Goddess. What name shall I call you?

I had an epiphany! I’ve been calling the Goddess, just ‘Goddess’.
That is perfectly alright for anyone, a little generic, but alright.
I’ve studied for years and all I came up with was round and round, spinning like a top, but no answer.
I woke up this morning and the answer came to me.
No matter what era, country, language, culture, or religion and what name she has been called by, she is Goddess. She is love, solace, understanding, and pity.
She is MY answer.
I’m not preaching and this was my epiphany. I guess she took pity on me anguishing over such a simple answer.
Thanks for listening
Be blessed


I usually call her just the Goddess too and I’m happy with that. To me she has thousands of names and faces, and sometimes she might speak to me through a specific one, or I may feel like approaching one of her forms for guidance, or just to show my love and appreciation. But calling her Goddess is never the wrong thing to do. :hugs: :white_heart:


YES! yes, yes, yes. I agree!


A beautiful answer! :blush: May the Goddess, by whatever name feels right to you, continue to watch over and smile upon you, Garnet. So mote it be! :heart: