Greetings from India & England, UK

Good Morning Everyone,

I am Annesha Kar Gupta from India. I am an Advocate.

I am a witch for last 30 years. From 2 years of my age, I am involved in automatic writing and future telling.

I am so happy to join here as volunteer. My wand bring me here. I was looking in the courses and asked my wand about what should I do? It shown me the volunteer section and I joined here.

Thank you very much for accepting me as here. I love making friends, working and want to join the Book club too.

With Regards,


Merry meet @anneshakargupta :heart:

Welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven- we are blessed to have you here! :infinite_roots: Many thanks to your wand and your inner magick voice for guiding you :pray:

Hooray for a fellow book lover! :raised_hands: You are very welcome to join book club- please be aware that the current session (May 14 - June 11) will end tomorrow. Over the next week, all readers will be encouraged to share their book reviews and thoughts. If you recently read a book, then please keep an eye out for the Book Review Post that will appear tomorrow- you are very welcome to share a review too! :blush:

The next Book Club session will begin next Friday (June 18th). At that time, please feel free to choose a new book, announce your book selection in the post that will appear that day, and you can begin reading! :books:

It is a pleasure to meet you and I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed be :sparkles:


Hello @TheTravelWitch

Thank you very much for your warm welcome.

Indeed, I am a book warm. I love reading and writing.

Extremely excited to join book club on June 18.

I am also looking forward to taking with you more.



Welcome! I’m Christina and I’m from New York. You’ll love it here! There’s many friendly people and great knowledge!
Blessed be :pray:


Good morning @anneshakargupta, I’m Siofra from Cape Cod, MA, USA. I hope you enjoy your time here & find everything! The book club is really fun to do & you will learn a lot from everyone. If you have any questions or need anything, feel free to reach out, someone will get back to you. Everyone here is very helpful & supportive. I’m an eclectic witch, I dabble in a few different aspects. Talk to you soon!


Welcome, @anneshakargupta! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia here in the USA. I look forward to seeing what books you share. I love reading myself. Looking forward to chatting with you more.


Nice to meet you too. @christina4


Nice to meet you in the meeting today. @Amethyst


Hello @Siofra

Nice to meet you. Absolutely, I will contact you for any help. I am a combination of Cosmic witch, Divination witch, Sea Witch and Green witch. Indeed, I am looking forward to join the book club. I am so happy joining here.


It was great! I hope I’m able to do that again, it was nice chatting with you all. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you for your introduction and for being here, Annesha! :smiley:


My pleasure Francisco.

I am grateful to you for this volunteering programme here.



:wave: Hello Anu
Merry Meet

I am very sorry :broken_heart: I didn’t introduce myself earlier!
My Name is Jeannie and I have an electric witch! I am very happy and pleased to meet you!
I am from California in Sacramento!
I have a cat and dog and I am married with children!
How about you?
Nice to meet you Anu!


Hello @Jeannie1

Nice to meet you. I am a combination of Cosmic witch, Divination witch, Sea Witch and Green witch.

I have a fish. I am single with no children. Happily unmarried, in short :joy:

Nice to meet you.


Well thank u very much for sharing! I am a Eclectic Witch I like divination, Too! Anne I have so many books that I should read!
I wanted to let you know I actually was interested in making wands. I left you some information and a pic of my wand. I should probably give that post a update. I had connected lights to my wand and put a crystal on the top but the light broke because I put to much glue on it! I hope you find all the info you need.
Crystal wrapping
Blessed Be!