(Group Ritual - Oct 29) 👻 A very spoooooky tea time

On mugs? Or teas? On teas I’ve got Lady Grey, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green tea with lemon, Constant Comment, Spicy Chai and a positivity tea that has a tangerine aftertaste that is supposed to wake you up.

Oh Mugs I’ve got a couple of witchy ones, a naughty unicorns one and my favorite is a glass one with flowers. Oh, and I just got a Law and Order one. LOL.

I’m afraid all my teas are in bags though, if I want to do any tea reading I’d have to cut one open.


I’m glad you liked it!! I also enjoy reading about other cultures. It’s like traveling without really traveling. It’s the next best thing I’d say!

I have never had those waffles but I’m looking at pictures now and… :drooling_face:


An interesting image I saved a while back, about discovering other cultures!


I think it’s a done deal! It looks good Krissie. Everything points that way. You’ll be celebrating soon!
Blessed be


Hahaha I know the feeling, Kasie! :laughing: My tea shelf is quickly overflowing. Once I got started trying new teas I couldn’t stop- it’s a very addictive hobby! At least it’s a healthy one :yum::tea:

Yes, Jeannie! :blush: Any loose leaf tea that can settle at the bottom of your mug will work well :+1: When I don’t have loose leaf, I open a prepackaged tea bag. They key is to let the leaves flow and shift as you drink :coffee:

Give hibiscus a try! I have a raspberry and hibiscus blend now that is delightful- it’s a very uplifting and happy herb :smile:

Goodness, more waiting- I hope your get your answers soon, Krissie! It sounds like they will be positive news. Congrats on finishing your hearing :clap::blush:

My Danish friend showed me about stroopwafel- I agree, they are so tasty! :drooling_face:

Hahaha that’s exactly what I do! It’s the same tea- a bit more flavorful and harder to clean up, but you can do some fun tea leaf readings :fallen_leaf::grin:

Ohhh I love the cultural iceberg, Francisco! So much beneath the surface… and always more to learn and explore :world_map::star_struck:


Happy tea time everyone!

Popped up out of bed this morning at 4am- I really think it’s the Scoprio energy and all the excitement in the air these days. Either that or the mandatory apartment inspections on my mind. Probably both :sweat_smile:

I had my spooky cup of tea as the sun was rising :city_sunrise: I didn’t forget to add a hearty spoonful of Timeless Nectar as well! :honey_pot::laughing:

Masala Chai was the tea of the day- I love the autumn spicey flavors. It really adds to the Halloween mood!

Speaking of Halloween, here are my table decorations for the upcoming holiday:

On Sunday I’m planning to switch out of Halloween festivities mode and set up a Samhain altar, but I’ve yet to decide how it looks. There are some gorgeous pictures here in the forums that people have shared- so I’m definitely inspired! :candle:

With the full blue moon, Halloween, Samhain, voting in the USA, protests and lockdowns here in Poland- there’s a lot going on!

Sending big Halloween hugs and well-wishes for safe and happy holidays to everyone :orange_heart::jack_o_lantern::candle:

Blessed be!


Good morning. I woke up after sleeping 4 hours and was ready to start the day. I chose just a regular black tea to have this morning. I did choose a mug that used to be my mom’s. She had collected this pattern of dishes since she was around 16 and when she passed, I got the collection. I was thinking of her this morning and with Samhain coming up fast, I thought it would be a nice way to honor her this morning.

I’m still healing and doing well with that, I just go a little stir crazy from time to time because I pretty much have to stay in one spot and if I do anything other than go to the bathroom or the kitchen, I need someone around to make sure I stay upright. I can’t drive so I am dependent on other people to pick things up or get outside things done for me and I’m not used to that, I’m pretty independent.

I am going to find an album I have of my grandmother’s family. They are all black and white photos of ancestors. I am going to put it on my altar with some of my grandmother’s jewelry. I think with the veil thinning it’s good to let her know that I love and miss her terribly.

I will be in and out of the forum again, it keeps me occupied throughout the day. I will be in my book of mirrors today too. I am practicing writing in there at least once a day. I did do a meditation the the day before yesterday from Spells8 and for my second cup of tea, I think I am going to do the Black Tea Meditation. I haven’t gotten to try that one yet and I just put SoundCloud on my phone so I can wear my headphones while listening.

I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful Samhain/Halloween and everyone stays safe.

@TheTravelWitch and @Francisco, I don’t know if it’s something we could do, but what about a tea time on Samhain just to check in with everyone and see how they are doing with the holiday or for November 1? I know it’s short notice, but it just popped into my head as I made my first cup of tea this morning. I don’t know how much interest there would be from everyone else either. It was a thought though.

Have a great day/evening and everyone stay safe!


That’s a good idea. Maybe on Monday, some people may not celebrate until Sunday and that’ll let things settle if they’re going to.

I’m glad you’re doing so much better @krissie117. That’s good! You’ll get back to driving soonish.


Hello all! Happy Thursday!

As I made my tea this morning, it was Constant Comment, I was thinking of Halloweens past. My Dad worked at a newspaper and was an editor, so he’d end up working just about every Thanksgiving and Christmas but could get off Halloween. Even if it was pouring down, he’d take me Trick or Treating until it got late, checking out my pixie sticks and letting me get a sugar rush while I was out. I miss him. My Mom would drive us so she gets props too. We’d travel all around town until the candy was out and people turned off their porch lights. This was back in the day before they limited how long you had to go Trick or Treating. I’d be out till like ten. Hee! I think my parents enjoyed the candy as much as I did. It’s odd not to have them around sometimes.

Anyhoo, here’s the mug I used today. It seemed like a logical choice for a Halloween tea. That’s alongside my meditation witch I got from Kroger’s. Hope y’all are having a great Thursday!


Thank you! The idea just popped into my head!

I see my surgeon for a follow up on Monday morning and after that, I should be able to drive as long as everything looks good and is going well. I honestly can’t wait. Thank you for your good wishes again! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


You’re welcome love! I’m glad you’ll be driving again soon, that should help you not feel as cooped up. Unless you’re used to it, staying home can be difficult.


@kasie I will be soon. I love staying home, it’s when I need something that the problem arises, I can’t just go get it. That’s the part I’m not used to, is waiting for someone else to get me things. 99.9% of the time I’d rather be in my room or at home. I’m the most comfortable when I’m home doing my own thing.


Happy tea time everyone! Brewed my usual: Turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, chamomile and :honey_pot:.

Sat and meditated/prayed and infused my soul with my concoction.
Prayed for a great outcome on election day- may this new year bring us more peace, love, health, and certainly an end to Covid-19!!
Getting myself ready for Samhain. Planning on having a peaceful,witchy night, full of magick intention, and cleansing. Most definitely looking forward to it . May everyone have a wonderful tea time Thursday.


@walter that is a gorgeous tea set you have & I loved the pictures & candle light! Very nice. I just added a photo album of family passed on and my grandmother’s jewelry to my altar space. I hope you have a great Samhain! My evening keeps changing for Samhain. Or at least the portion before I go to the Dumb Supper with my friend and her daughter.


@krissie117, thank you very much! The tea cup was actually my grandma’s- i have several different ones. Makes me feel close to her. Also have her dinner plates…


@walter Wait. There’s chamomile in there too?!
Me running to the kitchen to put the kettle on like:


@limeberry, lol… wanted to tweak it a bit … LoL


yep. It works. Nicely tweaked :ok_hand:t2: :laughing:


Thats awesome! I have the dish pattern that my mom collected since she was 16. It’s Pfaltzgraff in Yorktown & she has a lot! That was the mig I used today!


Same here, which is a good thing since I don’t have a car.