Greetings from Australia :)

Hello everyone

My name is Kira-Marie i’m from Melbourne Australia. I’m 28 years old and i am a solitary practitioner. I was raised a spiritualist but my dad introduced me to Wicca when i was 14 and i took an interest since then. Over the years I’ve had a lot happen in life so wasn’t as active in my practice etc. Also back then there wasn’t really as accessible information as their is now. I’m so glad to have discovered this group and i’m learning a lot.

A random little fact about me my dad wanted to name me Kira after the fictional character Kira from the dark crystal film, a lot of people didn’t know of the film so i used to just say my name was Irish for convenience turns out it is but the spelling is different lol.

Anyway i look forward to getting to know you lovely people and i’d like to make friends here. I haven’t met any other Wiccan’s or pagans in passing so would be nice to connect with like minded people.

I hope you are all staying safe and well with all this crazy covid 19 stuff going around. Were in stage 4 lock down here in Melbourne so definitely gives me more study time lol

lots of love and light always



Welcome! Glad to have you here. You’ll meet a lot of warm hearted people here. You’ll find a ton of useful information and have fun. It’s a safe place to be. I love the weekly tea time as a coven, it’s every Thursday. You’re more than welcome to join us! And, I’m from New York. In between NYC. And Albany. If there’s any questions, please let me know!


Greetings from West Virginia in the USA! I’m glad you’ve found us. There are group rituals and projects for you to do and everything. It’ll be nice to get to know you! :grin:


Thank you for the warm welcome. I’ve never been to America but I’ve always wanted to go to new york maybe one-day ill be lucky enough to go.

Id love to join the tea time. I look forward to growing with you all :slight_smile:


Thank you i look forward to taking part and getting to know everyone too :slight_smile:


Hello! I am Krissie and I am from Cape Cod in the USA. We have a stay at home order in my town due to tourists and an uptick in cases of COVID19 here. It’s lovely to meet you and I think you will find everyone here is very helpful and understanding. I have gone through most of the courses and find they are very helpful also and have a lot of information that I didn’t have access to early on when I was starting to practice in my late teens.

I hope you have a great day! Love and Light! :star2: :star_and_crescent:


A very warm welcome to you, @kira-marie! :heart:

You are very welcome here in the forums- we are a collection of solitary witches from around the world just like you! This is a place to come together, share thoughts and experiences, and have a sense of community even across the miles :world_map::hearts: Please feel free to jump in on any topics that catch your attention, and you are always welcome to start a new post too! :writing_hand:

Are there any particular aspects of the practice you have been looking into lately? Maybe crystals, herbs, divination, spellwork, or something else? If not- no worries at all! The forums are a great place to browse around and learn more :books:. I also recommend the Complete Courses and the many videos on the Spells8 YouTube Channel :+1:

Make yourself at home here- it is truly a pleasure to meet you! I invite you to join in on the weekly challenge (this week’s theme is Kitchen Witchery :woman_cook:) and the weekly group rituals (every Thursday- check the forums and the Activities category for announcements!). Make yourself at home- it’s great to have you here! :heart:

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Thank you for the warm welcome

In terms o what interests me i’d say i love the idea of kitchen witchery and just making mundane everyday tasks that bit more magical.

I didn’t inherit my mothers side of the family’s green thumbs i’m afraid lol . I do like crystals, tarot i would like to get better at and i’m just keen on learning all i can really


welcome @kira-marie from canada


I’ve never been to canada but it looks like a beautiful place maybe one day i’ll get to go and visit :slight_smile:


I love your enthusiasm for learning, @kira-marie! :two_hearts: It sounds like you have many interests to pursue- take a look at the courses and videos, and definitely browse through the forums to find related topics! :open_book::sparkles:

I’m also working on my tarot skills- it’s a great aspect of magick that you can make all your own! :flower_playing_cards: If you are looking for deck recommendations, there are several in the forums with pictures and opinions to help guide you (such as the Anima Mundi deck, Ethereal Visions Deck, and even this teeny tiny tarot deck!).

And there are some other guides and open discussions on tarot you may be interested in:

For a thorough introduction including history and how to get started reading cards, I recommend the Spells8 Complete Tarot Course:


It is very exciting to meet you, and I can’t wait to see what paths your pursue as you study! :open_book: :heart_eyes: We are all learning together, so feel free to share if you come across any interesting information or find something neat! :blush:

Blessed Be :sparkling_heart: