(Group Ritual - Mar 11) 🌑 Release and Relax

Warm greetings to all! :blush:

Thank you again to the brave and gentle souls who joined in for last week’s group ritual :lion: :sheep:

As the winter snows melt away and leave a blank canvas ready to bloom- this is the perfect time to draw on natural energy around us for a fresh new start!

As mentioned in this week’s Merry Meet Monday news post, we are quickly approaching the time of the New Moon :new_moon: .

The New Moon (also referred to as the Dark Moon) offers us new chances and fresh beginnings- a great time to release things holding us back and plant the seeds we want to grow to fruition! :seedling:

It’s the perfect time to celebrate the moon phase and draw on the energy of the season while sharing a warm cup with your coven :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

~ :new_moon: ~ Thursday, March 11th - Release and Relax ~ :relieved: ~

Find some time to join in for a tea meditation - an easy and beginner-friendly meditative practice to help you focus your mind and draw in your energies :woman_in_lotus_position:

Although we are physically spread out across the world, it is possible to come together and share our energies and support when we share a quiet moment together.

Let’s enjoy a relaxing and peaceful tea time as a coven- you are warmly invited!

Ready? Let’s begin

  • Choose your beverage . While tea is the standard, it is perfectly fine to do this meditation with coffee, juice, hot cocoa, or any other beverage :coffee:

  • Find a quiet place to relax . Find somewhere where you can let go of outside disturbances. If you’d like, you may decide to cast a circle or cleanse the space before you begin :candle:

  • Focus your intent . You can follow any style or type of meditation you choose- focus on your breath and thoughts and be present in this moment :woman_in_lotus_position:

  • Work some magick! While meditation is a magickal and healing process all on its own, you may choose to add an additional element of magick to your tea time.

(Optional - March 11) : Release and Relax :new_moon: :relieved:

This meditation draws on the clean and refreshing energy of the New Moon. It is inspired by the information on the New Moon Spells Page.


  1. Prepare your drink in a minimalist fashion this week- taking only what you need to enjoy your beverage and cutting out any unnecessary extras :scissors:

  2. As you drink, imagine each sip entering you like a wave- washing aside any negative influences, heavy emotions, or other unwanted thoughts bobbing around inside you :ocean:

  3. Feel your feet firmly grounded to the earth and allow heavy emotions and concerns to slip downwards and away. Let your mind reach up, up, up- to the beautifully dark and empty sky :new_moon:

  4. Let each deep breath cleanse you thoroughly, and say the words:

Spring’s approach, New Moon in sight-
My mind is loose- my thoughts take flight!
Pure and empty, I am free-
With moon and nature, blessed be!

  1. Nurture the feeling of being light and open- let your mind spread across the sky as your body relaxes :relieved:
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Meditation. After enjoying a soothing beverage and calming moment, you can continue your day with a clear mind, increased focus, and a boost of positivity.

After your meditation, welcome back! :heart:

You are very welcome to share any thoughts or experiences you had during tea time. Share some pics of your tea, your plans for the rest of the week, or just talk about what’s on your mind today.

The New Moon in the sky above, the coming of spring, and Ostara right around the corner make a wonderful opportunity to get a head start on spring cleaning :broom: :grin:

And no better place to start than within ourselves- let go of negative influences and allow yourself to grow unhindered in the coming months! :raised_hands: :sparkles:

Sending lots of love and the warmest of thoughts from me to you. Looking forward to sharing a cup! :coffee:

Blessed be! :new_moon: :pray:


:cupid::cupid: New Moons :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


No sugar? :scream:

It’ll probably be good for me. Looking forward to Thursday!


A much needed meditation for the busy week I’ve had!


Ooooh I am setting a reminder…I’ve missed the last few :unamused:.
Looking forward to joining you all.


I like this one after the week I am having. I will join after my appointments on Thursday, so probably late afternoon. By then I am going to need to release & relax just for that day, nevermind the rest of the week!


Cheers to New Moon energy, @steph! :coffee: :new_moon:

Every now and then I have a cup without sweetener- it’s tough for me too, @Amethyst! :joy: I’ve found that as a plus it helps with mindfulness, as suddenly the natural bitterness of the tea helps to ground and focus :woman_in_lotus_position: . And then the next cup with sugar tastes like heaven- gratitude comes easily! :laughing:

It sounds like a good time for a quiet moment, @Kasandra- you’ve earned a break! :blush:

You’ve been so busy lately, @Rowan- no worries at all! Looking forward to sharing a moment with you again this week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wishing you the best of luck with your appointments, @Siofra- treat yourself after they are all over with a nice relaxing time! :relaxed:


I’m thinking of cheating and drinking my rose and hibiscus tea. When I tried it the last time it was too sweet so it should be just right without the sugar. I’m hoping so. LOL.


I have a tea that has some chocolatey undertones without the sugar, I think I may try that one for this week!


Ooh, chocolate tea! Sounds good!


The tea is Wedding Tea. It was a gift from my friend in PA. It’s a sweeter tea, but not overwhelming. It has really good flavor with the chocolatey hints in it.


