Good Witchy apps

So I finally got that phone I needed for sharing photos and I know I was only going to use it as a camera, it doesn’t have a sim so I just use my wifi, but I thought since I have it at home does anyone know of any good apps for learning or keeping track of progress? There is a lot to choose from and I don’t know where to start lol. The computer is good but you can’t get most apps on it. Thank you all so much < Blessed Be <3


Yes! Some of the best witchy apps I’ve tried are:

Spells8 (of course!) Besides being an online coven, Spells8 can help you organize your Craft. You’ll get a simple daily ritual and a lunar spell so you’ll have a spell to cast every day. Get it for Android and iPhone.

PlantSnap for identifying plants and herbs.

The Seek app is available for iPhone and lets you identify animals and insects too!

Red Candle (Android): If you can’t burn candles at home but want to create the atmosphere. (Or you can use Youtube for that too)

Phases of the Moon Calendar (Android)

The Moon Calendar app (iPhone)

SkyView for those who love to watch the stars (Android and iPhone)

Awoken. Lucid dreaming app. I have been using this one since someone recommended it last year and it does help.

Co-Star Astrology app: Hyper-Personalized, Real-Time Horoscopes

Stone (iPhone): Descriptions of crystals and their powers.

The Five Minute Journaling App for Journaling!


That is an awesome list, Francisco, and I will have to bookmark this now.

Phases of the Moon Calendar may work for some and I love it, but the moonrise and moonset times quit working on my phone. :thinking: It could be just me since I play with the settings on my phone all the time. :sweat_smile:

Long story short, I found My Moon Phase Pro seems to fill in my needs for a moon app on Android. I still prefer the one Francisco shared but if it doesn’t work, you may want to try this one instead.


@Francisco thank you :grin: I didn’t know I could add it to my home screen :blush: I looked over an app on the store but this is perfect :heart:

@praecog29 thank you for the alternative :blush: it’s an old phone so choices are good :heart:


PictureThis is a great way to identify plants. Has a free trial but you don’t have to sign up for it, just click the X button. Gives a few free IDs first and then it will give you 1 a day after you run out. It will tell you extreme details of the plant most the time.


Same as @praecog29 I’m bookmarking! Thank you @Francisco!


#SelfCare is a great app. They even have a virtual altar. I’m not sure about Amino. But it’s an app and there are rooms for wiccans, pagans, etc.


I have most of these and they’re all great items to have in your arsenal of craft tools!


@christina4 thank you I’ll add it to the techy tool kit :blush: they’re all really good apps I’ve been having fun with them :heart: Blessed Be :heart:


@autumn7 thank you :blush: help with indentifying plants is always useful for me lol :heart:


I love #SelfCare, it’s a really nice app for grounding and has helped me out of many flashbacks. It’s completely free without any ads too. And there’s a little kitty you can pet and listen to them purr! :smile_cat: :two_hearts:


For my list I have the Rider-Waite Tarot, Odin rune divination, Numerology, Oracle Cards collection, Crystals Light (I did purchase the premium such a good crystal resource) Pagans and witch’s amino, wiccan and witchcraft (it has an extensive list of spells and some hexes (with warnings of course) and angel numbers because I use numerology in my oracle and tarot readings. I don’t know how to link any of these apps, I just found them in the Google play store under witchcraft or whatever.

Of course Spells8 is bookmarked on my home page as a resource as well.


Some additional apps! @Liisa @Francisco @praecog29 @Rowan :smile:


I already had Skyview but I love the phases of the moon app. I’ve put the widget on my main screen.


Yes! It’s helped me with anxiety and some flashbacks too. I have night terrors, as well. On the camera, I’m arguing for 20 mins with I don’t know who. It was so funny. :sweat_smile:


Just had a look at downloading the app for Golden Thread Tarot and the blurb says it’s no longer being updated, the main app has been moved to Labyrinthos Tarot


These are a few of the apps I use~Gumdrops, headless way and the mighty network on the one page and then the other is more obvious which are the witchy ones.


@Missa @Magdelina @IrisW @AliceInWonderdab Thank you all so much :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


Saving some of these to check out later on!


Thanks, Francisco I got a couple of apps ill let you know how it goes!
Thanks for all the witchy apps you all are such a blessing!