(Group Ritual - Dec 31) 🌟 New Year's Group Ritual!

:pray: :confetti_ball: :clinking_glasses: :star2: Happy and Blessed New Year! :star2: :clinking_glasses: :confetti_ball: :pray:

The clock is counting down to the end of a turbulent year- now is a wonderful time to come together. The changing of the calendar doesn’t only influence our social lives- it marks a great mental and emotional shift as well :spiral_calendar:

Let’s light the way with blessings and joy as we step into a new period in both our lives and human history :candle:

You are warmly invited to join this group ritual and welcome in 2021 as a coven!

~ :fireworks: ~ Thursday, December 31st - New Year’s Group Ritual ~ :fireworks: ~

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This group ritual has two parts- a reflective time before the ritual, and the shared ritual itself. You are welcome to do as many or as few of the suggestions as you’d like!

The point here is that, despite our unique practices and the physical distance, we are all welcoming in the New Year together :heart:

Before the Ritual: Saying goodbye to 2020 :wave:

Before looking ahead, it is important to look back on how far you have come. Take some time to organize the events of the past year- honoring pains and scars, but also finding the happy moments and silver linings.

A few suggestions you may do to honor the past year:

  • @Praecog29 shared the wonderful and reflective idea of organizing the year by themes. You can summarize the main themes of each month- capturing them in a picture, word, or emoji to organize your thoughts :relieved:

  • You may choose to write any grievances, regrets, or sadnesses on pieces of paper. Hold them close to your heart and then slowly, release them from within you. Burn the pieces of paper- releasing them from yourself and into the past :fire::open_hands:

  • Shadow work, meditation, and journaling are all additionally wonderful ways to look back at the year and prepare to move ahead :open_book:

  • Consider cleansing your space of negative energies, sweeping out bad memories, and other purification rituals to cleanse your space for the new age :broom:

Group Ritual: Welcoming in 2021 :fireworks:

On New Year’s Eve- December 31st 2020- find some quiet time to partake in this group ritual. The ritual here has been taken and adapted from one of the many fun rituals in New Year’s Eve Good Luck Rituals.

  1. Before you begin, you may choose to cast a circle or cleanse the space where you will be doing ritual work :white_circle: .

  2. Take a handful of cinnamon powder :brown_heart: and go to the doorstep of your living space. If you prefer, you may choose to stand in a central place within your home instead :house_with_garden: .

Cinnamon powder

  1. As you hold the cinnamon, feel and draw on the many magickal properties of this lucky and purifying spice.

  2. When you feel the good energy rise within you, say the beautiful New Year’s Blessing specially written by the talented @Kasie for this occasion:

It is the cusp of a New Year, filled with new possibilities.
May the Lord and Lady protect me and guide me through life’s hostilities.
Let this new year be blessed with health and prosperity,
And the Gods grant me a sound mind and clarity.
Give me a brand new start and let me leave behind what I don’t need.
And help me to plant the New Year’s seed.
Let me grow in mind, body, and soul,
and help me to throw away the old as midnight toll.
This I do say, and I decree!
An harm it none, so mote it be!

~New Year’s Chant by @Kasie

  1. With the blessing spoken into the air, blow the cinnamon powder after your powerful words. Let the energy of the chant and the powers of your magick spread and fill your living space :raised_hands:

  2. Visualize how abundance, prosperity, luck, and money, are entering your home. Savor these powerful feelings and good energies- let them fill up you inside as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  3. There will be cinnamon left on your hands- instead of washing it off, clap the extra cinnamon over your head to bathe you in abundance :woman_red_haired::clap:

  4. Afterwards, treat yourself to a warm and delightful beverage (bonus points for holiday spiced drinks with cinnamon and other magickal seasonal spices!) :coffee: and delight as you welcome in 2021

The new year is just days away- I can’t wait to welcome it in alongside the wonderful members of the Spells8 Coven! :partying_face:

Through all the ups and downs of this year, it has been a pleasure meeting and bonding with so many of you. No matter what 2021 has in store for us, I look forward to sharing more knowledge and enjoying time with you all :heart:

So much love and light- wishing you a very blessed 2021! :fireworks::two_hearts:


Excited that my first coven ritual is that of the New Year. Looking forward to joining in on the Group Ritual. What a fantastic job @kasie did on writing the chant. Its perfect.
Love and Light all around!


Oh I like this cinnamon ritual, I definitely want to cleanse my space for the New Year. It’s something that I have been thinking about doing for a couple of weeks and thought that the New Year would be a perfect time to do so. I love cinnamon so I think that I will try that out too.

Great job @kasie!


Love the cinnamon idea! I’m going to do it in the living room! I’m also planning on cleaning the house that day, get rid of any 2020 vibes. I’m thinking of using a spray of Florida Water and a bell to cleanse my space. And some music from Woke Nation of course. LOL.

Thank you for the compliment @Cinnamonoob! Glad you liked the chant.


A New Year’s Group ritual is a perfect first group ritual, @Cinnamonoob- a great way to start off a blessed year! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I agree, it’s such a great spice @Krissie117! :brown_heart: Good luck with your cleansing, I also have to do some tidying and purification here as well :grin:

Ohhhh bells and Florida Water make a great combo, @Kasie- made even better with Woke Nation and a sprinkle of cinnamon! :laughing::+1:


If the weather is good I’m going to open my window too, to let all the negative energy out. Can’t be too careful this year!


Awesome post @TheTravelWitch!!! So many great ideas! :smiley:

This past year has been draining in so many ways. I’m just hoping the New Year will give us all a boost of positive energy. :raised_hands:


@Francisco it has been so very draining! I believe this week I am going through some kind of deep cleanse. I’m having trouble keeping my eyes dry, especially at night. It’s just all hitting me in waves! That’s why I plan on doing a big cleanse in my room & house between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I think it will be a good time & create a fresh slate! :heart:


Great idea, @Kasie- out with old energy, and in with the new! :raised_hands::grin:

Thank you, @Francisco! And cheers to that- may the new year bring in an abundance of positivity energy and joy :partying_face:

It sounds like your mind and body are feeling the change very strongly, @Krissie117. A deep cleanse and a fresh start will be good- may the challenges you overcame this year fade into the past, and your successes lift you to new heights in the months ahead :grin::two_hearts:


Got myself a new packet of cinnamon spice just for this ritual! :brown_heart::laughing:

Although I imagine I won’t use it all- it would be quite the mess to clean up if I scattered the whole thing around the apartment :face_with_hand_over_mouth::broom:

T-3 Days to New Year’s! Woohoo!! :partying_face:


I still haven’t decided what I am going to do for my cleansing. I’m going to work on cleaning the kitchen today because I have been keeping up with my room much better since I am not the one storing the gifts anymore. My closet is functional again!


Nice job on the functional closet, Krissie! :door::+1: That’s a fantastic idea- I’ve been trying to clean sections of the apartment at a time but I’ve been dreading the kitchen. Cleaning the fridge is always such a huge task! :laughing:

Perhaps I’ll go on a big cleanse today- with a bath ritual to finish it off! We’re running out of time, there’s only 2 days left in 2020! :star_struck:


Thank you! I really have to go through my daughter’s closet because that thing is a catch all for her things & it is eye level high of just stuff put in there. She “cleans” her room and everything gets piled in the closet. I have a lot to do to get ready for tomorrow night.

Last night I put my crystals out under the moon, it’s been a while since I had them all out there. Today I am going to put them away, it was late when I brought them inside. It was so cold too, so I’m hoping they have come up to room temperature. I made sure to put my new epidote necklace out there.


New Year celebration

Of all years, I think we need brooms and a LOT of noise. So Happy New Year and …

"The modern custom of ringing bells and blowing horns to usher in the new year at midnight is actually derived from the old Pagan custom of noisemaking to scare away the evils of the old year .

Make some noise by playing music, singing, or have a bonfire to symbolically drive away bad luck."


That’s exactly how I feel! :laughing: like banging pots and making a bonfire!! :fire:


I have to admit that’s exactly what I did as a child when I didn’t want to clean my room but had to :joy:

Nice job on cleansing the crystals! They are charged with that lovely full moon energy now :full_moon::sparkles: Any ideas what spellwork you plan to use them for?

I love it!!! :laughing: I don’t know if my neighbors here in the apartment building will be too thrilled about me chasing out the evils of 2020 with booming noise, but I can probably get by with banging a few pots and pans once or twice :clap: :joy: And music- yes! A wonderful idea, Berta :heart:


Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! :sparkles:

I was able to finish my apartment cleansing and personal cleansing bath ritual yesterday, so I was able to take some time this morning to welcome in 2021 with this cinnamon ritual :brown_heart: Woohoo!

I started by blessing both the cinnamon and the main objects I used in the Tarot Ritual for Manifesting Goals that I did after.

Thanks again to @Kasie for the beautiful New Year’s chant- it felt perfect to read it out loud!

I blew the cinnamon in four directions around the apartment, and then clapped the extra over my head :clap:. Now the space smells delicious and I bet I do too! :laughing:

May the new year bring all the wonderful properties of cinnamon into my house- abundance, prosperity, luck, money, joy, and more. So mote it be! :pray:

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy transition into 2021- cheers! :clinking_glasses::two_hearts:


Sounds like you’re ready for the New Year! I hope it’s a good one!


I’m not sure yet, I’m sure I will think of something. I used some green aventurine for a money jar spell yesterday. I think I am going to wear some Tiger’s Eye for some self confidence. I can wear the black tourmaline for protection and I have the epidote I can wear when I am feeling down. When I do my intention jar for love and protection I will use the rose quartz and some clear quartz to amplify my intentions.


I’m allergic to cinnamon. :upside_down_face: Because I can’t do all of this, I decided to take time today to meditate and reflect on this past year, the upcoming year, and the new friends I have made over the past 6 months on Spells8. Tonight I have some candles ready to go and salt for my circle. Love and light :heart: :bulb: to all of you this wonderful New Year’s Eve.

@berta and @TheTravelWitch, it looks like both of you had lovely rituals at home. It feels good to know so many of us are doing this around the world today.