(Group Ritual- Aug 20) 🍵 Tea Time as a Coven

Very warm greetings to all! :hearts:

Thank you to all the wonderful witches who joined in on last week’s Group Ritual- Tea Time as Coven. It is always so nice to hear your thoughts and share a peaceful moment together :blush:

A reminder that this group ritual is a simple meditation practice that anyone can do- it is very beginner friendly! You are welcome to make the ritual as a eleborate or as simple as you desire :open_hands:

All are warmly invited to join! :tea:

[Pic from The Tea Cup of Life: Thich Nhat Hanh’s Tea Meditation]

:tea: ~Tea Time Together~ :coffee:

When? Thursday

What will you need? All you need is some tea leaves/bag (or coffee or juice if you prefer!) and a quiet place to relax

Are you ready? It’s time for tea! :hearts:

[Pic from About Meditation: Thich Nhat Hanh’s Tea Meditation with Oprah]

On Thursday, find a quiet moment to take some time for yourself.

As you place the leaves or bag into your cup, practice mindfulness. How does the cup feel in your hands? Can you feel the sun shining on your skin :sun_with_face: , or the touch of a cool breeze :wind_face: ?

Pour the boiling water over your leaves or bag and continue to be focused and in the moment. Be aware of every moment, and each ripple across the surface of your cup :coffee:

As you take your first sips of tea, consider saying a short tea spell to help focus your intentions. This tea spell is from the Spells8 Lavender Tea Meditation (you can click the link for the full guided tea meditation, including a video and audio), but it can be used with any kind of beverage:

I free myself from all stress
I release myself from all tension
I can feel complete peace and harmony
So it is now. So mote it be.

(Saying a spell out loud is completely optional- you may prefer to hold the intent in your heart instead :heart: )

As you sip your tea, think about the good and happy things in your life. If your mind begins to wander to unhappy thoughts- stop yourself. Acknowledge the heavy thought, hold it, then allow it to slowly pass as you let it go :open_hands:

When your cup is empty but your heart is full, know that you are leaving this tea meditation filled with the love of your fellow witches around the world :world_map:

If you can, consider composting or disposing of the remains (tea leaves or coffee grinds) in an earth-friendly way. Let them go back to the nature they came from! :dove:

:sparkling_heart: And remember that although we may be physically apart, we are close together in our hearts! :sparkling_heart:

[Pic from Destination Deluxe: Tea Ceremony]

When your tea time is finished, come back to the forums and share your memories with the coven!

:tea: What tea/coffee/beverage did you enjoy?

:thinking: What did you think about during your tea meditation?

:thought_balloon: Did you have any realizations or interesting insights?

:heart_decoration: How are you feeling today?

Tea time with everyone is always such a relaxing and wonderful experience- and I love seeing your pictures and hearing about your tea meditations! :blush:

I can’t wait to share a cup with you all again this Thursday :coffee:

Blessed Be! :heart:


Wow. This one is really going to be good. Thank you @TheTravelWitch!


You’re very welcome, @kasie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: What tea will you be having this week? Going for Lady Grey? :yum:


@TheTravelWitch I’m going for some Spiced Chai but I’m also going to the store tomorrow and poking around to see what else they have. I used to love this green tea with lemon drink that was the store brand. That was for cold tea but I thought if I could find something like that it might be good.

I’ve never really drank tea before, now I’m even buying a tea kettle so I don’t have to microwave my water! I’m hooked! LOL.


This one sounds really good too! I think I have the perfect cup for it and I will be having royal wedding tea. It’s white tea with rose petals and its really relaxing and tastes almost like chocolate. It will be a good one for meditating on how I’m doing and feeling. I can’t wait for Thursday!


Can’t wait for Thursday, I love out little tea get-togethers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :tea:
And it’s finally cooled down a bit here in Brussels, so I will stay away from juice and have a proper tea again :joy:


@christine4 it finally cooled down here to where it’s comfortable to go outside and my husband says that it’s cool enough to work in now. The last couple of weeks was coming home and just completely wiped out. Today he was able to do a couple of things outside even after he got home. It was nice to see him more active once he made it out of work.


