(Group Ritual- Sept 17) ☺ Tea and Talk as a Coven

Warm end-of-season greetings to all! :relaxed:

Thank you again to all those who shared a cup and some lovely discussion in last week’s Group Ritual- Tea and Talk as a Coven, Sept 10.

Thursday is creeping ever closer, so grab your favorite mug and get ready for another tea time together! :heart:

Please remember that your ritual can be as simple or as fancy as you like- all you need is some tea, a moment of quiet, and your magickal intent! :sparkles:

You are warmly invited to:

~ September 17th : Tea Time Together ~

  • This Thursday, September 17th- you know the drill! Find a nice, quiet spot where you can relax :relieved:

  • As you go through the steps of making your beverage, focus on each action- be aware of your breath and movements. Be here, with us, in this moment! :mantelpiece_clock:

  • When you have your drink ready and are sitting somewhere quietly, you may choose to try some sigil magick :point_up_2:

  • Take a moment to imagine the problems, challenges, or tasks that are waiting ahead of you. As you focus on what lies ahead, lift your dominant hand into the air, over your drink :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

  • Using your pointer finger, draw the Cho Ku Rei Symbol, starting at the top, drawing downwards, and ending in a spiral. As you draw, you may imagine the lines crossing off the tasks ahead of you, like items on a checklist.


[The Cho Ku Rei Symbol has a variety of uses in confidence and protection magick. You can learn more about the symbol, its many uses, and the complete Self Confidence Spell in the Spells8 Fearless Sigil Page. There’s a printable page about it too!]

  • Allow yourself to feel swirls of self-confidence build within you, like the swirls of the sigil and the movement of your tea in your cup :coffee:

  • Let these feelings build within you and go through your day full of confidence, strength, and the knowledge that you have the ability to overcome any challenges ahead of you :raised_hands:

  • And like always, when you finish, consider composting or disposing of the remains (tea leaves or coffee grinds) in an earth-friendly way. Let them go back to nature and where they came from :dove:

When your cup is empty but your heart is full, welcome back! :blush:

Feel free to share any pictures, thoughts, and experiences you had during your tea time.

  • What tea/coffee/beverage did you enjoy?
  • How did your tea meditation go?
  • Did you have any realizations or interesting insights?
  • How are you feeling today?

May a shared cup of happiness connect us all even across the miles. A moment with you wonderful folks is a blessing indeed! I hope you all enjoy your moment of quiet, a tasty beverage, and all the love from your fellow witches around the world :world_map::two_hearts:

Cheers to you all, I’m looking forward to Thursday!

Blessed Be :sparkling_heart:


I love using Cho ku Rei! I’ve learned it from my mentor but I’ve seen it here, there and everywhere. I’m learning it in school too. It’s amazing to use!


I figure if I can do the Vulcan hand salute, I can do this Cho Ku Rei sign. LOL. :vulcan_salute:


I think this week I am going to do coffee on Thursday. I believe Wednesday I have to do my Covid test and then quarantine until my surgery on Monday.


I hope everything with your surgery goes okay darlin! We’ll keep you in our thoughts.


@kasie thank you! I’m sure it will! I get to go home that day and the surgery itself only takes 30 minutes. I probably will be on less until I can use my right hand. It’s my dominant hand, so it’s going to be rough for a couple of days.


Yeah, it’s hard to type when you’re one-handed. Still, I hope you’ll feel better after it’s healed.


Thanks for all these suggestions, @TheTravelWitch!! :smiley:

I will be drinking some kava root! I bought it last year from a local business owner who lived in the Polynesia. What I learned is that it’s been used for centuries there with many different purposes: medicinal, social, cultural, recreational and ritual. :coffee:

@krissie117 Good luck in your covid test tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly!


I believe in you, @kasie! :laughing: If it helps, you can draw the symbol into a piece of paper beforehand and then just trace it with a finger during the ritual :grin:

Good luck with the test, @krissie117! Sending you good thoughts and looking forward to tea together on Thursday :blush:

That sounds amazing, Francisco! I don’t think I’ve ever had kava root before… what does it taste like? It sounds like it has a ton of benefits and uses! :heart_eyes:


That sounds like a good idea. I’ve never done signs before since my hands shake some and my handwriting is awful. I’ll have to practice and the paper thing sounds good. Now I’ve just got to get it down on the paper right. LOL. :writing_hand:


Thank you so much everyone for the well wishes. I’m sure that once I am healed I will be better off and feeling a bit better in that hand. I will let everyone know what happens or when I am home and well enough to join a conversation. I just get nervous about the waking up part. Sometimes I have trouble coming out of the anesthesia. I have confidence in my care team that things will go smoothly. Thank you again and I will definitely be here for tea tomorrow.


