Gratitude when You've Got Attitude

“Count your blessing! Stay positive! Good vibes only!”

Pop culture puts a lot of emphasis on gratitude. But it can be really hard to be grateful when we’re full to the brim with anger, frustration, hopelessness or grief. Instead of trying to force gratitude, which often doesn’t work, this meditation allows the experience of not being grateful – of being pissed off, sad, lost, or in despair – before finding the space to be grateful.

So how do we do this? What does it mean to “make space” for a feeling?


This is a great topic! I’m by and large a very optimistic as a person, and have spent so many years trying to Keep calm and carry on - oh so British :sweat_smile:

But the feelings don’t go away they just get stuffed down. It’s healthy to find an outlet for them :grin:


I love it! Keep calm and move it along! @Abs53 it’s not just British lol
EDIT: I meant to say I’m not British. Lol


Thank you for this meditation, @SilverBear! Lovely gratitude exercise :pray:

I think she meant that it’s an old British saying, made during the early WWII. The funny part is that “Although 2.45 million copies were printed, the poster was only rarely publicly displayed and was little known until a copy was rediscovered in 2000”. (From the link above)… And now that meme is everywhere! :laughing:


@christina4 yep what @Francisco said - sorry I didn’t explain it properly :joy:


Literally the last 20 years it’s everywhere :joy: you’d be hard pushed to find a house that doesn’t have a cup or tea towel or poster or cushion with some form of it on. I have a mug.


I meant to say I’m not British lol


I started a meme that was by mistake :joy: I wanted to say I’m not British.


I think I have a tea mug back at home with this saying on it- a souvenir from London :laughing: :coffee:

You are so right, Silverbear- thank you for this important reminder :pray: It can be easy to evoke gratitude when someone is calm and in a good state of mind, but oh so challenging in moments of anger or despair.

This meditation helps to let go of dark emotions, cleansing and clearing the way for gratitude- all while approaching those negative feelings with understanding.

I love your meditations! Thanks so much for sharing :heart: