(Group Ritual - Oct 29) 👻 A very spoooooky tea time

@TheTravelWitch How often is there a mandatory apartment inspection?? :thinking:

@krissie117 That’s really nice about your ancestor’s altar, I wish I was back home so I could look at old pictures with my family. My mom sometimes scans them and sends them to me. How was the black tea?

@Kasie That’s a great picture, it looks like you are mastering the new camera!

@walter Thanks for the good wishes, Dee! And for voting!

My tea: :tea: Mint from the back yard, planted by my mother-in-law


I’m getting there! Thanks, @Francisco!

Good luck with your inspection love! I hope it works out well for you! Those things are always a pain in the ass.


Looks so delicious! I have a bunch of mint, that i planted this summer. I guess it may be time to bring it in before a freeze. Have a Minty tea time next Thursday!


Glad to hear your healing is going well, @Krissie117! And your Samhain preparations sound lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: As for the Samhain tea time- I think that’s a fantastic idea! :heart_eyes::+1: If it is something you think you’d like to put into motion, you can open up a new activity by creating a (New Topic -> Activities Category). I’ll be back in the forums on Monday and would love to join for a Samhain reflection tea time :coffee::relieved:

You have some wonderful memories of Halloweens past, @Kasie :blush: And wow, what a wild child you were- out until 10pm! :laughing: If I remember right, I think my parents made my sister and I come back by 9pm. We missed out on some late night candy it seems :candy::joy:

I abolutyl LOVE the meditating witch, Kasie- she’s perfect! And your amazing mug too- sounds like a wonderful tea time :person_in_lotus_position::two_hearts: Hope you had a relaxing and nostalgic Halloween tea time! :candle:

Such a beautiful tea meditation- and what a lovely blend! :heart_eyes: I hope your Samhain preparations are going well, Dee, and that you have a very blessed and relaxing holiday. Enjoy! :two_hearts:

@Francisco I’ve been here 4 months and there’s already been two inspections (gas and now vents) :unamused: I appreciate that they try to keep things safe, but it would be nice if all the different inspectors just came at the same time so we could be done with it :laughing:

Thanks Kasie! :grin: Turns out it was literally 2 minutes- the lady came in, stuck a rod in the vent, I signed a paper and she left. An entire week of build up for that :sweat_smile: Glad it’s done with!

Ohhh this a good reminder- I have some snippings of a mint plant (some of them rooted successfully!) :herb: I need to set up the soil and get them ready- even though they are indoors, it’s probably better to replant them now before it gets too chilly around here :snowflake: Hoping I’ll also have enough for many mint teas in the future! :yum:


Sending many wishes for everyone to have a wonderful Full Blue Moon-Halloween-Samhain-super weekend! No matter what you are celebrating or how you plan to do it- have a safe and blessed time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I did, thank you! And yeah, I was a wild child when it came to Halloween. My parents even took me to the expensive side of town to get good candy. LOL.

Whew! Glad you passed love! And I’m glad it was an easy inspection!


The tea was lovely and I think I will set up a Tea for Samhain for us to get together on Monday? That way people can check in with how their Holiday weekend went.

I remember when we were kids that we would go out Trick or Treating and not be home until after 10PM. It was definitely a different time then though. We had a lot of fun and got lots of candy! One town that I lived in, my aunt’s neighbor set up a haunted house in his basement every year and that was a lot of fun too.


Did you just say “Stroop waffle” - oh my goodness - so good… gooey honey goodness. yummmm. We are so fortunate to have a new tea shoppe open here. They brew by the cup or offer it cold. I haven’t asked if they plan to sell loose tea. They just got their permits to offer food. They do Reiki , Tarot reading, and have a sweet selection of essential oils and gifts. Cool shop.


Sounds really fun, and would be a good experience! Berta they don’t have anything like that I think but I’ll have to check!


Our neighbor used to go all out too … peeled grape “eye balls” chopped up cooked pasta “maggots” etc etc… she must have worked for days to make all that fun!


Lol limeberry you crack me up!


Thanks, @Kasie! :blush: And hahaha oh definitely- gotta go to the expensive part of town to the houses that give out the king-size candy bars! :joy: :chocolate_bar:

A haunted house in the basement sounds amazing, @Krissie117! I love when people are so passionate about Halloween :grin: :jack_o_lantern: And ohhhh thank you! I’ll have to go check out the ritual post- I would love to have a reflective cup of tea after the weekend craziness! :coffee: Thank you for putting that together- you’re awesome! :raised_hands:

That sounds like it would be my favorite shop, @Berta- gift shop with tarot and activities, all in a tea house? A dream come true! Gosh, I would never want to leave :joy:

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and are recovering from any crazy chaos! I for one will be on a sugar rush for the next few days :face_with_hand_over_mouth::lollipop:


Kakuzō Okakura: “ Tea … is a religion of the art of life.”

I love tea. This all speaks to my heart. I have 3 cast iron tea pots that I adore. It makes me so happy when I have a good reason to make a whole pot and not just a cup.

Does anyone know a blessing for a tea pot?
BTW : the BLUE pea flower tea was wonderful !!!
This picture doesn’t show how intensely BLUE it really was…This is the last of it and it has shifted in hue to purple. Magical stuff.


I don’t know the blessing for a tea pot, but you could write one.


You’re welcome @TheTravelWitch I hope everyone enjoys the tea time this morning.


Well, there’s a challenge. I suppose a tea pot would be affiliated with the west and water. I will have to ponder that one a while… If I come up with something I will post it…and ask for critique.


A tea pot is just like a covered cauldron or something … yeah, I’m reaching here. LOL. I’d love to see what you come up with though!


OK Kasie… this is what I came up with…
My version of a blessing for a teapot:

From the west where water dwells

And sacred springs from deep wells

We welcome all the Gods and sprites

Who live within these watery sites

Come by us now with good intent

If you mean us harm away you’re sent

Kind spirits who do stay we ask

that this teapot in your love will bask

Please, bless this teapot to our use

With your cunning, our purpose suit

Whatever brew we seek to serve

Let it give strength and health preserve

Whatever drink we chose to sup

We offer you thanks for every cup.


I love the quote about tea (it really is an art and religion! :tea:) and your beautiful kettle blessing, @Berta! :heart_eyes: The last line is especially moving- asking for a blessing but also offering thanks. I really love this! :clap:

And look at that intense color of your tea! Wow! :butterfly: Did you add any flavorings to the butterfly pea blend or drink it plain? When I had it in Thailand I used it as more of a coloring than a flavor, but that may have just been the local variety. Either way, it sure looks amazing! :star_struck:


I drank it straight… I wanted to appreciate it for its own uniqueness without adulteration. I may make this more often. It was a great addition to the Blue Moon celebration. My poor Dad had to get used to me sipping it all day. He kept giving me concerned looks. “Is that blue? What are you drinking? I don’t think food should be blue…” I told him to eat his blue berries and that I was enjoying a lovely tea. :slight_smile: