(Group Ritual - Nov 26/27) Food coma, begone! Tea for good digestion 🦃

Seasons greetings to all!

November has flown by and December is just around the corner. For those of us who have a home in or ties to the USA- this week will be a celebration of food and warm thoughts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Whether you plan to pig out on turkey or sit the holiday out- feel free to join in this week for a meditation and digestive tea :coffee::person_in_lotus_position:

~ :relieved: ~ Digestive Tea - Thurs, Nov 26th and Fri, Nov 27th ~ :relieved: ~

Many of us will be busy on Thursday with holiday prep, so feel free to take a quiet moment on either Thursday or Friday this week (or both- treat yourself)!

Find some time to join in for a tea meditation - an easy and beginner-friendly meditative practice to help you focus your mind and draw in your energies :person_in_lotus_position:

Although we are physically spread out across the world, it is possible to come together when we share a cup and a quiet moment together.

Let’s enjoy a relaxing and peaceful tea time together- you are warmly invited!

Ready? Let’s begin

  • Choose your beverage . While tea is the standard, it is perfectly fine to do this meditation with coffee, juice, or any other beverage :coffee:

NOTE: For this week, I recommend preparing a black tea or herbal tea with digestive properties- see below for more details!

  • Find a quiet place to relax . Find somewhere where you can let go of outside disturbances. If you’d like, you may decide to cast a circle or cleanse the space before you begin :candle:

  • Focus your intent . You can follow any style or type of meditation you choose- focus on your breath and thoughts and be present in this moment :woman_in_lotus_position:

  • Work some magick! While meditation is a magickal and healing process all on its own, you may choose to add an additional element of magick to your tea time.

(Optional: Nov 26-27) : Tea to Aid Digestion

Stuffed with stuffing? Fight off food coma and enhance your digestive health with a little green magick, kitchen witch wisdom, and your own powerful intent :sparkles:

Certain kinds of teas have digestive qualities that can help you fight off that food coma feeling after a big meal.

This week, as you prepare your beverage, consider including a Tea for Digestion [Peppermint, Ginger, and Dandelion are likely the easiest to find!]

And did you know that black tea itself has digestive enhancing qualities? Not only soothing and full of antioxidants, tea can also help to boost your bodily functions and fight off food coma.

  1. Place your tea ingredients of choice into your mug.

  2. Heat your water, and pour it over the tea in a counter clockwise circle: banishing bad effects and the feeling of heaviness.

  3. Now stir your tea in a clockwise motion: inviting in good feelings and enhanced digestion

  4. You may choose to say the chant:

Delicious and fine,Thanksgiving treats.
Glamorous goodies, of which I did feast.
Refrain from regret, this day’s gluttony-
Help me move on, so mote it be!

  1. Sip your tea and imagine the warmth of your drink washing away the goodies you ate.

  2. Let your body relax and recharge from the excitement as you breath deeply. Let any heaviness or sluginess melt away as your body processes the delicious things you enjoyed.

  • Enjoy the Benefits of Meditation. After enjoying a soothing beverage and calming moment, you can continue your day with a clear mind, increased focus, and a boost of positivity (and caffeine!)

After your meditation, welcome back :heart_decoration:

You are very welcome to share any thoughts or experiences you had during tea time. Share some pics of your tea, your plans for the rest of the week, or just talk about what’s on your mind today!

To all those celebrating Thanksgiving- whether your plans are big or small- and to everyone watching the holiday from other parts of the world, have a wonderful week! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Between Thanksgiving and the Full Beaver Moon, this is a great time to show appreciation and pass around the gratitude for all that we have.

I’m grateful for all of you! :grin: Looking forward to tea time and a quiet moment with all of my favorite witches :sparkling_heart:

Blessed be! :two_hearts:


Love the little chant! Just what I need after making a glutton of myself!


What a perfect fit for Thanksgiving :sweat_smile: I know I’ll have to set a reminder bc I’ll be needing this tea ritual! :grin::heartbeat:


What a perfect little chant! I will most likely have my mint, chamomile, & lavender tea after Thanksgiving dinner sometime. It’s very calming for me in the evening before bed.


I am going to have to write that chant down. Friday is probably the only time I will have this week to do this but it sounds like it will help me in a big way…I have digestive issues anyway. :roll_eyes:


So glad you like the chant and ritual, @Kasie, @Christina4, @Krissie117, and @CrazyT! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And it’s heartening to know I’m not the only one planning to pig out this holiday- I hope everyone enjoys their tasty goodies and can find some tummy relief with a little digestive tea! :tea:

After living in Asia for a while (where tea goes with just about everything) tea quickly became an accompaniment to almost every meal for me. Tea with breakfast, afternoon tea after lunch, and a post-dinner tea before bed :relieved:

Nutrients, antioxidants, herbal benefits, and yumminess aside- tea really does help with digestion after a meal!

May a little tea magick help us all fight off the Thanksgiving food comas this year :turkey::grin:


I love to have tea before bed and sometimes on chilly days I will have it throughout the day. Since I joined Spells8, I have quite the collection of teas to choose from too. So I won’t get bored that’s for sure. I like the homemade tea that I have too. The fresh ingredients make the tea taste more bold. That one is kind of the same as one of my store bought teas. It has mint, lavender, and chamomile in it.


Happy, Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to all!


