(Group Ritual - Dec 17) 🎄 Yuletide Tea Blessing

'Twas the Tea before Yule, coven gathered as one
For tea shared as fuel, to bring holiday fun!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Season’s greetings to all! :star2:

The holidays are now upon us- wishing very happy and blessed times to everyone celebrating the many holidays this time of year!

The winter solstice (or summer solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere) is a time when the lengths of day and night begin to change. For those who follow the pagan Wheel of the Year :wheel_of_dharma:, the winter solstice marks the Sabbat Yule :evergreen_tree: .

In preparation for celebrations and Yuletide festivities next week, let’s welcome in the coming holiday(s) with a shared cup of tea! :hugs:

A friendly heads up : As mentioned in this week’s MMM, there will not be a group tea meditation next week. However, there will be an extra special group meditation the following week to welcome in the new year! :partying_face:

~ :evergreen_tree: ~ Thursday, December 17th - Yuletide Tea Blessing ~ :evergreen_tree: : ~

Find some time to join in for a tea meditation - an easy and beginner-friendly meditative practice to help you focus your mind and draw in your energies :woman_in_lotus_position:

Although we are physically spread out across the world, it is possible to come together and share our energies and support when we share a quiet moment together.

Let’s enjoy a relaxing and peaceful tea time as a coven- you are warmly invited!

Ready? Let’s begin

  • Choose your beverage . While tea is the standard, it is perfectly fine to do this meditation with coffee, juice, or any other beverage- even seasonal hot chocolate! :chocolate_bar:

  • Find a quiet place to relax . Find somewhere where you can let go of outside disturbances. If you’d like, you may decide to cast a circle or cleanse the space before you begin :candle:

  • Focus your intent . You can follow any style or type of meditation you choose- focus on your breath and thoughts and be present in this moment :woman_in_lotus_position:

  • Work some magick! While meditation is a magickal and healing process all on its own, you may choose to add an additional element of magick to your tea time.

(Optional: Dec 17th) : Yuletide Blessing :sparkling_heart:

Prepare your home and heart for the holidays with a Yuletide tea blessing and meditation! This ritual is a great warm-up for the Yule Celebration Ritual.

  1. First, you may choose to listen along to some yuletide tunes to help get you in the holiday spirit. Recommendations can be found in the Yule Playlist :musical_note:

  2. Prepare your favorite beverage- if there is a special tea or coffee you have been saving, now is the time to use it! The holidays are about giving not only to others, but to yourself too. Treat yourself! :hugs:

  3. While you wait for your tea to steep or coffee to drip, go to the window or door and open it. Inhale the air, while imagine yourself drawing in the crisp, fresh nature outside. Feel it fill you up, spreading throughout your body :person_in_steamy_room:

  4. Imagine your breath capturing any negativity or doubt within you- hold it for a moment, and then exhale. As you breathe out into the wild, know that you have released these restraints and set them free. :open_hands:

  5. Return to your hot beverage feeling lighter and more at ease. You have released tension from within you, while filling yourself with the blessing of winter air :snowflake:

  6. Hold your warm mug close to your chest and say the blessing:

Troubles behind, left out in the cold
Here in my heart, it is warmth that I hold.

Bring love and joy, only the best-
For my hearth and home, a holiday blessed!

  1. Sit comfortably as you delight in your beverage and let yourself be filled of excitement for the holiday soon to come :star2:
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Meditation. After enjoying a delightful beverage and calming moment, you can continue your day with a clear mind, increased focus, and a boost of positivity :heart_decoration:

After your meditation, welcome back! :heart:

You are very welcome to share any thoughts or experiences you had during tea time. Share some pics of your tea, your plans for the rest of the week, or just talk about what’s on your mind today.

No matter what holidays and traditions you and your loved ones treasure, wishing you an abundance of light, joy, and warmth this holiday season! :star2:

It’s a busy time that’s about to get even busier, so I look forward to a quiet and enjoyable meditation with everyone on Thursday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love and light to you! :candle::heart:


I’m excited about our tea time. (I always am really, I look forward to Thursdays now) If I can get some decorations up I will share some pictures! I have the perfect cup & tea for the season!


Echo @krissie117 I love this weekly ritual of tea together, and this is a lovely blessing. Thank you @TheTravelWitch


Yay :snowflake: Honestly, I miss the snow and the nostalgia of living in Oregon during the winter. I never thought I’d miss it but :woman_shrugging: I do!

Anyway, I’ll try and get a Google Meet setup again this week to meet around 12pm EST if anyone is interested. Last time it was just me and @praecog29 :rofl: but anyone else is free to join in!


Missed last week’s Tea Time, Regrettably. So this week I have a new tea, but I’m thinking I’m going to try either that one or the purple pea flower one again (with more flowers this time).

@MeganB I completely agree, I was raised in Michigan and never thought I’d miss the snowy winters :cold_face:, but I really would love a snow day! :snowflake::snowman_with_snow:
Here’s a pic of the new tea :wink:

Blessed Be Everyone


@Tamera and @Berta and the rest of the coven! I picked up some of the blue tea, Butterfly Pea Flower I believe… but I think because we are having a winter storm that will give us a foot or more of snow, I will be having the Winter Spice by Twinings. It’s really a perfect winter tea along with the Christmas :christmas_tree: tea. I love them both!


It makes me so happy to hear I’m not the only one who looks forward to tea time, @Krissie117! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Oh, I would love to see your lovely decorations and your seasonal brew :coffee:

You are so welcome, @Berta! I feel very blessed to be able to share a cup of tea with you :heart::tea:

I know the feeling, @MeganB! When I moved to Poland I thought I’d be dealing with winters even more ferocious than back near Boston. So much for that- there’s barely any snow here in the city! :snowflake: I find myself missing the beauty (but certainly not the hassle of shoveling!) :laughing:

White chocolate peppermint!?! Oh @Tamera, you’ve found a gem! I bet it tastes like a liquid Christmas cookie :drooling_face::two_hearts: Enjoy!


For sure. Last winter when we got 5ft of snow dumped on us, I was ready to get out. Now? I could do with a light dusting, maybe a few inches – mostly just to remind me that the snow is pretty but I don’t like being in it too much :snowflake:


New tea recipes :snowflake:

GINGER HONEY TEA (good for sore throat relief, too)
4 green tea bags
1 (2") piece of ginger root sliced
2 C. boiling water
2 tsp. honey

Rinse a teapot with boiling water to warm it. Add Green tea and ginger. Fill the teapot with boiling water. Stir gently and let it infuse for 4-5 minutes. Pour into mugs -add honey

2 servings

2 C. Milk
2 sprigs rosemary, washed
2 tsp. honey

Add milk to sauce pan. Crush rosemary sprigs and add to milk.
Heat milk gently over low heat until starting to boil. Remove from heat and allow to infuse for 5 min.
Strain milk, discard the rosemary. Pour milk into mugs and add honey.

Serves 2.


2 C. Water
1/2 C. Tart unsweetened cherry juice
1/4 tsp. ground turmeric
1/4 tsp. ground ginger
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
3 black peppercorns or a pinch of ground pepper
2 chamomile tea vans
2 tsp. honey

In a small saucepan over medium hear bring cherry juice and 2 C. water to a boil.
Remove pan from heat and stir in the turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and peppercorns. Add the tea bags and steep for 3-5 min. until tea is a deep reddish brown.
Remove tea bags, strain tea into 2 mugs and add honey.

Serves 2.


I will try to remember to take pictures of the boxes so you know what you’re looking for in the store :wink:


If anyone is interested, I’ll be in a Google Meet tomorrow at 12pm EST for about an hour to hang out, drink my coffee, and enjoy the company!

Here’s the link: https://meet.google.com/cwq-cftm-djg

Cameras and microphones are optional :slight_smile:


@MeganB I’ve never used Google meet! I’m assuming it’s like Zoom? This would be fun to do too! My daughter has a remote school day since we are having a winter storm. So unless the power goes out, she has to sign in & retrieve her work & then turn it in by 2:50 pm. So if I can, I will try to sign on for this too!


I know the feeling too well, @MeganB! It seems like there’s either no snow at all or we’re buried in it :sweat_smile: If only there was a year that was a happy medium- just a light snowfall from time to time would be lovely! :snowflake:

Three gorgeous recipes- these are mouth-watering, @Berta! :drooling_face::two_hearts: I’m a huge fan of Ginger Honey Tea, but I can’t say I’ve ever had Rosemary Milk. But there are so many wonderful benefits of rosemary- I’d like to give this one a try someday! Thanks for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::tea:

Thanks @Krissie117! Not sure if I’d be able to find it here in Poland, but if I know the look I can keep an eye out :grin:


Good morning, good morning everyone! :wave:

Wishing you all a very happy Thursday- where did this week go!? It flew by so quickly. I really can’t believe Yule is almost here!

Tea was timed perfectly today, as yesterday afternoon my tree (finally) arrived! :christmas_tree:

Forgive me- it was too gosh darn early in the morning for me to crawl behind the dresser and plug in the lights :sweat_smile: So morning tea today was done while meditating minus the sparkling lights- just the rich evergreen to fill me with holiday cheer! :evergreen_tree:

I’ve still got a lot to do- cleaning and crafting, wrapping and writing! :gift: I also need to get the ingredients for some of the traditional 12 Dishes on Christmas Eve here in Poland. Luckily my partner is a very picky eater, so not trying to prep all 12- we’re only doing the tastiest ones! :laughing:

There’s no snow on the ground and most of the usual Christmas fairs and activities are shut down- but the excitement in the air is palpable. :sparkles:

Celebrations will be small and I miss my family back in the States, but despite these small sadnesses, I still can’t help but feel pumped for next week! :blush:

I hope everyone is doing well, feeling good, and has a extra dose of happiness in the coming days!

Lots of love and blessed be :sparkling_heart:


The tea and the tree look wonderful! Looks very cozy and warm! Enjoy the tea and your reflection of things to be done.


These are my 2 go to teas for this season. They are so yummy & smell amazing!


Yes, it’s like Zoom, just free for up to 100 users. I will probably be there today, but I ended up coming down with something last night and I have felt awful so far all day. I mean, it’s only 9:30am but still :sweat_smile: I will let you know if I can’t make it myself. I can still open the meeting up for everyone else, though.


Oh no worries! Take care of yourself, we can do it another time! :hugs:


I am having all kinds of tech trouble this afternoon and for some reason it keeps wanting to join with my other account. (I have two Gmail accounts. :sweat_smile:) I think I will pass today. I hope you get better soon, @MeganB.

Today I am drinking another Venti Java Chip from Starbucks. I have a candle running in the background and I saved my morning ritual for the coffee/tea time. ( I was going to do that after the Google Meet but I will do it after I post this instead.) Enjoy the rest of your day, friends!


I made my Ch[ristmas tea after I got home from my surprise Dr appointment this afternoon. It took over an hour and now I have to have an MRI of my thumb & wrist. I’m having a weird day because I don’t exactly know how to feel. I wrote a post about my medical things under Energy Exchange, I’m honestly having a hard time with it today.

We had a snowstorm last night into today. It ended as a lot of cold, wind, & rain. So I am on my couch with my compressions on to keep everything from dislocating & my favorite sweatsuit. It has mittens made into the sleeves & feet on the sweatpants. I love them on days like today.

I have been feeling really good mentally lately & I take each day that I am out of bed as a win. Sometimes I just get lonely because everyone I know works & I’m with my 11-year-old daughter when she has a remote school. I can’t lay any of my stuff on her. She’s 11.

I did have my witchy time, but I am going to plan another day because I want to make the simmering pot to clear out my house & have the smells everywhere. I love those smells this time of year. I also want to make the Elderberry syrup & do a spell for prosperity. The New Year is going to be a time of big things happening for me & I will need all the help I can get as I go through it. I know that it will be very mentally draining for me but through perseverance, I will make it through to the other side.

I hope everyone has a great day. I had a good one overall. I just wasn’t expecting the MRI & a possible upcoming surgery. I thought I would wind up back on prednisone. I’m glad I didn’t because that medication is a rough one for my anxiety & abilities.

hEDS, flexibiity, surgeries