(Group Ritual - Jun 10) Enjoying the New Moon Solar Eclipse 🌚

A merry meet to all :blush:

After unlocking the Solar Plexus Chakra in last week’s group ritual, hopefully you have been enjoying increased confidence and energy :yellow_heart: With that extra boost of positivity, we a ready to head into the period of darkness quickly coming our way this week :black_circle:

As explored in the current Merry Meet Monday news post, this Thursday is one busy day- there are many exciting things going on! Among all of the happenings, there are two big astrological events coming up.

This Thursday, we will experience both a New Moon in Gemini :new_moon::gemini: and a Solar Eclipse :sun: :black_circle:

The New Moon (also called the Dark Moon) is approached in various ways by witches. Some seen it as a time of rest and reflection, while others pursue Shadow Work, and others work special New Moon spellwork :new_moon: .


Eclipses (both Solar and Lunar) are similar to the New Moon, as the way they are approached various greatly from one witch to another. Some believe it is best to refrain from spellwork at this time, while others enjoy doing Shadow Work or drawing on the unique energy of this celestial event :black_circle: .


Whether you enjoy working New Moon/Eclipse magick or prefer to take a reflective rest during these times, you are invited to join your coven in a group ritual to celebrate these two exciting celestial events! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :coffee:

~ :new_moon_with_face: ~ Thursday, June 10th - Enjoying the New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ :new_moon_with_face: ~

Find some time to join in for shared spellwork and a tea meditation - an easy and beginner-friendly meditative practice to help you focus your mind and draw in your energies :woman_in_lotus_position:

Although we are physically spread out across the world, it is possible to come together and share our energies and support when we share a quiet moment together.

Let’s enjoy a relaxing and peaceful tea time as a coven- you are warmly invited!

Ready? Let’s begin

  • Choose your beverage : While tea is the standard, it is perfectly fine to do this meditation with coffee, juice, hot cocoa, or any other beverage :coffee:

  • Find a quiet place to relax : Find somewhere where you can let go of outside disturbances. If you’d like, you may decide to cast a circle or cleanse the space before you begin :candle:

  • Focus your intent : You can follow any style or type of meditation you choose- focus on your breath and thoughts and be present in this moment :woman_in_lotus_position:

  • Work some magick! While meditation is a magickal and healing process all on its own, you may choose to add an additional element of magick to your tea time.

(Optional - Jun 10) : Enjoying the New Moon Solar Eclipse :new_moon_with_face: :sun_with_face:

The following meditation invokes the soothing and reflective nature of a time when the moon vanishes from the sky :black_circle: . It is the Spells8 New Moon Rising Chant that has been adapted slightly to suit a tea ritual :coffee:


  • Begin by tidying up and cleaning the space where you will make/enjoy your beverage

  • Prepare your drink while breathing deeply, focusing on and being mindful of each of your movements

  • As you sit down to meditate with your drink, you may choose to light a white candle and place it in front of you :candle:

  • Say the words of the Chant:

Silver Flowing,
Moonless night;
Goddess showing
Her other side.

She is my Mother,
Her light my seed.
Nature’s the Temple
for all my needs.

New moon sweetly rises,
I see all constellations.
A time of new beginnings,
A time for restoration.

Hear my words,
Give me speed.
Clear my paths,
So mote it be.

This chant is available in audio/video format! Feel free to listen along with the chant here :headphones:

  • Sip your drink and relax as you watch the flame of the candle. Focus on nurturing the light you hold inside yourself :hugs:

The New Moon Rising Chant is also available as a Printable Page! Feel free to download and print it here to follow along with and add/or to your Book of Spells or Grimoire :open_book:


After your meditation, welcome back! :heart:

When your meditation is complete, enjoy the good vibes! Meditation helps to foster a clear mind, increased focus, and boost of positivity- carry these good feelings with you through the rest of your day or night! :star2:

Chat With Your Coven :speaking_head:

Know that you are very welcome to share any thoughts or experiences you had during tea time in the comments below. Feel free to share some pics of your tea, your plans for the rest of the week, or just talk about what’s on your mind today.

And if you are around and available, the wonderful @MeganB is hosting a Zoom chat this week to have a cozy chat with the coven! Additional details will be posted in the comments below.

Join the Zoom Chat Here!
[9am - 10am EST, Thursday June 10th]

As we enter a time of darkness, remember the light of magick you carry within- though the sky above may turn black, the warmth of the coven is at your back! :hugs::infinite_roots:

Loving forward to sharing a warm cup and quiet moment with you all on Thursday.

Until then, Love and Light!

