(Group Ritual - Mar 25) 🧹 Spiritual Spring Cleansing

My week has been so busy and today was the hardest day I have had in the four years I have worked with this company. BUT… I knew I would have time tonight with my Venti Java Chip, time to be on Spells8 and see what Infinite Roots is up to, and time to rest, reflect, and meditate. I am excited about the upcoming moon and thankful for friends on here and in the flesh and bone world.

As I read through the posts on here, I am reminded I am not alone in my eclectic faith. While not one of us believes the same way, we share a common quest for knowledge - to gain and to share it. And we share love for each other as an online family. Thankful for each of you and happy to have taken part in this day with you.


It sounds like everyone had very vivid visualizations and meditation experiences today! @CelestiaMoon Good luck! I’m sure you’ll find a lovely place to stay! :house:

@wade I haven’t had the opportunity to read that book but if it’s already paying off for you, I should give it a try!

@Amethyst I hope you had a great Thursday too! I was lucky to finally go back to one of my favorite things, percussion! :drum: The day was perfect and a friend of mine just started an outdoor samba ensemble, and it’s going great!

Now I am drinking my tea at 8 PM! :tea:


Thank you @wade and @Francisco! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wishing the best of luck to your son on his driving test, @Siofra! :raised_hands: It sounds like he’s got a great coach helping him to prepare :blush:

Congrats on your vaccine dose, @Kasandra! :clap: May the Fire Dragon continue to give you strength and help to ease any after-effects. Love and Light! :sparkles:

It was a very basic cleaning yesterday- thanks @Amethyst! Better than nothing :laughing: :+1: It sounds like you enjoyed a nice and relaxing day. Hope today is another nice one for you! :blossom:

Oh goodness, @CelestiaMoon! It sounds like you had a pile of worries. I hope you can find a lovely new place- and until then, keep those powerful and positive visualizations going! :heart: Sending you love and support :pray:

I’m glad the Yogi tea is growing on you, @wade! Yogi makes a lot of wonderful teas full of great herbs and spices :tea: I’m glad tea time and your meditation went so well! Great job- hope you have a wonderful rest of the week too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope things have calmed down for you, @praecog29- I’m glad the meditation helped to remind you of such a lovely thing! Sending lots of good energy your way- hang in there, friend! :sparkling_heart: :candle:

The weekend is just about here now! Hope everyone has a blessed Friday, a wonderful weekend, and a beautiful Full Moon :full_moon:

Blessed be, everyone! :sparkles:


Thank you, I’m sure he will do fine. He’s actually a better driver than my oldest son who also has his license. I think it will be a piece of cake for him.

@Kasandra I hope you arm feels better today!

@praecog29 I hope things are getting back to normal for you & the chips are starting to settle! I hope to talk to you soon & wish you well!


OMG! That’s terrible @CelestiaMoon! I hope you’re able to find someplace suitable very quickly. Who knows, you may like it better? I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Eep. Glad you found time @wade, but tell your Dad to feel better soon from me. That sounds painful.

So sorry you’ve been having a difficult week @praecog29, but luckily that week is over now, you’ve made it to the weekend. Glad yesterday’s ritual helped you get through the week.

Glad you had a good day @Francisco, and that you’re drumming up some fun!

Today’s been good so far! So hopefully it’ll go well from here! Thanks hon!


Thank you :relaxed: Yeah, he was pretty miserable, but he thinks he passed the stone last night and said he felt infinitely better this morning :grin:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch and @Amethyst, I can feel the warm and supportive energy you’re sending my way and I appreciate it, blessed be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

I’m happy to say that I have a place to stay for a while with my father while I’m picking up all the pieces and figuring out where my new home might be. Still not easy to move out of the beautiful nest I had created for myself, but makes it so much more manageable.


Oh good. That’s got to be a relief!

There has been a couple of places where I hated to move so I get you on that. All you can do is pick yourself up and nest again. Glad you’ve got a safe place to stay while looking!


Well I am sorry I missed this meditation. I got the Covid 9 shot and In was drawing for the infinite roots sigil. I really try sometimes. Sometimes Things take me longer. I ushally like to spend lots of time with things! I Hope tea was good and you all had fun with out me! Just joking :upside_down_face: jk!


It wasn’t the same without you @Jeannie1! Glad you got your jab!


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