Thinking of you @krissie117 and looking forward to hearing that all went well over tomorrow’s tea :coffee: :heart:


It’s super earthy and a bit spicy. It will make your mouth tingly and numb!

Good luck @krissie117!! :pray:


Good morning lovely coven! :heart:

Woke up this morning to a heap of messages- a whole bunch of new projects and work to do… including some re-dos on things I was sure were finished :expressionless: Not sure why it all comes at once! I guess when it rains it really does pour :sweat_smile:

But at least we have a bit of sun here in Poland today!

(Bonus points to everyone who ignores my awfully dirty windows :joy:)

Being honest- with my ever-growing to-do list in mind, I really struggled to focus on tea today :persevere:. I sat and tried to enjoy it, but every time I tried to draw the Cho Ku Rei Symbol, I realized halfway through that I was already thinking about other things! :scream:

I decided that whenever my mind wandered, I would stop drawing the sign and start again. And also that I wouldn’t let myself be frustrated when I had to restart. After all, meditating isn’t a chore! It’s a practice there to help us relieve stress, not add to it! :woman_in_lotus_position:

It took 5 tries and holding my trusty little aventurine, but when I was finally able to draw the sigil with a clear mind I must say I felt pretty good about it! :grin: As I sipped my tea, I decided that the towering mountain of tasks was more like a staircase leading up to a relaxing afternoon. It’s all about that visualization! :raised_hands:

Sending warm thoughts to all- I hope everyone has a lovely tea time and a blessed day! May you have all the strength and confidence to do everything on your checklist today :white_check_mark:

Extra good wishes to @krissie117- how are you feeling? I hope everything went well and you are feeling good, rested, and relaxed now :hugs:

Cheers, everyone! :coffee:


This sounds like quite the experience :sweat_smile:


I joined in the group ritual this week with my best friend! (We’ll call her an honorary member :joy:)
We had lemon and ginger tea with honey and cinnamon :coffee:

Loved the Cho Ku Rei ritual - My first time trying something like this :heart:


My first tea ritual. I brewed some green tea, lemon and ginger. Also, it’s my grandma’s 7 year death anniversary. Therefore. I lit a candle for her as well as a candle for Bridget and a blue one for awareness. I meditated for like 15 mins while I drank my tea and imagined all my problems and stress fade away. I also asked my grandma to come to me if she’d like to give me a message.

Thank you for Tea-time
Blessed be


Beautifully done, Dee!! :heartpulse: May she guide and protect you from the other side :pray:

This is today’s potion for me. Kava! I recommend it but also it’s completely different from any other tea I’ve had. @Limeberry Yes, it’s quite a sensory experience!


@TheTravelWitch I also felt lots of rushing thoughts today, even as I drank my tea so I practiced “soham”. It’s a mantra and a yoga technique that I learned a long time ago and it helped me a lot with meditation.

Learn about its meaning: Wikipedia “Soham”

And here’s a video meditation that also explains it.

Wishing everybody a wonderful Thursday!!



This morning I had a cup of Spiced Chai, to help me wake up. I managed to do the Cho Ku Rei sign above it after a couple of tries. My camera came a day early and I was determined I was going to post pictures today so I needed that self-confidence.

I figured it out, roundaboutly. I’ll get this yet! I’m determined to do it.

So I sat this morning and meditated on that, affirming to myself that I could do it. And I think I got it! I’ll be attaching a picture of the mug I used, it’s a lovely glass one. If I can do it, I’ll be a happy camper.

I feel okay today. Stuffy in the head but otherwise fine. I think the ragweed is getting to me. Spicy teas to the rescue!

Yay! I did it! Ta da da dah!

Hope y’all are having a good tea day today!


That’s the spirit!! :laughing: Did you get everything done??

@krissie117 How did everything go?

@Kasie Congrats on your first picture!!! :tada: Now we can all appreciate your mug and that’s a really nice one! Keep shooting! :camera: