(Group Ritual - Jun 10) Enjoying the New Moon Solar Eclipse 🌚

I guess that makes both of us LOL, missed zoom again today since i was at work at the same time and did not get a chance to leave for a few to join in. I will make this meeting, hopefully this coming week will definitely try my utmost best to do so :hugs: I myself am looking forward to do a spell for the new moon tonight, all in all I hope you guys had fun…


You’re okay. Today’s Zoom was at 9am Eastern Time.

The Zoom is a group chat. We don’t do a ritual - it’s a time to get together, get to know each other better, and talk about things that interest us. Sometimes a witchy question comes up, too.

The Group Ritual posts every Thursday means we have all day each Thursday to drink a tea or coffee with the intent on focusing on the topic for that week. I believe most of us use that time to reflect on the coven, too. It can be at any time of the day and it can be part of your normal private practices. TheTravelWitch can explain more/better.

The idea behind the Energy Exchange Circle, The Book Club, and The Group Ritual is we have these activities that we do together without needing to be together in one room. We are spread out all over the world and there is a connection that can be felt when we know someone somewhere has/is/will be doing the same thing that day. It’s a bonding thing when we do them and then discuss them as a group. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!

At this point my BOS is online and I copy over pages and just keep it on my computer. It would be too much for in the real world, I tired it but it was just too big. I back it up like every other week just in case something happens but yeah, it 's a virtual BOS.

I’m always self-conscious. It’s awful. I worry if I’m scratching my nose and if it looks like I’m picking it and stuff like that. LOL!


It was good to see everyone that was able to make it to the Zoom today! New faces and voices :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for sharing those great photos @IrisW :crescent_moon: I wasn’t able to see it when it happened but it looks like it was a great experience!

Your altar space looks great @fabian :clap: well done! And a little clutter never hurt anyone!

Hello @sarahjane :heart: It is a group ritual but not in the traditional sense :blush: It’s more of a time of collective gathering when we all have a chance. It would sure be a feat if we could all gather at the same time considering we’re all in different time zones! Maybe one day! The Zoom was held at 9 AM EST this morning and should be at the same time next week, too (barring any issues on my end :sweat_smile: ) We’d be happy to have you there!


Cheers Travel Witch,
Looks like pretty scenery, you always have such a great view :sunrise: of the skies! Today for my reading I used an oracle deck called “Queen of the Moon Oracle”by Stacey Demarco and I happen to get “Self Reflection” which makes total scene! I also got “acceptance”and “protection”! I loved this spread.
“I am in acceptance with myself”
“I am protected”
Truly speaks to my life!

Lisa, what a Beautiful sacred space!

Iris- I love your pics of the eclipse!! And I love your teacup such a beautiful color!

Anu- :sparkles: Welcome, I hope you enjoyed the zoom meeting! I hope next time I can attend! :hugs:

Fabian- I like the Silver and Gold candles :candle: Such a beautiful space! I haven’t gone home yet but when I do I am making a garlic :garlic: recipe for Hecate as an offering! I am intrigued by your creative energy! I hope you had a good reflection.Also, I am excited to know we have a new beginning. Thank you for your beautiful alter!

Christina- I hope you enjoyed your banishing ritual!

Praecog29- I didn’t make it but maybe next time! I hope to see you there sometime!

CelestiaMoon- It’s great to Dance :dancer:!!!
It’s encouraging to move and stir the energy then release all of the energy! Fantastic!

I did some drumming yesterday and sang a mantra out loud! I said I am powerful! I am strong! I am loved.I just have a writers blockage I feel! Also, I used my Inversion table and hanged down for a minute yesterday. I need to get used to it because all the blood goes straight to my head and it feels sorta weird.



I agree there are so many blessings outside! I can’t understand why my son is always on the game. I want him to come hang! He’s a gamer! I’ll barbecue or go outside and water the plants :seedling: just to find an excuse to go outside! Still I am on my phone a lot too!

Amethyst- I am excited and nervous too being on camera but it’s like I already know you! So I was sorta nervous to about seeing everyone! I hope you all had fun! I am sorry I missed you and the others!!!

Sarajane- Welcome, It took me a minute to maneuver all of the new things on the forum but you’ll catch on soon. I am super excited to meet you Merry Meet my name is Jeannie and I hope you had a good meditation and tea time!
Megan- I am sorry :broken_heart: I missed zoom I hope to see you soon!
Blessed be!:sparkles:


I hope you had a soothing and relaxing time, @Liisa :blush: May your reflective work and calm moment help to light your way forward! :sun:

Gorgeous pictures, @IrisW- that’s so exciting that you caught the eclipse! Wow, it looks amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Such a beautiful altar to celebrate the New Moon- lovely, @fabian! Thanks for sharing! And no worries- what’s a witchy work space without a little atmospheric clutter? :wink: :grin:

It sounds like your New Moon Solar Eclipse work went wonderfully, @christina4! Congrats to you! :heart: May things smooth out and go well for you- you deserve that love and joy! :hugs:

Hope you had a lovely lunch with your husband, @Siofra- it sounds like it has become a tradition for you two! :blush:

Hooray for dance celebration meditations, it sounds like you had a lovely time @CelestiaMoon! :sparkling_heart: :dancer:

That’s a funny image of the sun as Pac-man, @Kasandra :joy: It sounds like your dragon of the day was perfectly in line with the events. A good reminder! Blessings back to you :two_hearts:

A lovely meditation indeed, @Amethyst - I’m glad everything went okay and that you were able to enjoy the Zoom chat! :partying_face:

Welcome, @sarahjane! :two_hearts: Benjamin and Megan explained things wonderfully- I hope that helped to clear up any confusion! There is a general group ritual every Thursday (all day) and the Zoom meet at a specific set time each Thursday as well. Please feel free to join for one or both in the future! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks, @Jeannie1! It’s not a bad view, but I do wish there was more nature out my window :national_park: :grin: Your pictures are beautiful, and it sounds like you had a very empowering meditation- good for you!

Wishing a happy and blessed weekend to all! :two_hearts:


It’s a little bit of nostalgia for me. It’s by a English company called Woods and it’s this kind of teacups that quite often got used in village halls and church halls, and is what was used for my first ever cup of tea!

I love the idea of a dancing meditation, I may have to give this a go!


Thank you kindly @praecog29 you’re the best!! Anybody would be lucky to have you as a friend!! Just by saying that is reassuring!! Thanks so much!!! :pray::relaxed::two_hearts:


Your Lithia box is so amazing!!! Enjoy!!!


I’m planning on making a visit then!!! It has to be during the fall, ok. We’ll talk out all the details eventually. I don’t do summer…it’s too humid for me and I have breathing probs with the air.


Oh mah goddess, your hair is amazing!! Did you color it? Sorry I was just skimming through posts and saw your beautiful new picture!!!


I didn’t get to do anything for the New Moon last night, despite having planned too. By the evening I just felt a little burnt out.

But today I’ve spruced up my altar in preparation for Litha and I’m planning to “re-bless” it (if that’s a thing) as it feels right given the new things on there.


@christina4 maybe try Reiki. I listened to the audio book on it and it sounds helpful in alignment of the chakra. Im sure it would align your spirit as well.


We’ll get used to seeing each other the more we do it! At least I hope so! LOL!


Ooh, I love Reiki, maybe I should try that!!! Thank you for reminding me!!! :hugs:


When will be the next chat?


I had a bad day and pain meds made me sleep, So sorry I missed it. Pics are glorious. Iris, what a love you are to share this phenomenal event with us.


Next chat will be the same time as last week’s :heart: 9am EST on Thursday!


I have Zoom on my computer now! I had it on my phone too, but I think that I am going to try to find some courage to join the chat in some way this week. I just don’t know how yet. It will depend on how I feel that morning & what I have going on at the house. I’m excited to try though!


No worries! I hope to see you there! There are even options where you don’t have to have your camera or microphone on but you can still listen and use the chat function :heart: