(Group Ritual - Nov 12) 🧠 Tea for Thought

Warm welcome to all!

Has everyone recovered from the excitement of the past two weeks? Had some time to recoup your energy after the craziness?

With all that behind us, now is a great time to relax not just our bodies but our minds too! :dizzy:

~ :relieved: ~ Tea for Thought - Thurs, Nov 12th ~ :relieved: ~

On Thursday, join in for a tea meditation - an easy and beginner-friendly meditative practice to help you focus your mind and draw in your energies.

Although we are physically spread out across the world, it is possible to come together when we share a cup and a quiet moment together.

Let’s enjoy a relaxing and peaceful tea time together- you are warmly invited! :hugs:

Ready? Let’s begin

  • Choose your beverage. While tea is the standard, it is perfectly fine to do this meditation with coffee, juice, or any other beverage :coffee:

  • Find a quiet place to relax. Find somewhere where you can let go of outside disturbances. If you’d like, you may decide to cast a circle or cleanse the space before you begin :candle:

  • Focus your intent . You can follow any style or type of meditation you choose- focus on your breath and thoughts and be present in this moment :person_in_lotus_position:

  • Work some magick! While meditation is a magickal and healing process all on its own, you may choose to add an additional element of magick to your tea time.

(Optional: November 12th) Deep Thought Dive :milky_way:

Delve into deeper possibilities and hidden locations within your mind with this visualization.

  1. Consider wearing or surrounding yourself with magickal tools that assist with deeper thoughts. If you don’t have any of these, no worries!
  • For herbs, consider dreamy lavender or gateway-opening heather :herb: .
  • For crystals, consider relaxing lepidolite or clairvoyance-enchaning labradorite :gem:.
  • If you have tarot cards, consider placing the contemplative Hermit or the concentrating Magician in front of you :flower_playing_cards:
  • Astrology enthusiasts may try to connect with the deep and transformative Scorpio energy and Scorpio’s ruling planets Pluto and Mars :scorpius: .
  1. Make your body comfortable- you will be leaving it for a while. This visualization can be done sitting, kneeling, or laying down- standing is not recommended.

  2. Hold your cup in your hands (it can be full or empty)- and picture yourself standing at the edge of the cup.

  3. Close your eyes, but keep focused on the image of the cup in your mind. Feel the depth of the mug- how deep it goes. When you are ready, mentally picture yourself sliding from the edge and into the space beneath.

  4. Focusing on this, begin mentally counting to 13. With every breath, imagine yourself sinking slightly deeper into the cup- and deeper into your own mind. If you become distracted- no worries, it happens! Peacefully restart the count from 1 and continue.

  5. Allow yourself to relax and feel at ease as you slip deeper and deeper. Images will float into your mind- try to let them pass at first. These are your everyday concerns and thoughts. We want to go deeper than this.

  6. Continue, with your eyes closed and breathing deeply, until you no longer hear the count and you feel content with how deep you have come.

  7. These are the lower realms of your mind- explore and enjoy what you will find there! :world_map:

  8. When you are ready, rise back to the surface and slowly open your eyes. The physical feeling of the now-cool cup in your hands can help guide you back.

  • Enjoy the Benefits of Meditation. After enjoying a soothing beverage and calming moment, you can continue your day with a clear mind, increased focus, and a boost of positivity (and caffeine!)

After your meditation, welcome back! :heart_decoration:

You are very welcome to share any thoughts or experiences you had during tea time. Share some pics of your tea, your plans for the rest of the week, or just talk about what’s on your mind today!

With the Witches’ New Year behind us, we enter the last few weeks of 2020. It truly feels like the world is entering a new stage- with a hope for a vaccine for the pandemic, the announcement of the US Presidental Election, and the end of a very turbulent year in sight.

Now is great time to reflect on how far we have come, but also set our gaze on what the future has in store- there is so much to think about! :laughing:

As always, I look forward to a special time to share a tasty brew and connect with the coven- counting down the days until tea time together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Until then, love and light to all :star2:


oohhh This sounds great I’ve been looking for good ways to start mediation.
will defiantly be joining and it will be my first time joining in Thank you so much for sharing this,


Hooray, @zoe2! :blush: You are very welcome to join- I hope this will be a great introduction to meditation for you! It can be hard to get started (focusing is harder than it sounds sometimes! :laughing:) so try to remember the end goal is simply to be relaxed and feel good :person_in_lotus_position::two_hearts:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! You might also find the Meditation Guide and Tips for Meditation to offer some good advice and reassurance for beginners.

I’m looking forward to tea time with you on Thursday! :heart: :coffee:


This has been a rough year. A friend of mine said ’ if 2020 was a bath bomb it would be a toaster’ … made me laugh… wince… but laugh. I like to drink SPICED CHAI in the morning in the fall and winter. The spicy fragrance just makes me happy. It is like a carrot to motive me out of bed and start my day. Sometimes I have about 15 min before my Dad joins me at the table and this is a lovely way to make those quiet 15 min with my tea even more meaningful and set the tone for the rest of the day.
By the way @TheTravelWitch someone drank your cappuccino! And just so you know it was already gone when I got here.
Have a lovely day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh my goodness @Berta you made me laugh twice in one post :joy: I am LOVING the quote about toaster-fire 2020 as a bath bomb- I need to find some way to use that analogy soon :laughing:

And yes! My cappuccino! :scream_cat: Suspicious, suspicious, Berta! :rofl: Hahaha jk, if I had a cappuccino I would most definitely offer to share it :kissing_heart: Fingers crossed technology will soon get to the point where we can digitally send toasty hot drinks to one another! Ohhh imagine the fun that will be :star_struck:


And it’s Thursday!

A very happy almost-end-of-the-week to everyone- and congrats for getting this far. The weekend is in sight! :grin:

Got up extra early and set up a mini-meditation altar for tea today. It was nice and quiet before the sun rose while I sipped my tea and let my thoughts sink deeper than normal.

I ended up placing the Hermit and the Magician along with my lepidolite bracelet and mini aquamarine chips in front of me for this meditation.

When I finished my tea, I sat for a while and slipped deep- only to nearly fall both asleep and out of my chair :woman_facepalming: I love my morning tea meditations, but I think my deep-dive meditations are better in the evening when I’m more awake! :rofl: I’ll try again tonight.

Weather is getting colder here in Warsaw- today marks one year since I got on the flight and moved to Poland! Time is funny- it feels like both an eternity and just a blink of an eye at the same time.

How is everyone today? Staying warm? Staying safe?

You’re all in my thoughts- sending love and light! :candle:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


So I was enjoying a wonderful meditation thanks @TheTravelWitch! This was such a great idea this week! I had my gigantic mug of Chai Latte ( :wink: great minds @berta), Lavender incense, a purple candle and a blue candle (for meditation and peace), labradorite, lepidolite, amethyst and lapis lazuli and my new fave divination oil all to help me get in the zone!
I was deeeeeeeep in the zone… and then something crashed downstairs (one of the cats being clumsy), viciously ripped me back to my body and now I may never shut my eyes again :flushed: :joy:


What a lovely set up! and that tea … ohhhhh that tea is not safe…

“problems with pets…” LOL


Today I tried my first meditation and wow it was great. It didn’t quite go to plan but it make me feel the best I have felt in a while.

I CAST MY FIRST CIRCLE. I’m so happy I did it as I haven’t felt confidant about doing it but I did.

Then I started to meditate and my son started playing his music and talking with his friend on the phone in the other room. Then the banding started somewhere out side.
So I sat and looked into my candle and drank my tea slowly and enjoyed it.

Thank you @TheTravelWitch this helped me a lot going to try again tomorrow


Good Thursday afternoon! I’m having black tea today and I have a couple of good things happening. I got a partially favorable decision, so now im just waiting for the letter with the details. I also ordered a laptop, so that should be here soon.

I did have a scary headache unlike anything I’ve ever had before, so my Dr ordered a head CT and I am seeing a neurologist on Tuesday for a workup.

I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and I should be back soon once the laptop is setup.


Another group tea means another Garfield mug :joy:

I decided to brew some pure elderberry with a little oat milk. I have been absolutely chugging elderberry and echinacea lately to keep my immune system strong. With covid cases escalating, I really hope to avoid doctor’s appointments.

I kept things really simple since my meditation focus can use some serious work. Just my tea and my silent, judgmental cat named Kiki.

I really enjoyed this meditation exercise! It’s chilly today so it was so comforting to imagine myself floating and swirling through a cup of hot tea. Very cozy.


I hope you feel better soon!


Oh @TheTravelWitch please find a spell to make THAT happen!!!


Hello all! Happy Thursday!

I had a nice bit of meditation. I don’t think I went as deep as I was supposed to go but it was nice. I also had a nice warm cup of spiced chai tea on a cold, foggy Fall day so it was lovely to drink and filled me with warmth.

I had a positive result with my SNAP review today, so I hope that means my call tomorrow about my medicaid waiver will go as good. So all in all my day went well. I hope your Thursday was as good as mine has been! :hugs:


You have a lovely set up going, you just need a better chair. That way if you do fall asleep you won’t fall out! LOL.

HEE! Cat’s love to make you pay attention. I can be meditating and my cat will creep under my chair and press his cold nose to the back of my leg. Makes me jump every time!

Congratulations @zoe2! That’s great!

Oh gosh, that is scary @krissie117! Let us know how you’re doing when you can! I’m glad you got a partially favorable decision and hope you get the details soon. I hope it’s everything you need! :hugs:

Maybe Kiki was cheering you on! LOL. She’s cute. I hope you don’t have to go to the doctor’s soon. It’s scary having to go right now.


So glad you enjoyed the meditation this week, @Limeberry! :grin: Sorry for the furry excitement that pulled you from the zone- not a fun experience getting ripped out like that :scream_cat: Oops! :cat2::laughing:

Congrats on your first circle, @Zoe2! That is so exciting- well done :clap: I’m glad you had a lovely meditation experience and I wish you all the best of luck with meditating in the future too! It can be tricky at times (especially with noisy distractions :laughing:) but it’s a great practice with many benefits. Good for you! :hearts:

Sorry about the headache, @Krissie117- I hope everything is well! Congrats on the positive decision- that’s so exciting! :clap: And a new laptop too, wow. I hope this one works really well for you- have fun setting it up! :computer::blush:

Another Garfield mug- hooray, @Marcy! I love it :joy_cat: Elderberry and echinacea are great choices to keep the immune system going strong- and yummy too! Sounds like a delicious blend :yum: And hello Kiki! :wave::black_cat:

Congrats on the positive result- woohoo, @Kasie! :partying_face: How did the medical waiver call go? I’ve got my fingers crossed for another great result- may good news be on its way to you! :raised_hands:


I won’t be called for another two and a half hours at this writing. I don’t even know if I’ll get a yes or no today, just the interview. I’m crossing my fingers and going to dig out my orange candles here in a bit. I’ll let y’all know if I hear something today. Thanks for caring, I mean that. You’re very sweet! :hugs:


I passed! I’m at a level B, whatever that means. I think she said I’d be getting four hours of help a day! Woo-hoo! :partying_face:


Ooh yay! This is great news @kasie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks, @Limeberry! OF course, it’s not official till I get stuff in the mail, but I’m hoping to have help by the first of next month! Yay!