(Group Ritual- Sept 10) 🤗 Tea and Talk as a Coven

Warm greetings to all! :heart:

Thank you as always to everyone who joined in for some tea and conversation in last week’s Group Ritual- Tea and Talk as a Coven.

You are all invited once again to grab your favorite mug and blend and share your weekly story with your fellow witches around the world! :coffee:

Tea time as a coven can be as simple or as fancy as you like- all you need is some tea, a moment of quiet, and your magickal intent! :sparkles:

You are warmly invited to:

~ September 10th : Tea Time Together ~

  • This Thursday, September 10th, find time for a quiet moment to prepare and enjoy your beverage :dove:

  • Brew your cup with intent- focus on each action and feel the life and flow of energy carrying you through the motions :woman_in_lotus_position:

  • If you can, find a sunny spot or a place where you can see sunlight to sip your drink. If the sun isn’t out, no worries! You can always visualize the warm sun shining upon you for the same effect :sun_with_face:

  • Feel the warmth of your drink and the rays of the sun spreading through your cup, down your arms, and into your core. Let the heat from your drink and the sunlight wrap you in warm thoughts like a hug :hugs:

  • As you enjoy your drink and absorb warmth, you may choose to say these words, part of a devotional to the Sun God Helios, and imagine being filled with golden light:

With a new vision and an open heart,

I trust the process of life.

I am safe.

Positive energy flows freely.

Through me, your divine ideas are expressed.

I’m at peace.

I declare peace and harmony in my interior

and all that surrounds me.

[Chant is part of the Helios Morning Chant for Spiritual Healing. From the conversations at last week’s tea time, it sounds like there are some of us struggling through a rough patch. This chant is to invoke spiritual healing from the sun god Helios, and is dedicated to all of those who are having a hard time and could use a spiritual boost! :raised_hands:]

  • Enjoy your tea and be filled with love, light, and warmth! :sunflower: Wear these feelings like a shawl around you for the rest of your day, protecting you from negative forces :shield:

  • When you finish, consider composting or disposing of the remains (tea leaves or coffee grinds) in an earth-friendly way. Let them go back to nature and where they came from :national_park:

When your cup is empty but your heart is full, come back to the forums a feel free to share whatever is on your mind.

You are welcome to share pictures of your tea ritual as well as:

  • What tea/coffee/beverage did you enjoy?

  • How did your tea meditation go?

  • Did you have any realizations or interesting insights?

  • How are you feeling today?

I hope this tea ritual brings you a moment of peace and shared support. Please know that you are not alone, you have a coven full of wonderful witches here happy to listen to your stories and share their support and love! :heart:

Have a wonderful start to your week, everyone! I look forward to sharing tea and thoughts with you all on Thursday :hugs:

Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:


Ooh, I really like the Helios chant!


That chant is so nice and this sounds like a wonderful idea! You’re doing such a good job giving us ideas for these tea times. Thank you!


I also love the idea of sitting outside in the sun while enjoying a cup of tea!! :sunny:

Around here (in the Northern Hemisphere) we’re saying goodbye to the sun as we enter the dark half of the year, so this is a great way to celebrate the end of the season! :tea: Thanks, Bri!!


I am really going to enjoy this one I can already tell. I will write down the chant so I can use it while I make my tea. I haven’t decided on one yet for this week. I’m still doing guided meditations. I find the voice very soothing and my brain and body get too antsy when I just have my music on, it’s really hard for me in the shower. I just take the soothing voice and use my own intent really. I’m good with mantras though, that’s how I fall asleep. I use a mantra and drift off before I know it.


I blame the Mars retrograde for everyone being in a weird funk lately


You’re very welcome @kasie and @Francisco ! :heart: Tea time with you all is always a pleasure.

And I’m glad that you all like the Helios chant! :sunflower: It called out to me when I saw it- maybe because, just like Francisco said, the heat of summer is coming to end here as the seasons change! :sun_with_face: It’s good to soak up the warmth and enjoy it while it lasts.

And I agree, @krissie117- the Mars Retrograde has a lot of powerful and turbulent energy. In the post, @mrs recommended morning meditation to help combat the retrograde- so hopefully a nice tea meditation can help bring back some posivite energy! :raised_hands::tea:


It has definitely cooled down here and as it does, I feel it in my body in the way of pain flares. The summer is definitely when I feel the best. I can move and shake most of the time like nothing is wrong. The last few days I’ve had a flare that is kicking my butt. I have the resources to make myself comfortable, but unless it’s absolutely necessary, I stay in my nest because I can make myself the most comfortable that way. This adjustable bed was the best thing I ever bought for these times. I think that’s probably some of my weird funk. I get mad at my body for hating me so much. Just so much happens and the weather absolutely affects how my body feels, I have to keep track of the barometric pressure. It’s a whole different life than I am used to. I am smack in the middle of finding my new life, the new me with all the work I have done, honestly I’m exhausted and I hold a lot of it in, except here. I feel very comfortable talking about it in the forum, more than I do on FaceBook or to other people in my life. I can count them on one hand. I’m going to do some divination work today. I started with my pendulum yesterday and charged my tarot cards in the sun yesterday too. I have some nice things drying in my room and I think the Florida Water mix is going back in my diffuser. That really helped yesterday.

Here I am rambling on, I will be in the forum for a little while this morning and on and off all day. I like being here. I like talking to like-minded people and getting to know them. I hope everyone has a great day and I look forward to our tea time and the ginger and salt shower on Thursday.


How’s the pendulum practice going, Krissie?

I woke up to this weather (picture from the newspaper)

There’s a huge cloud of ashes and some fires nearby that trigger alert messages on my phone every day! I hope it will rain soon! :pray: :cloud_with_rain:


@Francisco I hope it rains too, that’s scary information everyday. I asked it some easy questions that I knew the answer to, then when I hung it up, it stopped moving at all. So I think it’s going well, all the answers to the ones I knew were right and I threw in a couple others.


Great! It sounds like you are training your pendulum well! :gem:

I found that sometimes I have to ask a really specific question in order to get a clear answer. And that’s good! I think lots of times when I can’t find an answer is because I don’t have the right question.


I hope your flare settles down soon @krissie117. It must be so scary when your body is betraying you. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan though, so that’s good. I have a pendulum but it never really gets me. It changes directions every time I try to check which is yes and which is no. My pendulum is just as nutty as I am. LOL.

:hugs: Feel better soon!


@Francisco yes, im remembering to wait a little bit after the question is asked, so they aren’t like rapid fire.

@kasie thank you! I habe the appointment with my Dr in the morning then Thursday about my hand. Im hoping I don’t need surgery. Next Tuesday is for my hip & piriformos. Also not hoping for surgery. Im felt a little better this afternoon. I’m on the couch now.


That is an amazing picture, Francisco- it really does look apocalyptic :cloud: I’ve also got my fingers crossed that rain will be on it’s way to you soon! :cloud_with_rain: Stay safe and healthy!

And same to @krissie117- I hope the appointments all go well and that surgery won’t be needed. Good luck- sending love and light! :heart_decoration:

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@TheTravelWitch thank you very much!

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Sending you love and light darlin, so you won’t need any surgeries. I hope the doctor has something good to say.


Eh… depends on how you look at it. She is listing me as homebound. I can’t drive unless it is absolutely necessary and should have someone else that can drive with me. I am basically allowed to drive to appointments. She is going to work with my insurance and Helping Hands of Cape Cod and get me some home health aid hours. I have one more appointment this morning and then the hand one is tomorrow afternoon. I have to actually go to that one.


Good luck at the hand doctor tomorrow. Hopefully they can get you some physical therapy or something that will come to your home and help you out. :hugs:


Good morning and happy Thursday, lovely coven! :hugs:

It definitely feels like Autumn now- I get up at the same time each morning and it is most definitely darker with each passing day. Winter is coming! :wolf::laughing:

And alas, cloudy skies over Warsaw today. Not what I was hoping for for this sun-inspired tea ritual, but hey! I can be my own sunshine :sun_with_face::grin:

I turned on the lights and made a nice, warming breakfast to capture that sunny energy I was hoping for :yum::sunflower:

I usually do the tea ritual before breakfast, but I decided to combine them today. I made some porridge with banana :banana: and cinnamon :brown_heart: and morele plum :orange_circle: while I focused on the health benefits of the ingredients and the wamrth they would fill me with.

I got comfortable, said the sun chant while closing my eyes and imaging the wamrth of the sun. The heat from the tea and porridge helped to bring that feeling to life, despite the cloudy skies! :sun_behind_large_cloud:

I’m feeling pretty good today, despite all the things that have to be done. Maybe it’s the wonderful affirmations and self love that have been prevalant in the forums lately, but I’m really feeling a boost! :raised_hands:

Thank you so much for all of your positive energy, coven! I really feel like I’m being lifted by your love and light today :hugs:

Happy tea ritual and blessed day to each and every one of you! :sparkling_heart:


Greetings from oz

I did brianna chant to helios as recommended and made myself a cup of chai ( didnt turn out quite as tasty as usual i wasnt very patient lol )i just wanted to sit and rest with my tea after a day at work. Were still training at present but its alot of reading etc. I work in private health insurance.

Anyway i felt the heat from my cup and the comforting glow of candles on my altars and it just felt nice to just take a moment for me.

Im quiet excited to play with my new self love oracle card deck as they arrived today.

Im going to have a look at what magick to do tonight for the weekly challenge as you probably saw my post on that oops lol

As im typing this my neighbour going on a swearing rampage as per usual. Im hoping i can move somewhere better soon.

Edit i forgot to upload the tea wheres my head at today sorry distracted by the neighbour