(Group Ritual - Jan 28) 🐺 A Cup for the Wolf Moon

@Francisco thank you! It was good! I’m trying to do at least one witchy thing each day and today I actually did a few, so the whole day was pretty good. I always feel really good after doing a few things.

@Amethyst thank you! Yes they feel great, nice and snug so there is resistance where I need it. I’m excited for PT. I’m going to mention my shoulder just to make sure it’s not going to stiffen up on me.


Okay, that was good. Wish we could all be physically together for it sometime. Howl in unison.
Brightest Blessings to all. :wolf:


Just getting home and doing some meditation!
I have been thinking about you guys lately and what I could do to help support our forum. I think I have a wonderful idea so I can contribute and I feel it may be helpful to everyone else. Just letting you guys know I am thinking of you! I will post :soon: I think it’s going to be awesome!
. All of the trees :evergreen_tree: fell down so I am looking for twigs. I got a cedar twig today🪵
My friend gave me this today she inspired me to do art too


! It’s a hard thing to be going through. But through it all keeping your eyes gazed on Brigid is awsome! I love ur tenacity, I love your video you posted! Much love and up most respect to you & all that you do for us! Keep ur head up girl! You are so loved by all of us! Keeping your mother in :pray:t4: love and light
Blessed be


Sending good thoughts and wishing a speedy recovery to both your mother and daughter, @MeganB! :pray: It sounds like it’s been a whirlwind of a week for you. I hope things calm down and you can enjoy a peaceful and blessed Imbolc! :green_heart:

Sorry the anxiety has been tough for you, @Siofra- good that your puppies are sticking close to keep an eye on you! :dog: You really did have your coffee with a “pack” this week :wolf: :joy:

That sounds like a wild tradition, @praecog29- I’d be screaming the whole time! Barefeet in snow sounds like icy toes to me :snowflake: :joy: It sounds like you enjoyed a lovely ritual and a very productive time- good for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So glad you joined in, @colin! :heart: I am LOVING your magic robes- they do indeed look very comfy, and they suit you well! :blush: English Breakfast is a classic- can’t go wrong with that one! :coffee: I’m glad you had a powerful meditation and I wish that all of your goals and visualisations comes to fruition :pray: Cheers to that- may we have more moons to celebrate together!

Hooray, @Christina4! :two_hearts: Thanks for stopping by- I hope you enjoyed a lovely ritual :full_moon: :sparkles:

Constant Comment sounds like the perfect choice for a chilly day, @Amethyst- stay warm! And say hello to your helper- it sounds like she is already a homey part of your day :blush: Gosh, you made me laugh- I guess doing the mediation to Hungry Like the Wolf would be a pretty fun and crazy experience! :joy:

Many blessings back to you, @john4- and I agree! It sure would be fun to all howl in unison someday :wolf: :laughing:

A beautiful mug for a beautiful Cancer, @Jeannie1! :cancer: :two_hearts: Your friend is very generous with her crafts- it’s beautiful! I love the dragonfly pin. I hope you had a blessed day! :blush:


I’m about to start my day but I had to share this with somebody…I’m doing my daily readings for today and a card popped out and guess which one???. .the wolf :wolf: talk about awesome-ness!!!


And I’m hungry like the WOOOOOLF! LOL.

Glad it’s not just me.

I’m glad they’re working out so well for you. Good luck at PT today and be careful of your shoulder. I’m aching all over from my PT. It hurts to do but I know it’s good for me.

Beautiful dragonfly @Jeannie1! That’s really special!

I had to focus on myself and ignore that part of my brain. Still, I’ve got that song stuck in my head now. Or repeat. LOL.

Wow, that’s some serious synchronicity. Very cool!


I love charging my crystals too @Siofra :gem: something about the full moon just makes me want all my shiny things out there, too! Maybe I’ll even put my coffee cups and cast iron pans in the moonlight :rofl:

@TheTravelWitch I love that banner you have up there of the moon phases! I’ve thought about crocheting one but that’s a little harder than it sounds :sweat_smile:

I can’t wait to hear the results from your spells @colin :money_with_wings: I have an abundance spell planned for myself tonight, too. It’s still the full moon!

Thank you, everyone, for all the well wishes of my mother. She’s doing okay. They had to keep her another night just to run a test because she can’t have contrast more than once a day. Hopefully, if her test comes back normal this morning, she gets to come home!


@Amethyst PT was good today. It was the initial evaluation so she gave me some warm-up things to do before I get out of bed so I’m not so sore. She’s happy with the strength from the waist down. She said that my hips are uneven but that we should be able to find some things to do to make them not so hurty when I am standing or sitting for a while.

@MeganB our weather wouldn’t let me put the crystals out last night & it made me sad. I will have to wait for the next one and hope there’s no snow or wind. I love putting them out there though, it just feels like a hard reset when I do. We have a bitter cold now, the feels like is -4 out there. So I am staying in as much as possible. I drove my daughter to the bus stop this morning & there were kids waiting that didn’t have gloves or hats. I couldn’t believe it.


You can take advantage of the Full Moon energy for up to three days before and after the peak of the Full Moon!

My moon phase app says the moon will be full up through Saturday night! You’ve still got time :crescent_moon:


Oh good! I will have to check the table I have on the back porch, make sure it’s dry. I’m hoping the wind dies down a bit by tonight. This is great news! Thank you!


You’re welcome!


That’s good @MeganB, that’s got to take a load off your mind. Sending her well wishes!

That’s good. Hopefully, she can do something that can help your hips!


When I see her again she is going to an adjustment on my hips to even them out some. They aren’t off by a lot but it’s an easy fix. So that made me happy too. I love her, she was my PT last year and she just gets it and understands my conditions.


That’s great! I need to do my PT today, the past two days I hurt so much I could barely get out of bed, much less exercise. I think it’s the weather. I’m glad she can do something to help your hips and that she gets you! That’s important. Good luck!


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