Sounds nice!


I’d say that’s more of being clever than “cheating” :joy::+1: A naturally sweet tea is a great way to go! And hibiscus rose is lovely- enjoy, Kasie! :hibiscus:

Ohhhh this tea sounds decadent- enjoy it, Krissie! :chocolate_bar: :yum:


Happy Thursday to all!

We had a bit of lovely sunshine (minus the warmth, unfortunately :sweat_smile: ) here in Warsaw today. The birds are chirping and there’s some green sprouts popping out around the city- so it feels like spring can’t be far away now! :blossom:

(There were chocolate eggs on the table yesterday too… wonder what happened to them? :joy: I don’t think the bunny is going to last long…)

I enjoyed a warm cup of black tea this morning (it tasted like a boot to the head without my usual honey :laughing: ) and reflected a bit.

Even after thinking, I’m still not sure what I’ll do for the New Moon aside from my usual journaling and nightly gratitude meditation :thinking: :new_moon: What is everyone else up to?

Sending good thoughts from me to you- cheers, everyone! :coffee: :heart:


I don’t have my coffee this morning and have instead opted for the energy drink that was brought home to me :sweat_smile: but this meditation is coming at a good time. I plan on blogging about it later, but I have an awful disconnect and I’ve been dealing with massive anxiety the last few weeks. It hasn’t been this bad in a long time but it honestly feels like I’ve been in a perpetual state of fight/flight/freeze this entire time.

I want to take some time today to do this meditation, do some exercises from a book I’m reading, and do a releasing spell, too.

:heart: Love to you all :heart:


Good morning all! I had my hibiscus rose tea this morning, which just wasn’t the same without the sugar but that’ll make me appreciate sugar all the more. No big plans for the New Moon yet. Not sure what I’m going to do. I want to write some this weekend so I guess I’ll do that.

The apartment inspection is tomorrow in the late afternoon. I’m sure I’ll pass but man, I hate waiting on other people and being judged so I’m going to be a nervous wreck. LOL. Once that is over though I’ll be able to relax about things though so it should make for a nice weekend.

@MeganB, I’m sorry your anxiety is acting up. Meditation may help though so I hope you find time to do it.

Hope everyone else is having a good Thursday!


Coffee today, I don’t use sugar in it just a bit of creamer. I used a little bit less today. The meditation felt great, along with the sound of honking geese :laughing:.
@MeganB I can relate to the anxiety, I hope it eases soon.
@Amethyst Your inspection will be swift and positive, I’m a impatient person also.:blush:
@TheTravelWitch That bunny would not last long in my house either…:laughing:.
My plans today are to cut my daughter’s hair, work on my sigil’s, clean my altar, and the usual chore tasks.
I finished my Scrying Mirror last night and I’m happy with how it turned out, post pics later.
As for the new moon, I’m not sure either what I’ll do yet maybe add that to the list of things to do today, plans for the new :new_moon_with_face:
Make today a positive one Witches,
Blessed Be,


This whole week has been a lesson in releasing. I’ve been releasing the need I feel to control circumstances outside of my control. I’ve been releasing fear of my future and my grip on my past.

Today was spent in silence as I thought about what it meant to let go, reset, and move forward.

Megan, I am sorry to hear about the anxiety. I am pushing through this week - almost on a forced autopilot. I hope you can find the peace you need.

Kasie, I am glad you will finally have your place back to yourself and you can get the relaxation you deserve.

Tamera, I can’t wait to see pictures of your mirror.

Brianna, Do you want my address? You can send the chocolate bunny my way to protect it from certain death. You can trust me, right? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Good morning!
Since it’s been in the 60’s this week, I enjoyed a cold mug of Arizona green tea for this week’s meditation. I went outside for some fresh air (before it suddenly rained😆) and saw that my daffodils are coming up. Seeing them lifted my spirit!

The last week and a half has been very busy for me, (and stressful at times) but hopefully things should start to slow down soon.
I’ve been learning how to read tarot cards and based on my best interpretations, everything is still under control in my life and everything I’ve went through since March began will start to pay off, bringing me happiness and fulfillment of my goals.
Have a blessed Thursday! :sparkles:


Today started out smooth, then got hectic, & now I’m trying my hardest to relax but my anxiety is too strong for me to do that right now. I had a cup of cranberry juice and I am taking 5 minutes for myself.

I had OT today! After a nice cleansing ritual shower I went to the appointment & found out that I had actually missed 2 appointments since last Thursday. My OT used ultrasound massage & hand massage on my hand. It really felt better this week. The KT tape is really helping with the pain. So at this point, we are not going to make a hard splint. I can manage the pain a lot better now.

My newer crafts were able to come out of their molds. I posted pictures of what I made in :art: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magick in the Arts I have during the setting process & then out of the molds.

I hope everyone had a good day. It’s my daughter’s birthday weekend & she wants to start it a day early. So we are going to watch a movie before she gets ready for bed tonight. Plus, her oldest brother is here with his girlfriend to say Happy Birthday because they can’t be over for the day of her birthday.

Blessed Be :star2: