it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start off each new year with a “tune up” of sorts. So much can occur during any given year that throws you off your practice that its nice to give yourself a reminder. Today, I’m sinking deep into what makes me happy and remembering why this is the path I follow.


Slow crawls are better than coming to a screeching halt, I think :laughing: It reminds me of the story of the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady!

Aww thank you so so much! :hearts: I appreciate your kind words!

This is a great idea! I think I’m going to do something like this around Samhain - lean into the shadows of what is and was during the time of liminality.