(Group Ritual - Oct 8) 🍂 Tea and Talk Together

Ohhhh sometimes are just a double-bag kind of day! I hope it helped to give your energy a boost, Kasie :raised_hands: Is Max’s vet visit all done? If so, I hope it all went well and your nerves have finally calmed down- sending hugs! Glad you’re excited for book club too- ooh, I need to pick out a book as well! :open_book::laughing:

Hoping you had a wonderful day and that everything did work out! :sun_with_face:

Look at that tapestry!!! :heart_eyes: It’s amazing!!! And such a great price- nice find, Tamera! Congrats on the new binder for your BoS too- you have many exciting new treasures :grin: :open_book:

You are very welcome- I’m thrilled you’re excited about book club too! :books::two_hearts: And sorry to hear about your back- take it easy and I hope it continues to improve!

Sometimes the simple things bring us the most joy- black tea and milk is a warming classic! :coffee: I hope you had a relaxing meditation and a blessed morning, Dee :blush:

Hooray! :raised_hands: Oh I can’t wait to see the new tarot lessons- very exciting, Francisco! Thanks for your hard work :flower_playing_cards: :relaxed:

You are so kind, Val- thank you for sharing these warm and fluffy feelings and thank YOU! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wishing you the best of luck with your cleaning, I imagine it’s going to feel great to organize all the clutter and regain some space (and probably find some hidden treasures too!) :sparkles:

I hope your journaling went well too- Blessed be :heart:


Wow that’s the biggest tree ever Tamera! :scream_cat:Love you’re pics! Makes me want to do sling yoga! It’s can be fun on the trees!


Hi, sorry I am late to the game again. Yesterday I was a bit off and preoccupied with some things at my house. I also found out that my next surgery is October 22 and my hearing is Oct 28. Plus I have other appointments for the month of October. A lot of things going on over here this month!


He went on Thursday and was really good for other people, he saved up most of his bitching about being confined for me. LOL. He’s fine though, thank goodness. Thanks for the good wishes!

It gave me a good boost, so that was good. And Max’s vet visit is done and it went well, thank goodness. I was shaking taking him there though, I always expect the worst or something. I do need to put him on even more of a diet. He hasn’t gained weight but he hasn’t lost any either, he’s eighteen pounds of cat. But he’s forgiven me for taking him so all it well.

I’m reading a book on Magical Power for Beginners. I struggle with energy manipulation, even with coaching, so I’m hoping this will help me.

Thanks for the good wishes, everything worked out well!

That tapestry is awesome! Good for you for hanging it up!

No worries from me about being late, love! Things are busy for you right now. I’m wishing you all the love and good vibes I can for both your surgery and your hearing on the 28th. I hope both go well.


Woooooowww :heart_eyes: this is beeeauuuutiful!


I had a super tasty green tea with jasmine and honey yesterday evening for my Thursday tea ritual. :sweat_smile: I was a little carried away with my Lapis Lazuli giving me weird vibes :joy:
I randomly chose to hold it while drinking my tea and was looking at the little booklet which came with it - it says it is a crystal of truth and wisdom and expands awareness when placed over the third eye… so I plonk it on my head with my left hand and carry on drinking my tea quietly and suddenly I’m getting this super warm fuzzy energy and start seeing triangles???
Decided I’d keep holding it to my 3rd eye whilst reading the tea leaves after I’d finished and gosh I got loooooads of interesting stuff! I made a list as I was going along - a couple of very clear 5’s, and 10’s, hearts, V’s, 4’s, dragons, a vintage telephone, arrow pointing clockwise, 2 rings together, the letters P and B a bunch of times, and the words: Fri, gossip and big.
By the time I’d finished reading I was exhausted and just passed out :joy:


Well I am a little behind but I did the coffee consecration today with my morning cappuccino image


Hello all! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend- we are starting to get some chilly weather here, I broke out the scarves already! :scarf::laughing:

No worries at all, @Krissie117! :blush: You must be relieved to have a date set for the surgery and the hearing. I can imagine the wait will likely be the hardest part of both situations- keep up with meditating, it can really help to de-escalate anxiety and lower stress levels! Stay well and healthy :two_hearts:

Hooray that Max’s vet visit went well, @kasie! :cat::two_hearts: So glad to hear you are both back home safe and sound and the visit was a success- well done! :+1: How do you like Magical Power for Beginners? Sounds interesting! :open_book:

That sounds amazing, @LimeBerry- your lapis had so much to tell you! :astonished: Good idea to make a list, have the meanings of the symbols made themselves clear yet? Was there any big gossip last Friday? :laughing: Really exciting- and yes, I can imagine you were tired after all that! Hope you had a nice and restful weekend :grin:

Loving the minion mug, @Katt! :joy::+1: Hope the consecration went well and you had a lovely coffee time :two_hearts:


I haven’t started it yet, I was waiting till Friday to be with the others. Can I start? I don’t want to start another books and leave it hanging. I’m odd that way.

Ahhh, I see! And I know the feeling- it’s tough to leave a book hanging! If you’re super excited and can’t wait then feel free to begin- but it might be more climatic to wait until Friday when we all begin reading together! :grin: :books: It’s totally up to you, Kasie! :+1:


If it’s long I may start early. if not I’ll just wait with everyone else. It wouldn’t be fair to pull ahead of the others. :blush:


Thank you,

I did have the phone call with my lawyer about the hearing and she said that the judge I have is really nice but talks fast. She said by the way I testified with her that she is sure it will be a yes. Next Thursday is my surgery and I am just waiting to hear about scheduling the Covid Test a couple of days before the surgery then I have to stay home until I go to the hospital.

I’m slowly getting back into doing things the way I used to, things really changed when my medications changed due to increased anxiety.

I hope to be back more regularly. I’m really trying to get back to where I was, but there’s a lot going on and it’s ending around the 28th of October.


Good luck to you @krissie117, in all your endeavors. I’ve been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything turns out the way you want it to. :hugs: