(Group Ritual - Jun 10) Enjoying the New Moon Solar Eclipse 🌚

Goooood morning infinite roots :heart: :infinite_roots: it’s another cloudy day in Scotland again so I don’t think I’ll be seeing any of the events :pensive: no matter though, the energy is still there to be worked with :grin:
I had a new tea this morning it’s hemp, mint and ashwagandha :seedling: and I did the New Moon Chant along with it :heart::new_moon:
I think I’m definetly going to take a break for this new moon and eclipse, I’ve had a few of my manifestations pay off in a big way this year so I’m going to do some reflection on that to find out what the steps and circumstances were that opened up my personal power :heart: have an amazing Thursday every one :heart: jumping back in because I forgot to add my photo :joy:


I managed to see the eclipse and got a few photos on my phone, actually better ones with a little cloud cover!


Oh how I love dragons blood anything!!!


Ooh :open_mouth: beautiful!!! I’m hoping to catch it today and get some pics! Thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @anneshakargupta try this link Zoom Details, it should bring you right to the meeting. If that doesn’t work it is listed above in the original post. :blush:


How lovely, I created my own little altar to celebrate the New Moon today. Please accept my image and pardon the clutter behind it! :grin:

Merry meet!


@fabian I love it! I have the same cloth! I hope you have a great day today. Thank you for joining us!


I made a tea time!!!
:joy: Well, hello!!! @everyone!!!
I just finished @SilverBear Banishing Ritual & White Light Protection
And it made me feel so much better than I did! I deserved that!!
Then I’m drying up some mint leaves from the garden for tea :tea:. I’m drinking chamomile and mint now. It’s good!!!
And I did some journaling about what I’m doing for the new moon, and what I’m letting go.
I’m in need of a spiritual attunement! I’m not sure if there’s a spell for that??? I’m going through so much and I just need a break. It’s like I definitely don’t belong here!!!..where I live, not the forum!!!
I am so grateful for all of you!!! You’re all a divine beauty!!!


Everything looks beautiful set up!!!


Ooh, I love the really really tall candles!!!:candle:


:sparkles::sparkles:That’s a magical picture!!! :sparkles::sparkles:


I made it for the meditation again!

I had a blend called “balance” with fennel, turmeric, cardamom and rooibos, and followed the green tea meditation

I’m also very excited today as my Litha themed subscription box arrived from The Wonky Broomstick :smiley:

Still hoping to join you for the Zoom meeting, though a little nervous…


Yay for making a tea time @christina4! Great job we are happy to have you join us! You can always spend a weekend with me on Cape Cod! We will make room!

I love the Litha items that you received & the name of the subscription box @IrisW! I get the box from Tamed Wild. This month we are getting a charm & ritual for the God Lugh & a desert rose crystal. There will be other items, but those are the ones that I remember.

I’m going to my lunch with my husband today, then I will be back for my official tea time entry. I’m still too self conscious to get on the Zoom, but I’m sure everyone will enjoy it!


@IrisW, @MeganB, @anneshakargupta, @Amethyst, @SharonD, and the others I didn’t catch, it was awesome seeing you on the Zoom chat. I love hearing your stories and getting to know you better.

I will get my coffee eventually. I need a Starbucks! :rofl:

Enjoy the lunch, @Siofra.

@christina4, you are a light but I know you’ve been facing struggles. Burning at both ends can be draining. We love you and we’re here for you. If you need to take time for yourself in real life or on here, do what you need to do.

@fabian, I love the altar!

@Liisa, how was the new tea? It’s awesome to see positive manifestations. I’m happy for you.

@TheTravelWitch I hope the skies cleared up. Have a blessed night!

@Jeannie1 What a lovely tarot spread.

@CelestiaMoon how was the dragon’s blood incense?

I hope you make it, @NickWick. Blessings to you either way. I will be thinking of you and the rest of this beautiful coven during my coffee time.

@Kasandra That’s the Midwest most of the time. :sweat_smile:


@IrisW Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the eclipse! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sun: :new_moon:

I didn’t have the protection for my eyes to go take a peek, but I had a lovely time with this ritual! I listened to the New Moon Rising chant with a cup of warm and energizing coffee, and to the Lilith mantra meditation from this thread! :black_heart:

The Lilith meditation prompted me to dance a little (yay for wireless headphones!) and I felt some stagnant energy in my body got released. Dancing meditations are something that I’ve recently done guided by my therapist, and have done wonders to break me out of my mind and wake me to my physicality.

@praecog29 I loved the incense, thank you for asking! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: To my surprise it was a familiar scent already, I think there’s a person I might want to get to know better… :smile_cat:


Good morning!
The sky was cloudy earlier, as I expected, so I couldn’t see the solar eclipse. :cry: But my local news station posted some pictures. The sun almost looked like Pac-Man. :laughing:
The dragon I drew today was very appropriate for today’s solar eclipse: Herne.
He represents the divine masculine and is here to remind us that we humans are a part of nature too, to put away our electronics and go outside and enjoy nature every now and then.
I think that will be one of my goals for this new lunar cycle.
Have a blessed Thursday! :sparkles:


Hi Iris! It was great chatting with you today! Here’s that Gratitude Salt Spell I was talking about!

It was great chatting with everyone @praecog29! I hope I’m able to do it again sometime, and that I’m able to figure out the video again! LOL!

It sounds as if everyone is having a great tea time this week. I had a cup of Black Cherry Berry tea and it was very good. Then I hopped on Zoom with the others, getting to know the wonderful people here while trying to not be too self-conscious. LOL. I don’t deal well with seeing my own picture.

As for me today, my helper’s out so after the zoom I had a late breakfast and then a nap. Now I’m going to read and we’ll see what happens then. I plan on doing a gratitude spell tonight for the new moon.

Hope y’all are doing good. If not, it’s almost the weekend! LOL!


Thank you so much @Amethyst I’ve printed it for my Book of Shadows.

On that point, my current Books of Shadows has turned into a multi-binder system…

I managed to get some felt A5 binders and refill paper and dividers in a nice parchment colour. I’m decorating the outside with metallic markers, and it gives me a little more freedom to organise things properly so they;re easier to find.

My first two binders are quickly filling so I’ve ordered a third to match. I’m assuming it’s ok that my Book of Shadows isn’t a single book?



Im sorry i think i mistook this as a group ritual, lol

I love tarot too so if thats a thing; im interested.

tysm, Sarah Jane


I live Eastern Standard Time near Boston, Mass.
What time is the Zoom Tea for Thursday? (today)?
im so lost in here. my sincerest apologies.