(Group Ritual - Apr 29) A Celebratory Cup 🎉

:warning: Disclaimer & Content Warning: This post discusses alcohol. If you are not yet 21 or of legal drinking age in your country, please do not consume alcohol. In addition, if the topic of alcohol does not sit well with you, please feel free to skip over this post. Please drink responsibly. :warning:

I wish I could’ve Zoomed with y’all! Work was busier than usual today :frowning: Hopefully I’ll be able to join next time! <3

I just finished my meditation with an ice-cold margarita – It was much-needed after today! :weary: I decided to follow the suggestion above and indulge in this marg. Instead of the usual lower-end tequila and “triple sec” (i.e., diluted corn syrup with artificial orange flavoring), I used some of my good tequila and actual Cointreau. It’s amazing what a difference an occasional splurge in quality ingredients can make!

Other than my higher-quality-than-usual margarita, I didn’t really do anything special for this meditation. I centered and grounded myself, and just sat in the silence of not having to deal with Trolls and Other Internet People (don’t worry, y’all don’t fall into either of those categories! :green_heart:) and enjoyed the sensation of my breath going into and out of my nostrils.

I hope y’all’re having a great week and that I get to Zoom with y’all next time! :sparkles:


:warning:Disclaimer & Content Warning: This post discusses alcohol. If you are not yet 21 or of legal drinking age in your country, please do not consume alcohol. In addition, if the topic of alcohol does not sit well with you, please feel free to skip over this post. Please drink responsibly. :warning:
@wade Ah Ha, hello my fellow rita drinker. Margaritas are just a wonderful way to wind down after a long day.
I believe I’ve only had triple sec so I will have to try to make my own with Cointreau.:blush:
Hope you have a great weekend.


Well for me I was on my toes like a balarina, I had to license the vehicle as well today. I was unable to attend the zoom meeting today :unamused: unfortunately because of time but will adjust myself to zoom in on the next gathering. I still had my little tea ritual.

I had coffee :coffee: with alot of milk :yum: while I medicated about the coven, said a short prayer in mind as I sat at tea time today. My day wasn’t the best of days but hey, I was still grateful thankful and blessed.


Hello Witches,
I thought I would share my magical journey with you all! And first, off I just wanted to say thank you for all of your prayers :place_of_worship:
Today I went to work and when I got :house_with_garden: home I watered the :seedling: grass! I am trying to do better this year and decided to grow some tomatoes, green beans, and a couple more I can’t remember off the top of my head. But I started the seeds out by germinating the seeds but since they did not sprout moved them to the egg crates. This is a new journey for me! I asked mother Gaia if she would help me so I could be in sync with earth and help her!
I have a friend who showed me today how to start an avocado :avocado: tree! It takes a couple of years but I am up for the challenge.
When I got home I looked at my beautiful alter and am so thankful! I decided to have a ritual every day today I lit a blue candle :candle: for healing! I decided to do a session of yoga with my lovely husband! He’s a good sport and he supports me!
While I did yoga we did a plank and then we did a runners lounge. In addition, we did a twisting lunge and took the right hand and wrapped a white lite all around me. Then I envisioned gold and silver and red. I flet strong and good.
This week I found a new twig for a wand. I found it while on a walk. I shaved the wood 🪵 and It has a perfect point! See? Here are my shavings from my wand! I decided to have some tea! I am sorry for this being so late! I got a new crystal I think it is labordite but the tip is slightly broke at the :small_red_triangle: tip. Should I return it?
Well I had an good experience with you all! In love coming to a place of peace! When I did my meditation it was the water :ocean: elemental meditation. I invisioned being in a cave letting my hands touch the dripping water! It was cold but it was so clear! I invisioned the river flowing and the water running! It was calm and peaceful! Thanks for reading this is very long! I’ll let you go for now! Have a good night!
Blessed be!

