Greetings from Georgia, U.S.!`

Hello everyone! I’m honored to be a part of this online coven. My name is Antonio but I go by either Toni or Jaymee. I’ve been practicing off and on for about a year and a half now. I grew up Christian, then I was Muslim. I finally decided to follow the path of my ancestors, and it seems that this is the path for me. I consider myself somewhat of an eclectic Wiccan witch, but my goal is to become a hedge Wiccan witch. It is also my goal to be more involved in the folk traditions of my ancestors. Also, I am into astrology (Taurus Sun, Libra Moon, Gemini Rising). I hope you all are well, and I look forward to seeing you all throughout the forum! Blessed be!


Hi Toni! Welcome to the Forum! :pray:

You’re not alone! We all are on a similar path, united in diversity!

Everyone’s craft is unique, but if you want to have a solid foundation of the topics discussed here please make sure to follow these lessons: Online Courses.

About Hedge Witchcraft, I can recommend you these books if you haven’t read them already:

Feel free to browse around the forum and comment on any topic that you’re interested in, or create a new topic if you have questions.

Blessed be! :sparkles:

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Merry Meet and Welcome to our little corner of the world! Glad to have you here. There is sooo much on this site to learn, you are gonna enjoy it. Great people here too. Blessed Be!

Welcome! Glad to have you here!