Greetings and Salutations!

I am happy to be here. Thanks for having me. :coffee:


Hi @zulieka! Welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Tell us a bit about yourself! What areas of Magic are you more interested in? Do you have any experience?

Feel free to share anything about yourself in the forums, ask about different topics or any questions at all!

Blessed be! :pray:

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Merry Meet! How are you and welcome!! This is a great place to be! Hope to see you a lot on here, Blessed Be

I do apologise for my tardiness in reply.
Unfortunately, my nephew passed recently and I have been otherwise unavailable as such. I am just now attempting to settle back into my normal. (Whatever that is lol)
I am Cherokee. Raised for the first part of my life on the reservation. I grew up in the Eastern part of the U.S So the mountains are my home, my strength comes from them and the ancestors before me.
I am a natural born empath. A gift passed from my mother’s side. I am just now to the point in life where I can hone my gifts I walk a spiritual path and being raised by a non-Cherokee stepmother, find myself less educated in my heritage. Medicine, however runs in my family. A gift from both parents. I am ecstatic to finally have the time to pursue my heritage.
After all, if grandma can’t teach her grandchildren … well I just can’t have that. :wink:
So thank you all for welcoming me.
Too many moons of friendship!


Sorry for your loss and prayers to your family.
These are strange times but it’s all slowly going back to normal. :pray:

That’s great! This week we are adding more lessons to the Green Witch Video Course. What I like about these lessons is that besides explaining Magickal and Medicinal uses, the also teach the contraindications (i.e. when NOT to use them) which I think are just as important.

If you enjoy reading, I recommend you these books too:

Feel free to browse the forum and comment on any topic that interests you, or create new topics!

Many blessings! :dizzy:

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Wonderful! Thanks so much!

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Sending comfort at this time.Hugs

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