(Group Ritual - October 1st) 😁 Tea and Talk as a Coven

Remember taking care of yourself is taking care of your family. If you burn out, who is going to do things for them?


That is true! I have so much work. All the kids have to be online for school, then they all have homework to do, I sometimes have to sit with them to make sure their work is being done, I have my own school work, house work, cooking, cleaning, uh the list goes on! And, my mother just sits there or yells at the kids if they don’t do something right. But I am starting to make time for me. it’s rough!


Good luck to you! It sounds as if you need it. :hugs: If it means you have to get up early to get a moment to yourself, that’s a good idea!


Perfect! Thanks @TheTravelWitch for this and for the Tea Magick to Have Your Questions Answered 🍵 topic.

The word “clarity” has been following me around and I think a tea divination ritual may give me some more insight… I’ll keep you posted


Ohhh @christina4 I know you said you were busy lately but that sounds like chaos! Please take some time to eat and take care of yourself too- after all, you are a family member as well! You deserve just as much love and care as you are gifting to those around you :two_hearts:

Good luck with your doctor’s appointment, @Kasie! Sending good thoughts your way- and ohhhh a potion on the full moon sounds very potent :full_moon::sparkles:

You’re very welcome, @Francisco! Good luck with your tea divination ritual- I’m excited to hear how it goes :tea::blush:


Good morning to all! :grin:

Guess who was up before the crack of dawn today? Oops- seems like I had too much on my mind and my brain was rearing to go before the sun was :laughing::sun_with_face:

With some extra time I decided to go the additional mile with the tea ritual and do a reading. I don’t have any loose-leaf tea on the shevles at the moment, so I emptied out a tea bag into my cup.

At first I saw all the swirling leaves and thought to myself- wow, this was a terrible idea :sweat_smile:

But the leaves settled at the bottom and, to be honest, I think the tea actually tasted fuller and more flavorful with the leaves spread out. Maybe just my imagination, but hey! It worked out well in the end :blush:

Any thoughts on these leaves- do any shapes pop out to you? :face_with_monocle:

After finishing my drink, I turned the cup three times and placed it upside down over the saucer. I tried to focus on a question, and then I peered into my cup to see whatever messages were waiting for me… :mag_right:

After a few moments, I thought I saw a bear :bear: But this didn’t really feel right, and could very likely be a projection- something I wanted to see. After all, I keep hearing about the (really very exciting) start of Fat Bear Week- may the fattest and fluffiest bear win! :joy:

Not feeling too sure about it, I took out my camera to take a picture. Through the lens of the camera something immediately came to mind as I looked at the leaves…

I saw a tree! And the little star shape on top made me think of a Christmas Tree :christmas_tree: This reading felt right to me- but I have absolutely no idea how it relates to my question, as I asked: "How will my trip to the embassy go today?"

Seems completely unrelated :joy: But I’m off in just a few minutes- time to renew my passport! A bit stressed about it. I’ll be bringing my aquamarine crystals and lepidolite bracelet to help smoosh down the anxiety :relieved:

Wishing you all a very happy Thursday and a very blessed Full Harvest Moon tonight! :full_moon::two_hearts:

Cheers, everyone!


It looks like there’s a bird :bird: on top of the bears head. Otherwise, it does look like a bear on a hill. Or a Christmas tree. Either way I hope your trip goes well!


I am up earlier than usual today. And I’m doing the tea time ritual! I used my gifted coffee called Cafe La Leave. Spiritu, a monthly subscription box has a VIP program and they sent me a box full of surprises. It’s so good, I’m definitely switching! Anyway I’m blabbering bc I actually have a little time to think! While meditating, I thought about taking all the time I needed to run through the forest while being hugged by the taste of my coffee (I only prefer the regular flavor).not having to rush around trying to be ready for the next task. My intent was to be in the moment and cherish the here and now. This was very much needed! As long as I get enough sleep, I’ll continue to wake up early and take time for myself.


Thanks hon! It’s just a check up mainly but it’s still a bother to go in these days. I don’t breathe well through a mask and I have a difficult time walking. Combine the two and I’m gasping for air by the time I get there. Bah. But it has to be done.

I’ll be making a potion today, that’s for sure. It may not have many ingredients but it’ll happen! :hugs:


I see the tree more than I do the bear, but they are both there. Neat!

I hope getting your passport went okay, those type of things are always a pain in the butt. Cheers! :hugs:


A mindfulness mediation. That sounds nice! I’m glad you had some time for yourself love, you needed it!


I absolutely needed it! :slight_smile::revolving_hearts:


Christmas tree yes, but my first impression was a person standing on top of a mountain looking successful. Knowing what the embassies are like in PL it’s gonna be an arsepain and they’ll have you running around everywhere so good luck! But if I’m seeing what I’m seeing you’ll get there in the end!
Also seeing a crescent moon at the bottom and flip it upside down the white gaps in the leaves look like a 6 or a G - took me a while to see it, I thought it was representing a constellation at first. Thoughts? Love this stuff.


Oh I feel your pain with the mask-breathing :sweat: I hope it goes ok :heart:
Can’t wait to see your potion later! :heart_eyes:


The doctor appointment went great, I don’t have to go back so all is well. Thanks for worrying. :purple_heart:

I gotta figure out what I’m saying for my potion for the charm and then make it tonight. I’ll figure it out, I know the basics of what I’m doing. LOL. Just gotta figure out the rest.


Hey there! Another week another mug. LOL.

Sorry, I had to get so close, I wanted the writing to show up in the picture. I’m fighting off a sinus infection and so I drank some Breathe Deep tea today, with eucalyptus, licorice, ginger, and a few other herbs. It was very tasty and the head did my head good. My meditation was okay, not great today. I wasn’t focused that well because my head hurts. But I’m sure with this tea and the spell I’m doing with my potion tonight will set me to rights. So it’ll be okay. :grinning:

Hope y’all are having a good full moon!


@christina4 Did you get to run through the forest? That sounds goooood! :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:

@Kasie I love that mug! For a second it looked like a tattoo and I thought it was your arm!! :laughing:

@TheTravelWitch Did you follow SilverBear’s meditation?: October is Going to ROCK...Yes PLEASE!

I see the Empress card!

Mine has lots of Full Moon energy but I can’t see much in the leaves:


I love the mug! And I hope you feel better! :heartbeat:

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I see the empress too! That’s interesting :blush: oh how I ran through the forest! I find true peace and serenity completely surrounded by nature. I get lost and forget about time.

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Thanks, Christina! The trip went well, although there were no bears or Christmas trees- I’m considering redoing the tea reading to try again :joy:

I’m glad you were able to find some quiet time for yourself and do the ritual! I know you’ve been so busy lately. It’s good that you got enough sleep and enjoyed a peaceful and thoughtful tea mediation :tea: I hope the good energy you nurtured during this time carried you through the rest of the day! :blush:

You are very right- appointments at both the doctors and embassy are indeed pains in the butt! :laughing: My trip went okay, thankfully- and I’m glad to hear your check-up went well too! I hope your sinus infection clears up soon- hopefully you can spend time resting and relaxing safely at home :two_hearts: Your recipes you shared are AMAZING- a pleasure to read! :heart_eyes: Will you be making one of those, or trying a different potion? Good luck! :heart:

Ohhhhh I’m grateful for your insights, @LimeBerry! :grinning: There were no bears or Christmas trees, but it is just as you read- the trip was a success! :raised_hands: And significatnly easier than any of the other paperwork and office visits I’ve had to do during my time here- thank goodness! :laughing:

I love tea readings too! :two_hearts: I’ve got a long way to go, but the tea and tasty and it’s exciting to put creativity to the test so I hope to do readings more often :blush:

You are so creative, Fransciso! :clap: Thank you for sharing what your sharp eye picked out- I can totally see that now! And it works as a reading- no bears or Christmas trees, but everything went smoothly- I was able to create a new passport that will allow me to continue my homey life here in Poland. It fits! :heart_eyes::+1:

As for your leaves… hmmm…

I think it’s pretty obvious what has been on my mind recently (Happy October everyone!!! :jack_o_lantern::laughing:)