Goddess Artwork

This week I took some time out to work on a new project and while I was away from here, I wanted to share with you something I created. I named it “My Goddesses Will Slay.” Although I create these things very much to decompress and meditate in my own fashion, I don’t know if anyone would be interested in seeing this. There is a huge disclaimer: I haven’t ever sold a print or art piece and I do not take on commission work. I’m not comfortable starting those ventures yet because I very much work two full time jobs to support myself and my daughter. I’m a single mom. Just know that I think they’re neat and sometimes (sorry guys) women need to feel the Goddess within shown as well. Also, I didn’t intend for it to turn into a sci-fi piece as well but that’s how the drawing went! Happy full moon everybody!


That’s freaking unbelievable!! You’re amazing with the creativity!!! We as women do need to feel and nurture the goddess within! The sci-fi makes it more personal and adds more of a unique look! Thank you for sharing this with us. I know that I needed to see this. I have to re-awaken my goddess within.


This is so imaginative! Very well done. I can almost hear her war cry! Good job!


The piece came out stunning, @jessika! :heart_eyes: I see an explosion of feminine energy and power, and yet the monochrome colors and beautiful swirls give it a serene and meditative feeling as well :pray:

It is always inspiring to see the meditative works of art witches- thanks so much for sharing this piece! :heart:


Wow, that’s awesome. Incredible work. What material/tool did you use??

I love the sci-fi elements. It makes it a lot more dreamy and fantastic. Happy Full Moon :full_moon: !!


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Awe thanks guys! I was so hesitant to even share but it really does make me feel serene too. I used a set of Pigma Micron Pens for this. They’re so handy dandy to have. Also for things that I don’t draw everyday, like people, I used a pencil and micron eraser for that so I could sketch out the angles of my peoples before laying down the ink.