Greetings from New Mexico!

Hey Everyone!

I’m very excited to finally be on here! I have been coming to this site for half a year now. The many posts and forum questions and answers have helped me learn so much! I’m still very much a baby witch but I hope to continue working with everyone for some further guidance!

I discovered my interest and love of the Craft fully right after before Covid really hit the western hemisphere.
This was my current state before discovering:
-I just got out of a toxic relationship
-Got a really intense mental health diagnosis amongst other health issues. (managing now though through therapy thank goodness! Bless all the great therapists making a difference these past two years <3 )
-Also discovered that there were many lies regarding spirituality through family which didn’t help (we practiced a certain way for many years and realized later it was not what it seemed in a pretty devastating way).

Mind you my interest was always there in the background of my life!
-I grew up loving movies all about witches and magic and even practiced my own magic in small ways (I thought I could create cloudy days as a kid? Just by calling for rain).
-My mom taught me astrology and how to be in tune with nature
-Saw auras for most of my childhood
-Rock hound and always kept gems and other stones in my room or pockets(even carried a 2 pound quartz from a quarry near my family’s home once…)
-We only ever owned black cats (joking of course but still funny to think about :joy: )

A lot of people in my life had mildly practiced or fully blown practiced, but I had a negative experience from a lot of them due to their skills or practices being willed with ill intent. Only positive influence was a former roommate who was a kitchen witch and worked a lot with the Fae.

More about myself specifically:

If I had to describe myself, I am a Eclectic Witch for sure. However, I use a lot of magic in the kitchen and want to learn and practice more.
Also really want plant friends again and getting better with Herbology.
I am also REALLY into learning Tasseography if anyone has any good starting tips?

My favorite holiday is probably Halloween (Samhain) and love fall activities in general! I have a really hard time with Christmas but I’d like to get better at honing in more on the festivities of Yule instead or even something different and creating something a bit different (totally open to hearing about other personal experiences with this!). But because of my birth month I am a true summer baby and love when the fruit is in full growth and all the leaves have returned to the branches on hot days!

I am a Leo but in my chart I’m more Leo and Cancer so I have a lot of steam going on!

My spiritual totem in life has always been Bears in a pair, representing my Masculine and Feminine.

I currently worship with Ganesha (for some reason this past year he kept reappearing in my dreams and in visuals all around me in my every day life so I gave it a shot and I have loved the connection I’ve developed with Lord Ganesha over time).
I have been back and forth on researching other deities. My ancestral background is predominantly Welsh but the Welsh gods/goddesses have not quite spoken to me yet. Still need to spend some more time researching and meditating.

I live in Northern New Mexico and have grown to love this Land of Enchantment, but I’ve lived all over.
I was born in Canada, immigrated to Arizona, grapes of wrathed my way over to California, moved to New Mexico for college. Been staying put ever since :grin:

Anyways, I look forward to learning more and talking to everyone by and by! Hope everyone is doing well with everything going on in the world and that you’re all having a blessed night!


Merry meet @hallee :heart:

Thank you for the lovely introduction- it is such as pleasure to meet you! I am very happy to welcome you to the Infinite Roots Coven :infinite_roots: :blush:

From everything you’ve mentioned, I think you will find yourself right at home here in the forum- cheers to another Kitchen and Green Witch! :green_heart: :woman_cook: As for Tasseography, tea studies are a favorite of mine :tea: I recommend taking a look at the post Tasseography: Tea Leaf Divination

And if you’re a fellow tea lover :coffee:, feel free to join in the weekly group tea ritual- here’s the post for today’s gathering, focusing on tonight’s New Moon Solar Eclipse :new_moon: :sun: !

Feel free to reach out if you have any witchy wisdom or questions on your mind. You have a friendly coven full of fellow witches who are eager to learn and happy to help one another :books: :blush:

Love and Light! :heart:


Welcome!!! I’m Christina and I’m from New York. I have family very close to Roswell, NM. But honestly, my family is all over the States. It’s nice to have you here!!! I’m glad that @TheTravelWitch could help you with the tea readings because I love divination but I haven’t done that yet in my many years :sweat_smile: nice to meet you!!!
Blessed be :pray:


Good morning @hallee, I’m Siofra from Cape Cod, MA & I’m an eclectic witch. I love astrology & crystals, I work with plants/herbs, incense, oils, I like making things like Rose Water, Florida Water, Simmer Pots.

I loved your introduction. I have friends that live in AZ & the closest I have come is TX. I haven’t worked much with divination lately, minus the tarot readings that I have done every few days. I should pull out my pendulum now that we are talking about it. It’s been a long time since I used it. The last time I remember is Samhain.

We have a new challenge this week that you may enjoy it’s about chants. :notes: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Enchanting Chants you will get a shiny new badge to display! I love collecting the badges myself. I rarely ever change the one that is currently on my profile though. :joy:

I look forward to talking with you more. Oh! Today we have the (Group Ritual - Jun 10) Enjoying the New Moon Solar Eclipse :new_moon_with_face: if you would like to join. There is a Zoom chat today also, the information is in the post with the link to join if you would like.


Welcome, @hallee! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the coven finally! :infinite_roots: Glad to have you here! I think you’ll find that a lot of us were attracted to witchy things before we even knew such things were real. The Gods pull us in many different ways. You don’t have to call on the gods from your ancestry, it’s up to you!

Looking forward to getting to know you. If you have any questions just ask and someone will help you out!


Pleasure to meet you as well! :smile:
Thank you for sharing the Tasseography link! I will definitely give it a good read and see where I can start practicing! Gotta find the right cup of course haha!

I also love how many cool weekly challenges and gatherings there are! I will definitely try to participate in as many as I can!


Hello Christina! Nice to meet you as well! Roswell is a very quirky town! Very cool you have family there! :smiley:


Hello Siofra! Nice to meet you! I have a bunch of dehydrated roses I’ve been collecting over time and I would love to make Rose Water and Oil! Funny enough as I kid I HATED the smell of roses, but for some reason in my spiritual journey I’ve grown to really love the smell and power they have! Florida water is AMAZING! I use it all the time for cleansing since Incense tends to be too intense for me and my family :sweat_smile:

Pendulums I’ve tried in the past but I always syke myself out :laughing:

Very cool weekly challenge! I used to be a singer and stopped for a long time so I think that will be really helpful in keeping that part of me alive without the pressure of “performing” you know? I will definitely keep tabs on it and try to participate as often as I can!

Also thank you for the link for the New Moon Solar Eclipse! I was just remembering the other day that was coming up and wasn’t sure what to do yet!


Hello Amethyst! Thank you for the welcome!
I will definitely reach out! Thank you so much! :smiley:


You’re welcome! It’s always nice to meet a new friend!


Merry meet! I’m Jessica from Texas. I’m also a baby witch but have been exposed through my mother since I was a teenager. I just refused my path because I didn’t want to be like my mom (silly teenager!!). I currently work with several Greek deities despite being of strong Celtic descent. They reached out to me in similar fashion that you have mentioned, via dreams and images as well as signs throughout my day. The Gods and Goddesses choose who they want to work with. If you want to work with a particular one, do your research and you can make a plea and see if they respond.

I’m a Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon, and Virgo rising. I’m heavy on the Scorpio and Libra in my chart with some Virgo, Sagittarius, and Leo. Nothing in the other signs! I’m still learning about astrology.


Thank you for such an engaging introduction, Hallee! Welcome to the Coven!! :infinite_roots: :wave:

I think we can all identify with your story in many ways. Myself, I felt that this path was all around me even if I tried to ignore it, including cats and all! :black_cat: Lots of times the background music is where the message really is. I am glad you have been finding those subtle signs and are slowly uncovering the big picture!!


You’re very welcome, Hallee- I hope you enjoy your studies in Tasseography, it’s a wonderful form of divination! :coffee: :blush:

A special cup can help a lot, but rest assured that it is possible to read with any normal mug in your cupboard by searching for shapes in the tea leaves (similar to finding shapes in the clouds! :cloud:) and then looking up the symbolism of those images :+1:

Good luck and have fun! :sparkles:


Hello Jessica!
Oh interesting! I have been intrigued by many of the Greek deities, especially at a young age. So far it’s been touch and go but I notice a lot of pull from Persephone oddly enough? If you have any feedback on her I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! But I’ve been opening up more to any deities that send me messages :grin:

Oh cool! That’s a really interesting mix you have! Lots of interesting balancing acts to do with all the fire! But the discipline of the Libra!


:wave: Merry Meet,
my name is Jeannie like Jeannie in a bottle lol :laughing:
Well it all started since my middle name is jean so it fit.:wink:

:sunrise:I loved your introduction my aunt ran away to New Mexico! My uncle has family there!

Interesting how witchcraft has always comes up for people when something really bad happens or for example like you said that you came to witchcraft when the Covid hit. I am trying to make the best with my time and time spiritualy. I also came to witchcraft when my life was wacky and a little tacky! But the truth of the matter is that it was always there. I was just blind to the fact that the tarot was connected to witchcraft and came across it later in my life. Maybe I was not spiritually ready.


I heard of that kind of thing happening but my friend always shared with me nature and always shared kindness and happiness with me! She is my best friend and always had my back! She Is a green Witch which also works with the Fae!
Thank you for introducing yourself! It was good to get to know you!


I unfortunately don’t work with Persephone so I can’t offer any specific advice. Some general advice is to listen to your intuition. If you feel that she is calling to you, she probably is! Research her, see what offerings she likes, get her a candle, reach out to her in meditation. The key is to be open to her signs.

Everyone communicates with their deities in their own way so I can’t say how it will be for you. I have aphantasia, or the inability to see images in my mind. For me, communication is words and sounds in my head or sudden smells and seeing related images/symbols. For example, when Aphrodite reached out I started noticing sea shells and mermaids a lot as well as noticing the ocean smells coming in from the bay more. When I meditate and reach out to her, she will send me specific words or phrases that just pop into my head as well as smells or sounds related to her so I know it’s her.

I hope this helps!


Hello! I am in New Mexico too! I live near Santa Rosa, in northeastern NM.


Merry meet @myria! Welcome to the forum and the Infinite Roots Coven :infinite_roots: :heart:


Hi @myria! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots: I look forward to getting to know you!


Hi @myria, welcome to the coven! I’m from Houston, TX.