(Group Ritual- Aug 27) ☕ Tea and Talk as a Coven

Warm greetings to all! :hearts:

Thank you again to everyone who joined in on last week’s Group Ritual- Tea Time as a Coven. It is always a pleasure to share a cup of tea, thoughts, and a moment in our lives! :hugs:

[Picture from Mountain Rose Herbs: Calming Marshmellow Rose Tea]

I invite you once again to join in on tea time as a coven- a quiet meditative practice that anyone can do, and is open to all to join :tea:.

You are welcome to make your tea time ritual as elaborate or as simple as you like. After the ritual, you can keep your thoughts personal or you can share your experience with the coven :two_hearts:

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~Tea Time Together~

When? Thursday, any time

What will you need? All you need is some tea leaves/bag (or coffee or juice if you prefer!) and a quiet place to relax

All are invited, let’s begin!

[Picture from Zinc Moon: Mysterious Pu-erh]

Find a quiet spot and time on Thursday for a moment to yourself :open_hands: .

Feel free to light candles, set up an altar, and practice deep breathing before you begin :candle:

When you are ready, focus on the task- boiling the water, selecting your tea leaves/bag, and placing them into your cup. Feel and acknowledge every moment and thought :thought_balloon:

Watch the flow of water as you pour it into your cup. How it adapts and shifts to match the circumstances around it. Water is the element of adaption and flexibility, but even faced with change it never loses it’s natural strength and beauty :ocean:

There are many changes and much strife in the world right now- you may feel like you are at the mercy of the waves of the world, being tossed about and overturned. Struggling to stay afloat :sailboat:

Swirl the water in your cup, gently, three times. When you finish, focus your intent on the movement of the water. You may choose to invoke the spirit of water to bring you peace and serenity. Here is a chant from the Water Elemental Meditation on Spells8 used to give you the positive qualities of water.


As the water settles in the cup you cradle, feel your own inner turbulence mirror it. Let the waves inside you settle slowly into ripples, and then eventually into stillness :woman_in_lotus_position:

Enjoy the peaceful moment with your cup of tea, and let the strength and grace of water remain with you throughout your day :ocean:

If you can, consider composting or disposing of the remains (tea leaves or coffee grinds) in an earth-friendly way. Let them go back to the nature they came from :dove:

[Picture from Pintrest]

When your tea time is finished, come back to the forums and share whatever is on your mind with your coven :open_hands: !

Feel free to share pictures of your tea ritual as well as:

  • What tea/coffee/beverage did you enjoy?

  • What did you think about during your tea meditation?

  • Did you have any realizations or interesting insights?

  • How are you feeling today? Are you facing any challenges or excitements right now?

I hope this tea ritual brings you a moment of peace and shared support. Please know that you are not alone, you have a coven full of wonderful witches here happy to listen to your stories and share their support and love! :heart:

:sparkling_heart: Though there may be physical distance between us, the miles disappear when we share a cup of tea :sparkling_heart:

Tea time with you all is always a blessing. I am looking forward to sharing both a warm cup and a loving moment on Thursday! :tea:

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


I would love to join you! This is such an important ritual!


You are very welcome to join, @wendy4! :coffee: I agree- it is great to a moment of interconnectedness with everyone :two_hearts:. I look forward to sharing a cup with you on Thursday! :blush:


I love a quality tea time with the lovely coven! Im going to be making a personal blend this week. I did use mint and chammomile. I think this one will be better! Im going to wait ad find out.


I got myself a new mug and kettle so I’m good to go! Looking forward to it! :tea: :purple_heart:


I would live to join… Thursday evening for me…


I just got a new kettle, too! I have a sky blue one.


Yay! I look forward to this each week. Picked up a tea for this week. Since I’m sensitive to black teas I thought I’d try this.


I love the tea times! I think I am going to designate a mug to the Coven tea time. I just can’t decide which one I should use. I have 3 that I use for tea at home, so I think the blue one that I have will be the one. The others I will use when I’m at home and doing my thing, the coven tea time is special for me each week to see how everyone is doing throughout their days.


Love the water invocation :heart_eyes:
Can’t wait to join all of you this Thursday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mine is just plain silver but it whistles nicely.


OOH, that looks good! I hope you like it!


Looking forward to tea time with you too, @christina4, @kasie, @yolande, and @christine4!

And I love Celestial Seasonings, @tamera!!! They have so many great teas- their Sleepytime helped me a lot on sleepless nights growing up. My mother always had a box in the kitchen :blush: And wild forest blackberry sounds enchanting- let us know how you like it! :yum::two_hearts:

I think a special mug for tea time is a great idea, @krissie117! I can’t wait to see which one you decide to use :coffee::two_hearts:

Reading about everyone’s preparations makes me so excited! :laughing: I’ll have to pick out a nice mug and tea blend too! Maybe it’s time to head to the tea store~ :fallen_leaf:


Hey, my mother always had Sleepytime as a child too.


It’s a very well-loved tea! And I always loved the pretty art on the boxes :blush:

I always thought the pictures on these teas always looked like characters from a story :open_book: My favorite picture is from their Tension Tamer tea!


Alas, I haven’t found Celestial Seasonings yet here in Poland. I’ll have to continue the hunt, or order online! :coffee:


I look forward to joining you tomorrow for tea time. I think more so more then ever having a group of likeminded people to talk to is so important in these isolating times. It keeps our connection to people going.


@TheTravelWitch I have a few teas by Twinings and one of them is Nightly Calm, that one was good last night and I think for our tea time I am going to have Raspberry and Pomegranate tea. I tried that one yesterday and it was very refreshing. My daughter got a multi box of teas, but then fessed up that she doesn’t really like tea. I felt bad because she was trying to have a “thing” with me. We will find something else though. We have a lot of things that we can do together.


I’m so happy you think so, and I completely agree! :heart: No one has to be alone if they don’t want to be. In such dark times it’s more important than ever to have a sense of community :handshake:

That is so cute that your daughter wanted to do something nice with you! :two_hearts: Fruit teas cooled in the fridge served with honey or sugar (and a sprig of mint and/or lemon!) taste very much like juice and make tea accessible to those who don’t have a taste for it, not to mention they are fun to make! Or maybe the two of you can do a craft or look at your old photo albums?

I’m sure you can find a fun mommy-daughter activity to do together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good morning lovely witches near and far! :heart:

I woke up to darkness this morning- gray skies and heavy rain. Not my usual sunny way to start the day, so I turned on the kettle and brought out a nice strong black tea for that morning kick I needed- Earl Grey :coffee:

I’ll admit I felt kind of gloomy this morning. The neighbor’s child decided to have a tantrum at 3am and I imagine I wasn’t the only not-so-happy neighbor woken up. But ah well, such is life :baby:

I made my tea and tried to gather my thoughts. I swirled the tea three times, said the water invocation chant- and had the abrupt realization that it went perfectly with the rainy day outside :cloud_with_rain:. And the fact that, inspired by others in the forums, I was able to do some watercolor painting for the first time in weeks yesterday :paintbrush:. I held my aquamarine stones while I sipped my tea and thought about the flow and change of the seasons and time :mantelpiece_clock: .

The problems I am facing now won’t last forever. Indeed, someday there will likely be bigger problems to face. For a few moments I was actually grateful for the issues I’m facing now, as they could truly be worse. It was a strange kind of gratitude but gratitude none-the-less :dove:

I felt so refreshed after my morning tea that I hopped into the bath for a quick bath ritual :bathtub:. With a new frame of mind and a quick cleansing I was able to turn around a gloomy morning into a refreshing start to the day! :raised_hands:

So cheers to all of you wonderful folks! I hope you all start your days with a boost of energy- I’m certainly sending some good vibes your way :open_hands::two_hearts:

May your teas be delicious and your days be blessed! Enjoy! :sparkling_heart:


self-love i made my tea in my self love cup my best friend bought me for my 28th birthday. I still find perfectionistic tendencies pop up alot for me especially with anything witchy related.

Tea of choice black tea with a dash of soy milk

I played the water invocation chant and then watched as the soy milk created waves and swirls in my tea. It was fascinating to watch i can admit ive never payed attention to such small details before so was lovely to just watch and observe and realise the power of the present. I can hear the wind in the trees as i sip my tea . its dark and gloomy when i look outside my window yet i feel at peace.

My challenges is just about being my most authentic self and have courage to push through my own fears and limiting beliefs and just past baggage. Embracing self love more and being kinder to myself. Im getting their slowly with the help of my therapist. I also think as a society we need to get rid of the stigma of talking about mental health so if me talking openly about my challenges of anxiety and depression helps someone else open up then mission accomplished.

Todays gratitude: im grateful to have found beautiful souls such as this group, my beautiful friends and a support system. And these thursday tea are starting to become my favourite part of the week. Its lovely to just give myself permission to just be still and observant.

Lots of love and light :sparkles: to you all