Siofra - Congratulations :tada: on finishing therapy and thank you for keeping me in prayer :place_of_worship:
I wrote everyone then I realized zoom was this morning! Omg :scream: I slept in I am sorry guys! I hope you all had fun!
Blessed be!:sparkles:


Sorry things were a whirlwind for you, @Siofra, hopefully you were able to reclaim some inner peace with your meditation time and journalling :person_in_lotus_position: Fingers crossed your errands all went well and that you had a lovely day! :blossom:

I absolutely love cast iron teapots, @IrisW! :heart_eyes: They feel so natural and elegant. I hope you had a lovely tea time :blush:

Congrats on the successful spellwork, @Kasandra! It seems that Apthrodite has blessed you indeed :rose: Sorry about the humidity, but it sounds like you were able to have a lovely moment inside with your hibiscus tea :hibiscus: Enjoy your Beltane celebrations!

Glad the Zoom meeting went well, @MeganB! :grin:

Thanks @Amethyst! :purple_heart: Gosh, sorry to hear about the phone. Thank goodness you got the insurance- that was a good idea! Fingers crossed the replacement phone will find its way to you soon :crossed_fingers: :iphone:

A bath and tea ritual sounds like a lovely way to cleanse after a long day at work, @Liisa! :blush: Lots of love and light back to you! :heart:

You have a talent for bartending, @wade- and with a little magickal intent, a cocktail goes to a whole new level! Sounds like a tasty combo to me :cocktail: :yum: A troll-free meditation time is always a good meditation time- good for you for taking a much needed break. Wishing you a great week too, enjoy!

Sounds like a busy day for you, @NickWick! Sorry to hear it wasn’t the best. Thanks for joining the tea ritual, and I’m sending good energy your way. May your weekend have much better and brighter things in store for you! :sun:

You have lovely plans for your garden, @Jeannie1! Under your bright energy, I am sure they will flourish :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It sounds like a lovely time with your husband- how wonderful you can enjoy meditative yoga together :person_in_lotus_position: :two_hearts: Congrats on the new wand and as for the labradorite- is it a natural chip, or do you think it broke during shipping? It never hurts to reach out to the seller and tell them it was broken :gem:

Wishing everyone a delightful Beltane/Samhain and a very blessed weekend! May the weather be nice and the sun shine warmly upon on over the coming days :hearts:

Love and Light! :sparkles:


Typically I didn’t get round to the cup of tea I promised myself yesterday, instead ending the day with a crippling bout of IBS.

Had a little lie in this morning and I’m starting the day with a cup of fennel, turmeric, cardamon and rooibos tea which should be good for my mind and my body.

First I physically cleaned my new teapot then metaphysically cleansed in palo santo smoke. And now the tea is brewing.

Morning all, seems like a good start to my Beltane celebrations :coffee:

Blessed be :sparkles:


That’s real healthy tea you got there!! @IrisW and I know it will really do the body good. I am really loving the tea pot too, so magical looking, really classy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love me a good margarita! It fascinates me how a small change like triple sec vs. Cointreau vs. other ingredients can make such a big difference!

In my opinion, margs with triple sec taste like… well… margs. Made with Cointreau orange liqueur, it has a much more distinct bright and clean taste – I’m not sure how else to describe it :thinking: And if you use Grand Marnier (a slightly-less-expensive-than-Cointreau) orange liqueur, it has more depth and a hint of smokiness due to the cognac base of the Grand Marnier.

I promise I’m not a heavy drinker, I just enjoy learning about different alcohols and their history/production/culture/etc. – it goes along with my interest in all things cullinary :nerd_face:

Wishing you and @TheTravelWitch and everyone else a great week and weekend also! <3


Oh, using alcohol in culinary arts is common so I think it’s good to know the different make ups & how they are going to affect the taste of things. I had never thought of it when making drinks. My brother took culinary arts in school & I ask him for substitutes or ideas sometimes. Not so much lately because the bulk of his adult life he has been in the Army doing things that have nothing to do with culinary. :rofl:


So pretty thank you for sharing you have really good taste!


Sorry you had a rough time, @IrisW- hopefully that healthy and wholesome tea blend helped to get you back on your feet! Your cast iron teapot is beautiful- such a lovely way to enjoy a tasty tea! :coffee: :two_hearts:

Cheers to that, @wade! Mixing alcohols has always felt like mixing potions to me- it’s exciting to think of how the flavors, colors, and properties of each drink can be blended together to make tasty and beautiful concoctions :star_struck: :cocktail: There is definitely art and skill involved with bartending, not to mention plenty of room for adding in magick! :sparkles:


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