(Group Ritual - Jul 22) Buck Moon Spell 🦌

That’s a very nice memory, @Christina4. Enjoy the Buck Moon and treasure the happy memory of your grandfather :pray::heart::fishing_pole_and_fish:

Thanks, @Amethyst- so glad you enjoyed the pics! :grin: I usually use Pixabay as my go-to for free-to-use pictures, but sometimes the choices are limited (not too many choices for “deer tea time” :joy:). Pinterest and Google Images usually require credits but the selection is basically limitless- more pictures of deer drinking tea than we’d ever need! :deer: :tea: The tea cup antler deer was my favorite too- glad you liked it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope you can make it, @Siofra! And I hope your daughter has fun sailing- it sounds like a blast! :sailboat:

Chasing fireflies under the full moonlight sounds delightful- hope you can catch a few! Enjoy, @Kasandra! :full_moon_with_face:

Thanks, @brad1 and @IrisW- so glad you liked the picture! The deerman is from an art and scultpure company in the USA called Gillie and Marc- they have some gorgeous pieces on their website (especially their statues)! I added that picture because it’s a deer drinking tea/coffee, but it also reminds me of the Wiccan Horned Man- perfect! :deer::blush:


Definitely will join the ritual.

When next book club will be started?


I was actually referring to picture from Deviant Art, but now I’m stuck in a whirlwind of delight on Gillie and Marc’s website and wondering if my hubby would notice a giant bronze statue in the garden…

And the jewellery is adorable!


I look forward to seeing those who can join the Zoom tomorrow :heart: I might also do that forest walk meditation beforehand. This week has already been a whirlwind of emotions and ups and downs :sweat_smile: I need a bit of grounding energy.

And you’re welcome @praecog29 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m happy to host them!


I know! I always love the pictures @TheTravelWitch has!!!


The Review Period for the last Book Club Reading Session (Session VIII) is currently open. The next Book Club Reading Session (Session IX) will start this Friday- look for the post tomorrow! :open_book: :blush:

Ah, apologies for the confusion- the watercolor deer with tea and a book was also too cute not to include :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: As for sneaking a fun new statue into the garden- worth a shot, right? :joy: They have some really fun ones to choose :two_hearts:

Sorry it’s been a whirlwind for you, Megan- wishing you a peaceful meditation and some comforting grounding! :pray::heart:


Oh, lovely @TheTravelWitch lovely! Waiting for the announcement.


Happy Thursday everyone!

Another week is approaching its end and the summer is flying by. Is everyone ready for Lammas? I’m still not sure what to do aside from a meditation and eating lots and lots of homemade bread :bread: :laughing:

A cup of golden yellow chamomile tea for my meditation today :yellow_heart:

The full Buck Moon will be at full illumination on Saturday here, but I imagine it will look stunning both tonight and Friday night as well.

Fingers crossed the sky will be clear and I’ll be able to catch sight of it!

Love and Light from here to you- have a blessed day! :heart::deer::infinite_roots:


Happy Thursday @TheTravelWitch


This morning I shall be mostly drinking coffee…

Hoping to make time for the tea ritual later :blush:


I did a Buck Moon meditation on YouTube. And came back to my Gaia altar.

Oh, and I wanted to drink something earthy, so I made some lavender and mint tea.


Good morning!
I have a slight headache from the plunge in humidity, but I’m not gonna complain that much; it feels wonderful! Wish it would stay like this, but the Wheel of the Year is always turning and soon enough, we’ll have cooler nights, again.
Walmart had small bottles of pumpkin spice creamer, so I bought some and am enjoying a cup of coffee with it.

For this week’s meditation, I drew the Philosopher.

He appears to remind us to stop putting off something new we’ve been meaning to do.

I’ve been planning to do some pickling for Lughnasadh. I may not have all the ingredients yet (cucumbers being the main ingredient) for pickling, but I suppose I could look up how to do it.

I’ve also been thinking of starting embroidery, since that is one of the images/feelings that came to me during my Draconic Reincarnation Spell. I want to try curb some of my spending habits, which is why I’ve been holding off on buying an embroidery kit on Amazon (plus my birthday is not that far off too). Again, I could find articles on embroidery to give me an idea how to do it, in the meantime.

Have a blessed Buck Moon!


It’s 5.30pm here in England and I finally made some time to meditate.

I couldn’t bare to sit in my home office any longer as it’s roasting and I was developing a migraine. So I have located my ritual outside under the gazebo.

The orange candle is covered in gold glitter and came in my Wonky Broomstick subscription box. The crystals are raw Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye, and the feather is from a Magpie (found on a walk).

Today I chose to have my Jasmine Green Tea from TK Maxx, using my less than last week as its very strong. I couldn’t quite be bothered to faff with the teapot so I used my tea buddy instead.

After cleansing the space with Palo Santo, casting a circle and calling the quarters, I recited the Buck Moon chant and followed the Green Tea Meditation

Feeling much more peaceful than I was.

And the orange candle is now looking rather like a work of art…

Happy Thursday everyone :blush:


Happy Thursday everyone! I had pina colada juice again today and did the forest meditation, which made me want it to be autumn already! I could almost feel the bark behind me as I was sitting under the tree and smell the autumn scents. It was lovely!

Hope everyone’s meditation went as well as mine did. Have a blessed full moon everyone!


The moon is looking stunning again tonight, we’ve got a beautiful clear sky…

Also managed to catch her earlier this week in the late afternoon…


So many beautiful pictures from all of you! :star_struck:

It’s been a busy day but I snuck in Starbucks twice. :grin: I’ve been focused on the magic :sparkles: for tomorrow night. Another witch and I will be doing something simple together and I’m excited for this unique opportunity.

It was wonderful seeing friends on the Zoom. Sorry I couldn’t stay on. :upside_down_face: I enjoy the weekly updates about each other and learning about each other’s ideas and practices.


Oh, wow! Those pics are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing @IrisW!

I’m surprised you aren’t buying some sort of gain container so you can bring home all the Starbucks you can. LOL! Good luck making magic with your friend!


I took this picture with my cellphone a couple of minutes. 10:16P.M.


Hope you had a blessed day as well, @anneshakargupta :blush:

Loving your new coffee mug, @IrisW! And wow, the moon pics and ritual pics all look wonderful- you’ve found such a great spot for ritual work :pray: Congrats on the lovely ritual! The candle does look quite artistic now- what do you think you’ll do with it? :candle:

Such a beautiful Gaia altar @Christina4 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: All your beautiful crystals are the perfect earthy touch! :gem:

I can tell you are really ready for autumn, @Kasandra! :laughing: I’m in the same boat- every season has its ups and downs, but there’s something about pumpkin spice and autumn aesthetic that has me counting down to next October as soon as it ends :jack_o_lantern: :heart: Good luck with your pickling and embroidery!

Looks like @Amethyst is on Team Autumn too- it’s coming quickly! :maple_leaf: :blush: We’ll be smelling those fresh fall leaves before we know it! Glad you had such a lovely meditation- blessed full moon to you too!

Glad you enjoyed your tasty Starbucks treats, @praecog29- wishing you a blessed and magickal time with your friend! :sparkles:

That’s a stunning shot, @pedros10- thanks so much for sharing! :camera_flash: :full_moon:

Wishing everyone a blessed Buck Moon and a very happy weekend! :sparkles:


I hope everyone had a great ritual during the Buck Moon :full_moon_with_face:
I am sorry I am so late!
I spent some time with the Sun :sunny: God Ra! I did a simple meditation that was good.
Meditation for the Sun
I also did a Capricorn meditation!
I did a tarot spread given to me by

Anneshakargupta and I used the Sun tarot deck! It was a good reading! I need to decide on working on Saturday! That is coming to an end! And I burned sage!
I worked with my clear quartz crystals and black tourmaline to amplify clearing the old stagnated energy! I cleared out all the negative energies that needed attention! And
Hope you all had a good day and I enjoyed seeing all of your posts!
I went outside and took a picture of the moon! Perdos had a great picture too!

Here’s the the largest Sunflower ever! During my walk with the dog I came across this Sunflower :sunflower: and it’s pretty big !

Blessed be!