Got mad, cut my hair

I had a hissy the other day and stayed mad for hours. The reason excapes me now but I combed my long hair out, parted it from front to back, down the middle. Then put each side in a ponytail just above my shoulders. Did the same in the back, but a little shorter. Got my sissors and cut somewhere around 8-10 inches of hair off below the bands in my hair.
Looked at the hair in the sink and in the mirror.
“OMG! What in the holy hell did I just do?”
Well, I took out the bands and unbelievably I had a rather pretty bob, longer in the front, which is what I wanted.
I guess the saying “The Gods help them that help themselves.” is true. They helped me not pull a ‘Brittany’ and shave my head, but give myself a decent haircut.
Rich never said a word. I must have been mad at him.
I’m blessed


Whew. Glad it turned out all right! Whenever I tried to cut my hair I look like a drunk toddler did it. LOL!


The last time I cut anyone’s hair… well, I was 5 & then my brother’s head needed to be shaved so it would all grow back the right way. :rofl:


@Garnet WOW!!! That’s long hair, did you donate it to Locks of love? I have done that a couple of times, but since I lost my hair with chemo it hasn’t had time to grow back long and now as I’m entering another cancer treatment regimen next week I’ll be losing it again soon! #baldisbeautiful!

I love that you were having a hissy fit frenzy and just had the b@lls and chopped it off - AND IT TURNED OUT AMAZING. Awesomesauce!!! :haircut_woman::woman_singer::scissors:


It sounds like it all worked out in the end- what was that Shakespeare play? “All’s well that ends well!” :grinning: :+1:

I am sure you are rocking your new haircut, Garnet- enjoy it! :heart::sparkles:


The only person’s hair I cut is my husband’s because he shaves it with clippers. :joy::joy:


OH MY! Glad it turned out great in the end!! Whewwww!


Rule #4 of Being Married and Not Sleeping on the Couch:

Never comment on her hair until you find put how she feels about it, because

If you like it and she hates it, you’re an idiot;
If she likes it and you don’t, you are an unsupportive [illegitimate birth];
It’s better to be thought of as unobservant than offensive.



I have noticed that in the past whenever I would do this exact thing it was because I was ending a phase or a cycle in my life. A new me emerged along with my new haircut.


And never answer the question “Does this dress make me look fat?”
The right answer would be…No love, it makes you look like a delicate Butterfly.


Perfectly said. Heres a well trained man. Lol. Lots of love to u brother