This will be my first coven ever…:coffee::coffee::coffee:


Welcome @zanze this is also my first coven and it is a wonderful place. Everyone is so helpful and nice and I could go on for a bit. I hope you like here also and I look forward to speaking with you again!


Spiced Chai sounds delightful! :star_struck: A perfect tea to welcome in the harvest season as we move towards autumn- all those warm spices are heavenly :two_hearts:. I hope you can find the green tea with lemon you like! And I am glad you are hooked on tea too :joy: It is a great drink with many healthy medicinal and magickal properties- welcome to the tea club! :laughing::coffee:

Sounds like a lovely tea- and I’m glad it’s finally cooled down where you are! I’m looking forward to Thursday too! :blush::tea:

Glad to hear it’s cooled down a bit there, @christine4! :sun_with_face: Juice is absolutely okay, but I know the feeling when going without tea for too long :laughing: Do you have a favorite kind of tea you like to enjoy? :tea:

A very warm welcome to you, @zanze! :two_hearts: Please join us for tea time on Thursday if you can- we would love to have you :tea: Do you have a favorite kind of tea or coffee you like to enjoy? :blush:


This is my first coven and last week was my first cup of tea with the group. It was lovely, there’s a spirit of conecctiveness. I hope you join us Thursday.


The Spiced Chai was like a cup of fall, warm and cozy. And it smelled so good. Lovely.

I hope I find what I want too. I only have access to a grocery store on the bus so it’s not got very exotic teas, so we’ll see. Thanks, @TheTravelWitch!

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@kasie last week was my 2nd cup of group tea. I like that we can all have a tea and get together to share how our day or weeks have been. I’m having a pretty good week so far, I have my first video call with my biological mother today at 11. She hasn’t seen me in quite some time & I think she will like it. They can’t leave their rooms, so they have only seen the same four walls and the their roommate throughout this pandemic. They don’t leave for medical appointments either.


That’s good to hear! Also that your husband has more energy again - that kind of weather really makes you want to just lie down and not move at all! I’m really happy to be able to open the windows again to let a proper breeze in :joy: :wind_chime:
My horses are also much happier now :horse: while it was so hot they could only go to the field in the morning, so that they wouldn’t get a heatstroke! And now we can finally train properly again, without dripping sweat like crazy :joy:

That’s hard to say - I love tea so I always have a lot at home :laughing: Right now, I especially love the “The du Louvre - Côté Jardin” from Palais des Thês. It’s green tea with notes of apple, plum and quince. Also really nice as an ice tea :cup_with_straw:


@krissie117 I hope your call with your mother was all that you wanted it to be. It’s hard for people who can’t leave their rooms. My Mom was bedbound for about eight, nine years before she passed.

As for me, they’re calling for an apartment inspection Thursday, so I’m going to be waiting on the tea until I get everything done and can sit down and enjoy it.



It really was! It was so nice to actually see her and she got to see my daughter for the first time in a couple of years. I was very happy.

I hope your day goes smoothly on Thursday so that you have to time enjoy the tea!


That’s great @krissie117! Sounds like you had a good time. And thank you for the good wishes on Thursday. I’m always tense about apartment inspections so I’ll need a good cup of tea.


oo im excited for this cant wait to have a tea time with you all :slight_smile:


Ohhhhhh @christine4 that sounds so fancy~! :star_struck::tea: I hope it tastes as good as it sounds- enjoy! :two_hearts:

I also hope the apartment inspection goes well for you, @kasie! Fingers crossed it’ll be quick and smooth- treat yourself to a nice relaxing cup as part of the ritual to help you relax when the inspection is all over :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good luck!

Hooray! I can’t wait to have tea with you too, @kira-marie! :hearts:

Looking forward to tea time together tomorrow with all of you wonderful witches!!! :coffee::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@kasie wishing you the best of luck for your inspection fingers crossed it all goes well :slight_smile: