Group ritual question

When will there be another? I’m so mad I missed it I would love to do something as a group :sob: and how does it work?


You haven’t missed it yet. :smile: Because we’re spread out over the globe, everyone does it on their own timing. Sometimes we try to sync it up but mostly we share our personal experiences with each other.

If you grab a cup of tea or :coffee:, you can still participate today. We do the tea/coffee group ritual every Thursday. Other group activities happen somewhat less often but there is a group reading from a book this month or you can take part in the monthly reading club by reading your own chosen book.


@praecog29 is right, it’s never too late! There are only two of us reading Supermarket Sabbats, so feel free to join in! Or read your own book. Have a cup of tea before your bedtime and tell us about it. If you miss this week there’s always next! It’s all good! :hugs:


I bearly noticed we are all spreaded out because I thought full moon was Thursday turns out it was Tuesday lol I was so excited and also sucks because idk anyone near me for help in person lol I’m off in 30 min what time do you guys do this usually


Full moon is today. :slight_smile: Everyone does their ritual at different times. I usually do mine around noon EST. You still have time. :wink: Tea, coffee, or if it is too late you can do water or warm milk, whatever you want really. You can meditate and remember we all did this today in our own timing but together we are one coven celebrating.


I missed today as well. I am always forgetting about tea ritual on Thursday because I have to work :crying_cat_face: I have to write it down in my planner just like the color of candles for each day. Hope you all have a great weekend.


Many thanks to @praecog29- he summed up the group rituals perfectly! Yes, due to time differences and the fact that we are located all over the world, the group ritual can be done at any point during the day :mantelpiece_clock:

So no worries to @vanessa13, @Magdelina, and any other friends who weren’t able to join this week- there is a group ritual every Thursday! A reminder is sent in the Merry Meet Monday update that is posted in the forum each Monday :blush:

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend as well- looking forward to group rituals and shared activities together next week! :heart:


I’m so happy I’m off thursdays now so I will have time to do this every week widout being too tired after work or ina rush :sob:


That’s wonderful, @vanessa13! I’m happy for you. And I’m looking forward to a group ritual with you on Thursday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: