(Group Ritual- Aug 6) 🍵 Tea Time as a Coven

Very warm greetings to all! :sparkling_heart:

The last two group rituals kindly organized by @Francisco Candle Burning for Hope and Healing :candle: and Moon Water in the Waxing Crescent Moon :droplet: seemed to be a great way to bring everyone together to share our craft!

As the world is struggling through a difficult time and many of us are practicing in isolation, I would like to offer another chance to come together, though apart, to practice together in a group ritual :pray:

This is a simple meditation practice that anyone can do and is open to everyone to join in! :heart:

~Group Tea Time Meditation~

When? Thursday

What will you need? Hot water, tea leaves/bag (or coffee!), and a quiet place to relax

:tea: Tea Time Together :coffee:

Find a quiet place on Thursday to join the ritual :woman_in_lotus_position: .

Focus your energy as you place your tea/coffee leaves or bag into your cup :fallen_leaf: .

Pour boiling water over the leaves and imagine the steam carrying away any troubles, fears, or upsetting thoughts you may have :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Sit quietly while holding your tea and let the heat seep into your skin and deep into your bones :revolving_hearts: .

Allow this warmth coming through your cup to chase away any fears or sadness that you are carrying inside you- acknowledge these things, then let them go :dove: .

As you sip your drink, imagine the heat you feel as the love and care from your fellow witches, supporting you from around the world :hugs: .

Deep breathly through your nose, hold each breath like a gift, then slowly release it through your mouth, giving back to the world :earth_americas:

When your cup is empty, dispose of the leaves/bag (in an eco-friendly way such as composting if you can!) and feel it as an act of release, of returning the leaves back to their place in nature :seedling:.

:sparkling_heart: Remember that although we may be far apart, we are all together in our hearts! :sparkling_heart:

For anyone interested, I look forward to sharing a cup of tea with you on Thursday :tea::blush:

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Count me in. Looking forward to our tea “together” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh I’m definitely interested in doing this! :100::hibiscus::coffee::tea:


What a lovely idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m looking forward to sharing a cup of tea with all of you :smile: :tea:


Absolutely in. Super excited!


I love tea! I would love to have some together! :heart:


Thanks for this lovely step-by-step ritual @TheTravelWitch!!

I’ll definitely be here on Thursday enjoying a cup of tea with you all!! :tea: :relieved:


I love everything about this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Looking forward to feeling everyone’s loving presence on Thursday! :smile_cat::tea:


I’m in. I have a selection of herbal teas, I will choose one that gives the best overall best Chi support. PS, I do not know what Chi is. Ha, ha, ha, ha!


Hooray!!! Oh, I’m so excited to have tea time with you all tomorrow! :tea: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Feel free to share a picture or write a message here after your ritual is done (and your cup is empty! :yum:)

Looking forward to tomorrow! :pray::two_hearts:

Finding good “chi” (vital energy/life source in some Chinese traditional beliefs) in a cup of tea sounds like a great plan, @wendy4! :coffee::grin: Or, change the last letter in “chi” to make it “cha” and you’ve got the Japanese word for tea- which is indeed very relevant! :laughing: :+1:


I have listening to Herbal Jedi. He is an herbal clinician who shows herbal plants, explains medicinal uses, and is a spiritual human being. I have ordered several of his products. I trust him. His company is Harmonic Arts. He is located in Vancouver Island, Canada.


I will be doing this as well


Is there a specific time??


Sounds lovely! I’ll have to check him out!!

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There’s no scheduled time since many of us live in different time zones! :world_map: Any time you can find for yourself will be perfect :blush:

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A (post-tea) picture from my relaxing and meditative ritual this morning~ :tea::two_hearts:

Cheers to all of you wonderful witches! :raised_hands: Sending you all so much love and encouragement- I hope you can feel my energy and support in your tea time today! Enjoy! :hugs::heart:


Just finished a cup of my favorite tea :tea: :herb:
I feel very happy and relaxed now, sending you all much love and positive energy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be everyone!


I am having a cup of black tea today! I hope everyone has enjoyed their’s so far too!

Blessed Be! :pray:


Merry Meet! I am new here, but stumbled across this and cannot wait to join next Thursday!
Blessed Be!


I gave it a try to making incense following Daniels’ tips in Making your own Incense so I already had some herbs (mint, thyme, laurel).

And decided to add the Hexagram, the “intertwining of worlds”

Which also means: “As above, so below”, inspired by the Latin quote that @krista_moon shared in Microscopic vs Macroscopic recently.

As above, so below!
Blessings, Witches!