Greetings everyone!

I started with oils, then crystals and herbs and that led me here! I’m very happy to be here and to learn everything I can. Not sure where I will go from here but anxious to learn. The only bad thing for me is it all has to be somewhat secret. My family is made up of devoutly religious missionaries and deacons. Not real sure how I turned out this way but I’ve never felt comfortable with that way of life. Luckily my husband is not judgmental and I can normally be open with him. Hopefully someone here will understand!


Merry Meet, @jill!! Welcome to the Forum! :sparkles:

I am reading the book “The Spiral Dance” and today I underlined this paragraph:

“In America, as in Europe, the Craft went underground and became the most secret of religions. Traditions were passed down only to those who could be trusted absolutely, usually to members of the same family (…) Parts of the tradition became lost or forgotten. Yet somehow, in secret, in silence, encoded as fairy tales and folk songs, or hidden in subconscious memories, the seed was passed on.”

Luckily you can be yourself at home with your husband! But I think it’s generally best to keep our practices more-or-less private. Not everyone is called to be public, and that’s okay. :relieved:

Feel free to explore the forum. If you have any questions, ask anything or share a topic you’re interested in!

Also, I recommend you visit the Online Courses page and watch the videos there to start learning more!

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Warm greetings and well wishes, @jill! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I am so glad you have found love and support for your craft with your partner! Feel free to share your experiences about learning and growing within your practice here- this is a safe place where can you let your magick grow and thrive with the full support of the community. I can’t wait to talk with you more!

You mentioned you started your practice with oils- I’m just getting into oils myself! Do you have any go-to favorite oils that you would recommend for a beginner? :blush:

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Definitely should have lavender and tea tree. I use those a lot. I’m still growing my collection but make sure you order from a reputable company that can show you the analysis of each oil. There is no regulations on oils yet so you can’t necessarily trust them when they say 100% therapeutic grade. Check out the Essential oil university with Dr Robert Pappas. I’ve learned a lot from him and I believe he is very unbiased.


Merry Meet and Welcome! You will find this site one of the most interesting and wonderful around, Some great people here and tons of information!!Blessed Be


Is this the one?

It looks very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much, @jill!

Ahh you make a very good point about ordering from a reputable company. So many stores have essential oils, and there are always so many labels! I never know what to trust- usually, I just try my luck and go by how ‘natural’ it smells (some of the essential oils I’ve found smell nothing at all like the real plant does :sweat_smile:)

Thank you for the recommendation- an Essential Oil University sounds very promising! :heart_eyes:


Yes, this is a big deal when buying essential oils. How to tell if they’re actually good quality!

One thing I know is to lookd for the Latin name and common name on the label as well as the country of origin. This is to prevent buying something generically named.

Here are more tips from the Herbal Academy of New England:

Summary of What to Look For in Essential Oils

  • Label: Botanical name, plant part, country of origin, distillation date and/or expiration date, chemotype (if applicable), and “Keep Out of Reach of Children” statement
  • Cost: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Testing: Especially GC/MS testing
  • Organic, unsprayed, or wildcrafted
  • NAHA or other association memberships
  • Sustainability and economic cooperatives or initiatives

This is very helpful information, @Francisco! :sparkling_heart: I’ll keep these things in mind when I come across essential oils in shops (I’m looking at you, TJMaxx :laughing:)… and perhaps avoid any that come from non-specialized stores and stick to the herbalism shops! I’ve heard good things about Mountain Rose Herbs, but I’ve never used them myself. Perhaps it’s time to treat myself to some good quality essential oils!

I think this is some top-notch advice: not only about essential oils, but for life in general! :grin: :+1:

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Great site! Thank you. I’m anxious to check it out. As with many things in life the more you learn the better. Knowledge is power!


Well said!!

Lots of people are afraid of experimenting, especially when they hear words like “Witchcraft” or “spells”. I always say “The more you know, the less you fear”. And it’s true!