We decided to have our little feast tomorrow, so I made a Blessing Altar and will be spending today cleaning up and prepping.

I’ve barely gotten started with Thanksgiving but was already grateful for my morning meditative cup! :coffee:

Black tea with honey for strength today and a warm ginger honey blend for digestion tomorrow post-meal. Aside from a few things I’ll pick up at the store later today or early tomorrow, I think I have everything I need (fingers crossed!) :crossed_fingers:

Is everyone ready? :grin: I imagine friends celebrating Thanksgiving today will be pretty busy- feel free to pop in and say hello if you find a spare moment! And treat yourself to some quiet time and a cup of tea if the opportunity arises :person_in_lotus_position:

Big hugs and lots of love all around- to both those enjoying the holiday and those who don’t celebrate, blessed be!



Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve got the bird in the oven and foods being prepped. Can’t wait to taste all this delicious food :yum: I finally made it to a tea time! I did the tea meditation with black tea and a little honey, too. It’s gotta be an old favorite!


Happy Thanksgiving. I haven’t really been a big tea drinker, I am a tea collector lol. But I did buy some rosebud tea from a local artisan that I will try tonight after our feast is over. :slight_smile: Need all the digestion help I can get.


So apparently I had FOMO this evening :joy:
I ordered a Deliveroo of a giant chocolate covered waffle and am now trying to deflate my food-baby with a black tea :sweat_smile: I hope your turkey day food-babies aren’t too painful :joy: :joy: :joy:


Good evening. We ate & then I finished up some ornaments. I did one of each so I could post what they look like when they are finished. I have one left to do and then I can just keep going getting them done.

It was a pretty good day though. Very quiet. It was mostly my husband and daughter home with me. My two sons were with their girlfriends at their houses until early evening. My adopted 19 year old son, (he played football with my son & was in an abusive home, so we let him stay with us) came home around the same time & then the 3 boys plus the 2 girlfriends ate again when we did. So that was nice to have them all here on the holiday.

I’m on the couch right now & we are going to watch a movie. I’m not sure which one yet, but once the movie is over I’m going to head to bed. I feel like I could sleep until Monday, that’s how tired I am right now.

I had made apple cinnamon muffins and there’s enough for tomorrow’s breakfast. We just have to heat them up & put a pat of butter on them. They are so yummy that way.

I hope everyone had a great day & didn’t eat too much! Blessed Be


Happy Thursday y’all! I had a nice cup of lemon ginger tea while watching The Muppet Christmas Carol after dinner on Thanksgiving. I managed to get what little Yule decorating I do this afternoon too so I feel ready for the next season.

All in all, I had a lovely day. I hope everyone here had a good one too! :hugs:


Happy Thanksgiving :turkey:

I decided to have tea with you in spirit!
Casted a circle after meditation after my thanksgiving dinner! Have a good night :kissing_heart:
Love :heart: u all
Blessed be!!


For the first time no food coma for this chick. I had incredible self control especially around the home baked caramel apple crisp. Home made caramel; took 3 hours to make. :open_mouth: Doing my nails instead of drinking tea. I love all those crystals. :heart_eyes: My collection is so small in comparison.

Well I am off to finish my nails and do some homework. Oh I took the self-initiation final quiz and got 100%. Self dedication will happen on the 30th after I get off work and can lock myself in my office/sacred space.


So glad you had a moment for tea, @Christina4! :grin: How did everything go? What was your favorite dish? Hope you had fun! :two_hearts:

Rosebud tea sounds decadent, @CrazyT :rose: And I am greatly impressed by your self-restraint- well done! You are a legend for managing to resist apple crisp :apple: A huge congrats on the self-initiation quiz- you did awesome! :clap:

Omg @Limeberry you are hilarious- and a chocolate-covered waffle sounds amazing! :yum: Hope you enjoyed your tasty treat and that the tea helped :laughing:

Lovely you could spend the holiday with your loved ones, @Krissie117 :two_hearts: I know the feeling- I hope you got some good rest after all of the excitement! Enjoy the leftovers, sometimes they are even better the second day :drooling_face:

That sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving, @Kasie :heart: And look at you, already getting ready for Yule! :snowflake: I’ve picked out a few decorations for the next holiday. We’ll see if I have any energy left this weekend to put them up- you’re an inspiration :clap:

So beautiful, @Jeannie1! I love that teacup :coffee: Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :two_hearts:

Time to get back to cleaning and prep here- looking forward to a mini-Thanksgiving far from home, but hopefully just as delicious :turkey::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re right @TheTravelWitch some leftovers are better the second day! I can’t wait to make either Turkey Pot Pie or Turkey Soup. I always look forward to those or sandwiches with the turkey & stuffing & gravy. Those are yummy too.


What a beautiful tea cup! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


Most of it is just taping up lights around my computer desk and setting a few things out. Last time I put up my teeny tree the cat got onto the shelves i had it up on and knocked the whole thing down. LOL.


So true, @Krissie117! I hope you enjoyed your tasty Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches :yum:

Oh no @Kasie! :joy_cat: Cats do tend to like Christmas trees. I remember as a child our cats climbing them, trying to drink the water from the base, and chewing holes in any particularly crunchy gifts left beneath the tree :christmas_tree: Cats and trees definitely make for a constant activity :laughing:

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