:new_moon_with_face: :coffee: :sun_with_face:


Really hoping I can make the zoom chat this week. It’ll be 2pm here in England so I can take a late lunch :slightly_smiling_face:


I barely made the tea time last week. I’m hoping to make it this week!!! I really need more connection with my peeps!!! Home life is deteriorating :roll_eyes:


I’m looking forward to a nice meditation this week. I’m not sure which tea I will have though. Probably the blueberry wild child. I really like that one. I’m taking it easy this week, so I don’t have much going on at all. It’s definitely nicer than last week here though. :smiley:


We’re supposed to have clouds and thunderstorms all day on Thursday. Why is it always overcast during astronomical events? :sob:


I have the same types of issues where I am. It’s rare for me to be able to see them because of weather. There were a few months that it was rainy & windy & cold during the full moon so I couldn’t cleanse or charge anything under the moon. I don’t have any windows that get moonlight or sunlight really.


Whee! I’ll see if I can zoom this week. My helper won’t be here, it’ll just be me! That’ll be great if I can figure it out!


Will try my utmost best to make it for this tea meditation on Thursday.


I was lucky for the last full moon. It had rained just about every day before with overcast skies. But that night it was beautifully clear.

Really hoping for the same for the new moon :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to hear about your home life, @Christina4- I hope the situation improves soon, and that you can find some peace and quiet for yourself! You deserve relaxation, girl! :heart:

Ohhh Blueberry Wild Child sounds like a perfect tea, @Siofra! :blue_heart: :yum: Is it blueberry season there yet? If I remember right, we used to go blueberry picking at local farms in June! :basket: :two_hearts:

Oh dear! That’s some unlucky weather, @Kasandra- we usually have the same here in Warsaw. It’s rare that I can catch a glimpse of the moon from our place! :sweat_smile: I’ve got my fingers crossed that the weather will clear up for both of us this Thursday! :raised_hands:

Good luck, @Amethyst! :sparkles: If you have trouble setting up Zoom, there’s a How to Use Zoom Tutorial on YouTube that may help you out! Wishing you all the best! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Looking forward to sharing a meditative moment with you, @NickWick! Blessed be :sparkling_heart:

Hopefully you’ll be lucky with your weather again for this New Moon, @IrisW! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! :blush::two_hearts:


I love the sky so I get a little upset when it’s not clear. I’m hoping that you could see the sky, too!! :two_hearts::pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


OH! I haven’t been blueberry picking in years! I bet my daughter would love that & my son would love to eat them. I’m going to find out now when that is & where we can go for it! I will keep you posted on my findings!


Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve signed up, now I’ve just got to watch that and see if I did it right. LOL!


That’s a beautiful chant and I appreciate how it’s in audio form too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :notes:

I think some strong black coffee will be perfect for this beautiful event :black_heart: I’ll also be opening my very first pack of dragon’s blood incense, even unlit it smells heavenly! :dragon_face: :heart:


Hi Witches,
We are together again! I think I’ll burn some nag champa my favorite! And have some Mint lemongrass tea from teavana! I found some awsome prices on candles at the thrift shop.

I am getting ready for some transformation, I believe this is my first Lunar and Solar Eclipse and I am excited!
I have a 3 card spread for you!

  1. What is the Eclipse bringing an end too?

2.What Is the Eclipse cycle paving the way for?

  1. What will be discovered achieved by the next eclipse cycle?

I just learned this new spread and thought I’d share it with you lovely’s!
I really need to set good intentions for this eclipse and let go of the old!


I will be here I have a rare Thursday off so I can do it in the morning this time also :grin: I’m going to try and make the zoom call also, I jumped in on the last one late for a minute after much technical stress and a teenager frustrated with my lack of tech skills :joy::heart:


It sounds like it’s high time for a blueberry picking party with the family @Siofra! :large_blue_circle: :partying_face: :basket: I hope you all have a blast- definitely let me know how it goes if you end up going!

If you’re already signed up, that’s half the battle over with- nice job, @Amethyst! :raised_hands: :grin:

So glad you like the chant, @CelestiaMoon! And oh that sounds like a lovely drink for the occasion. Enjoy your strong coffee and the soothing scent of dragon’s blood incense! :dragon_face: :coffee: :two_hearts:

It sounds like you have a lovely meditation planned, @Jeannie1- I love Teavana teas! :yum::tea: And thank you so much for the 3-card eclipse spread, that’s really neat- I’ll have to put that on the list of things to do this afternoon :heart_eyes: :flower_playing_cards: Thanks!

Congrats on your day off, @Liisa- you work so hard, you definitely deserve it! :raised_hands: Hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Happy Thursday to one and all! :heart:

The skies were cloudy in Warsaw this morning- fingers crossed they’ll clear up for the celestial excitement happening tonight! :new_moon: :sun:

I just had a short meditation this morning with the plan to have a longer second part of the meditation tonight while the New Moon rises :new_moon: If I stay organized, I’ll try to make some time to do Jeannie’s lovely 3-card Eclipse Reading as well! :flower_playing_cards: :blush:

May everyone enjoy clear skies, a refreshed mind, and a blessed New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Love and Light! :sparkles:


I want to join. It will be 6:30 Indian Time.

From where shall I get the zoom details?



Little cloudy here at the moment but time for them to clear before the solar eclipse so keeping my fingers crossed! :sunny: